Judge stays suit against Tyson Gay

FORT WORTH, Texas -- A judge has stayed a lawsuit filed by track coach Jon Drummond against former sprint champion Tyson Gay and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, saying it must be settled for now in arbitration, not in federal court.

Drummond sued USADA and Gay, who he once coached before Gay became the American 100-meter record holder, for defamation earlier this year. Drummond claims USADA is pursuing a lifetime ban against him because Gay claimed Drummond encouraged him to use creams that contained banned substances.

Gay was given a 1-year ban earlier this year after testing positive for a banned substance.

U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor ruled on Wednesday that Drummond's defamation claims are related to the ongoing arbitration over the proposed lifetime ban. O'Connor issued a stay in the case until an arbitrator makes a ruling.

O'Connor said the case could return to his court depending on the outcome of arbitration.

An attorney for Gay did not return a message Thursday.

USADA spokeswoman Annie Skinner said the agency was pleased with O'Connor's ruling.

"No matter how famous or anonymous, each alleged offender is provided full due process, and any decisions regarding potential sanctions will ultimately be determined by independent arbitrators after a complete review of the evidence and testimony," Skinner said.