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Summer Olympics

Olympic Fireworks
Fireworks explode over the doused Olympic flame at a grand finale.
Salt Lake Bids Farewell
Salt Lake City said goodbye to the Olympics, sending the Games off with an upbeat display of lights, fireworks and rock 'n' roll. Bickering dominated the spotlight for most of the 17 days, but that's all right, writes Jim Caple. What else would you expect at a family reunion?
• Athletes' big bonuses
• U.S. shatters medal goal
• Now, it's Turin's turn

Canada ended 50 years of frustration Sunday, beating the United States 5-2 to win its first men's hockey gold in 50 years. Jarome Iginla and Joe Sakic each scored twice. Cross-country athletes Larissa Lazutina (Russia) and Johann Muehlegg (Spain) were stripped on their most recent gold medals after testing positive for darbepoetin. The French judge at the center of Skategate has changed her story again. She now says she was under pressure from Canada before voting for the Russian pair.
It's no wonder that when Canada sent its best to face the USA's best, it brought an entire country inside to watch TV and spill into the streets in celebration, writes Jim Caple.

• Two more positive drug tests from Salt Lake
• France's Olympic ice dance champions retire
• IOC: Austrian blood excuse doesn't wash
• Sale, Pelletier withdraw from Worlds
• South Korea's Kim offers to resign post
• Great Neck throwing a parade for Hughes
• Wiberg's final race will be in April
• Secret Service? Plan reportedly left in store
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• Closing Ceremonies
• Olympics gallery archive

With two silvers already hanging around his neck, American Bode Miller had one more chance for a medal Saturday in the men's slalom but he fell short.

Known for an all-or-nothing style, he became the first American man to win a medal in the combined event, and no U.S. man had finished higher than fourth in the giant slalom before Thursday.

Video  Olympic tradition
Jim Shea talks to ESPN's Steve Cyphers about his Gold Medal performance and the Olympic experience.
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 Dan Patrick Show
NBC's Bob Costas finally says the things he wanted to say about the Olympics... but couldn't.

Many Russians resent the Skategate scandal, but a member of the Russian pair who had to share doesn't care.
In an all-North American men's ice hockey gold medal final, the team that truly played the North American style won.

Total Medals by Country
Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Germany 12 16 7 35
United States 10 13 11 34
Norway 11 7 6 24
Canada 6 3 8 17
Russia 6 6 4 16
Austria 2 4 10 16
Italy 4 4 4 12
France 4 5 2 11
Switzerland 3 2 6 11
Netherlands 3 5 0 8
China 2 2 4 8
Finland 4 2 1 7
Sweden 0 2 4 6
Croatia 3 1 0 4
South Korea 2 2 0 4
Estonia 1 1 1 3
Great Britain 1 0 2 3
Bulgaria 0 1 2 3
Spain 2 0 0 2
Australia 2 0 0 2
Czech Republic 1 0 1 2
Poland 0 1 1 2
Japan 0 1 1 2
Slovenia 0 0 1 1
Belarus 0 0 1 1

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