What Dad really wants

If you're like most bass anglers, your father introduced you to bass fishing and was your first fishing buddy. He bought your first rod and reel and let you use his tackle. Isn't it about time you repaid him? This Father's Day is the chance.

Up to $20

BASS Membership
This is the gift that keeps on giving — at least for a year. Dad will enjoy 10 issues of Bassmaster Magazine as well as a Pro Guide, and you will enjoy a bonus gift from BASS. $15.

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Limit-5 Angling Gear
Save what little hair Dad has left and remind him what he's fishing for with a Limit-5 hat. These hats are ultra lightweight, breathable and stylish. Visors and T-shirts are available, too. $19.99.


$21 to $50

Orona Fishing Rod Rack
This Sarasota, Fla.-based company creates gifts any angler would love to receive. These metal, handmade rod racks are hand-painted and hold five to seven rods each. Orona also offers handmade bottle openers. $29.99.


Sonar/GPS 301
Send dear ol' Dad back to school with this DVD series hosted by "The Professor," Wilson Frazier. Frazier has 30-plus years experience as a Lowrance technician and employs a simple approach to a topic that most overcomplicate. The Professor recommends taking 101 and 201 before jumping into 301. $30.


$51 to $100

Wright & McGill Tessera Rods
Make Dad ditch his 5 1/2-foot pistol grip rods with round reels and get him a few Wright & McGill Tessera rods. They incorporate a lot of the materials found in high-dollar sticks for a modest $89.


Glen Lau Video Collection
Famed underwater filmmaker Glen Lau has filmed bass in their natural environments for decades. Watching them in their day-to-day activities is invaluable to anglers who want to learn about bass on a more intimate level. This three-DVD set includes Bigmouth, Bigmouth Forever and Feeding Habits of the Bass. $69.95.


$100 and more

All Pro Bill Lowen Swim Jig Rod
Bill Lowen is pretty handy with a swimming jig, and he knows what makes a good swim jig rod. All Pro gave Lowen a blank check to create a swim jig rod to his specs, and the result is a two-piece, 7-6 heavy-action rod with a soft tip to launch and work a jig effectively. $249.


Mustang Rescue Stick
Mustang has created a throwable PFD for those who forget to don their life vests while on the water. Simply toss the Rescue Stick near the person overboard and it inflates into a horseshoe-shaped life preserver. $160.