Pyeongchang quarantines 1,200 with norovirus-like symptoms ahead of opening ceremony

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea -- The Pyeongchang Organizing Committee (POCOG) has quarantined 1,200 private security staff after 41 displayed symptoms similar to the norovirus.

To cover the shortfall, 900 military personnel have been deployed, and they will work across the 20 venues at the 2018 Winter Olympics until the quarantined staff are permitted to return to duty.

The news came after symptoms of headaches, stomach pains and diarrhea were reported by staff staying in the Horeb Youth Centre on Sunday. A following investigation by the Gangwon Province Health and Environment Research Center showed 41 staff suffering from symptoms similar to those of the norovirus.

The investigation suggested that the illness could have originated from ground water being used in food and beverages at the accommodations.

POCOG has asked all 1,200 staff at the Horeb Youth Center to stay in their accommodations, and all will be monitored for symptoms. Any with symptoms will be hospitalized, and those without will be kept in the venue until there are no further cases.

POCOG continues to monitor the situation.