90-year-olds team for world records

A team of five men older than 90 broke various world records at the U.S. Track and Field Masters Outdoor Championships on Sunday when they combined to complete the 4x100, 4x400 and 4x800m relays.

According to the event website, the men, who ranged from 91 to 97 years old, posted times of 2:22.37 in the 4x100, 28:17.10 in the 4x800 and -- in the event finale -- 12:41.69 in the 4x400.

The team included:

• Champion Goldy Sr., 97, of Haddonfield, New Jersey

• Orville Rogers, 96, of Dallas

• Roy Englert, 92, of Springfield, Virginia

• Charles Ross, 91, of Decatur, Arkansas

• Charles Boyle, 91, of Annapolis, Maryland

Ross and Englert were the stars and competed in each relay, while the others alternated roles.

The meet, held on the Wake Forest campus in Winston-Salem, N.C., featured athletes older than 30.

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, the idea was Ross' brainchild, and he helped recruit the other relay-team members.

"When I first heard it had never been done before, I said, 'Why not do it and get some world records?'" Ross said, according to the newspaper.