What are the chances?

Bassmaster.com wanted to find out this morning exactly what each of the 25 anglers thought their chances of winning the Classic today were. We also asked each final day competitor if they weren't going to win the tournament, which angler they would like to see take home the Classic title. From the first place qualifier down to the guy who barely squeezed in, here are their responses:

Luke Clausen — 75-percent
"I really haven't even thought about it, but if any of these other guys win it will be great for the sport."

Ron Shuffield — 100-percent
"I don' even have to think about that because there is no doubt in my mind that I am going to win — all positive thoughts."

Terry Scroggins — 100-percent
"If I don't win it doesn't matter. All of these guys are my fishing buddies and any of them would make great champions."

Preston Clark — 75-percent
"Terry Scroggins without a doubt."

Rick Morris — 50-percent
"No comment on who I would like to see win it, that question can get me into more trouble than it's worth."

Kevin Wirth — 75-percent
"My roommate Terry Scroggins."

Edwin Evers — 100-percent
"I hadn't even thought about it, but any of those guys up there — they are all great guys."

George Cochran — Gave himself an 8-percent chance yesterday after the weigh-in, but after a good night's sleep the chances have increased to 25-percent ("I like fishing on rainy, cloudy days.")
"Ron Shuffield."

Jeff Coble — 20-percent
"Big Show" (Terry Scroggins)

Skeet Reese — 50-percent
No prediction on winner.

Larry Nixon — 20-percent
"I would love to see Shuffield, because he's paid his dues and hasn't got much respect."

Kevin VanDam — "I am going to go out there and fish 100-percent."
"Davy Hite, because he's the only other guy with lucky cookies."

Jeff Kriet — "30-percent, because I have to catch 30 pounds."
"Clausen, Scroggins, Shuffield - any of those guys would be great."

Davy Hite — 50-percent
No prediction on winner.

Jay Yelas — "Somewhere in the single digits, a low percentage but you always have a shot."
"Ron Shuffield."

Jimmy Johnson — 50-percent
"Preston Clark."

Mark Tucker — "I'm not considering myself out by any means, but I would really like to make the top six."
"Ron Shuffield."

Rick Clunn — "They just got better because of the rain, but I don't look at the numbers." "Whoever wins the Classic deserves it."

Gerald Swindle — 45-percent
"Kevin Wirth."

Scott Rook — Not available for comment

Aaron Martens — As he calculated numbers in his head and factored in wind and rain saying to himself, "Seven divided by... pressure on the water with... multiplied by the... I would say about 5-percent."
"I like Terry Scroggins."

Dean Rojas — 100-percent
"Me! I don't even know who is the top five, but whoever wins is going to earn it."

Tommy Biffle — "I'm out 18 pounds right now, but that could potentially be two bites. So I think I have a pretty good chance."
"Big Show" (Terry Scroggins)

Ishama Monroe — 50-60-percent
"Big Show, it would be nice to get rid of that home-state jinx."

Greg Hackney — 65-percent
"Scroggins is on my team, but Shuffield is my first choice. He's been one of my heroes for a long time, and that's one of the reasons I'm here today."