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Monday, February 26
Gov. Ventura blames media for falling ratings

NEW YORK – The XFL's ratings are sinking on UPN, too – just not as fast as they are on NBC.

Memphis' 18-12 win over Los Angeles on Sunday got a 1.9 overnight rating and a 3 share on UPN, a 5 percent decrease from the 2.0 the previous week.

The XFL got a 4.2/8 overnight on Feb. 4 for its first telecast on UPN, then slipped 33 percent to a 2.8/4 on Feb. 11. It fell 29 percent to a 2.0/3 for Feb. 18.

Sunday night's overnight rating was down 55 percent from the Feb. 4 broadcast.

NBC, which co-owns the league with the World Wrestling Federation, got a 2.9 overnight rating for Saturday night's telecast of New York/New Jersey's 13-0 win over Chicago, a 24 percent drop from the previous week.

That followed overnight ratings of 10.3, 5.1 and 3.8 for the XFL's first three weeks on NBC.

In Washington on Monday, Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, who does color commentary for NBC's XFL games, blamed the media for the XFL's declining ratings, saying the press has misunderstood the fledgling league's role as a football purist's alternative to the high-buck NFL.

The national ratings for NBC's XFL broadcasts have dropped from 9.5 in Week 1 to 4.6 in Week 2 to 3.1 last week, when it was the lowest-ranked program of anything in prime time on the four major networks.

Overnights are based on 49 major markets. Full national ratings will be released Tuesday.

The rating is the percentage of TV households in the United States watching a broadcast, and the share is the percentage tuned to a telecast among those TV households with sets in use at the time.

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