Banned from Beijing, Yordanova also suspended 2 years for doping

SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Middle-distance runner
Daniela Yordanova has been banned for two years for doping, the
Bulgarian athletics federation said on Thursday.

Yordanova, 32, tested positive for testosterone
or its precursors from an out-of-competition sample given on
June 13 in Sofia.

"I'm really sorry that it's happening with Yordanova but I
hope that she will be morally and physically strong enough to
return to the track after the end of her ban," Bulgarian federation president Dobri Karamarinov said.

Yordanova, who finished fifth in the 1,500 meters at the
2004 Athens Olympics and fifth at the European indoor
championship in Valencia in March, was barred from competing at
the Beijing Olympics, where she was expected to contend for a

Her coach, Dimitar Vasilev, took responsibility for the drug
test failure, saying it was caused by contaminated food

Bulgarian athletics has been marred by several doping
offenses the past two years, with middle distance runners
Vanya Stambolova and Teodora Kolarova, high jumper Venelina
Veneva and hammer thrower Andrian Andreev all testing positive.