X-Cite Raptor Tail Chunk

X-Cite Raptor Tail Chunk

This chunk is a downsized version of the Raptor Tail Craw that Grant Goldbeck used in his runner-up finish on Florida's Harris Chain of Lakes in the first Elite Series event of 2011. The Raptor Tail Chunk is buoyant, giving your jig an even more realistic appearance in the water. This 3-inch chunk is available in 11 colors.


Strike Pro Buster Jerk

Strike Pro's Buster Jerk jerkbait was developed in Europe, but catches fish the world over. Its side-to-side shimmy gives off lots of "belly flash" as it is retrieved. Its shape is such that it can be easily cranked, ripped or pulled.


Koppers Walking Frog

Koppers' line of lifelike lures has grown legs with this topwater bait. The company's Frog (Walking) is made to mimic the movement of a frog as accurately as it mimics the look. Two sizes and four colors are available, each one faithfully replicating a frog swimming on the surface.


J.J.'s Magic Red Dye

J.J.'s Magic Garlic Dippin' Dye has been a secret of many Elite pros, but word is spreading. Now, the Georgia-based company is releasing its newest addition, a red dye. The red joins blue, chartreuse, methylate and clear in J.J.'s lineup, and can be used in conjunction with any of the other colors to make one-off baits. J.J.'s unique formula won't wipe or come off. The dye penetrates the plastic for a long-lasting scent and permanent color change.


Kenny Chesney Limited Edition Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar is teaming up with country music superstar Kenny Chesney to roll out a limited run of shades that feature Chesney's touch. Kenny Chesney selected five Costa styles for his limited edition sunglasses line. Each style — Hammerhead, Caballito, Rincon, Howler and Little Harbor — feature unique hand drawn artwork etched inside the sunglass arms, along with Kenny's signature. A portion of the sales of each limited edition sunglasses will support ocean conservation.


Columbia's Omni-Heat Squall Line Parka

This jacket features Columbia's hardest working cold and wet weather technologies to keep you comfortable and in the game no matter what kind of storm is on the horizon. Low-profile thermal reflective lining boosts heat retention by 20 percent without adding bulk to keep you super mobile and seriously warm in rough conditions. The Omni-Tech™ waterproof, breathable and fully seam-sealed exterior battens down the hatches, locking the elements out while allowing body heat and moisture to escape so you stay perfectly comfortable and dry.The Squall Line™ is interchange compatible, so you can use it with any of your existing Columbia Interchange linings.


Columbia's Airgill™ Woven Long Sleeve Shirt

Designed to function like a set of gills, the side-venting panels channel cooling airflow across your body creating a constant, refreshing natural air-conditioning system. Another set of deftly placed vents allows air to escape out the back, maximizing the effect. This game-changing construction combined with our patented Omni-Freeze™ fabric technology, heat dissipating, makes the Airgill™ arguably the coolest, most breathable fishing shirt on the market today. Available Spring 2011.


Topwater Clothing

Topwater Clothing is an apparel company providing edgy styles to the fishing community. It offers a lineup of T-shirts and hoodies made from premium cotton. Topwater's apparel incorporates fish into the designs while veering far from the styles of the past.


Columbia's Drainmaker

The Drainmaker™ is a hybrid water shoe with the heart of a running shoe. Sleek styling and an updated design make it a winner when you're wading out to cast a line. The siped outsole gives superior traction on wet and dry surfaces alike and the fully drainable midsole flushes out excess water with every step. An all mesh upper makes it super quick drying and micro suede eye-stays add durability. Super breathable, downright durable and definitely dashing, the Drainmaker™ is your go-everywhere, do-everything water shoe-in-disguise for 2011. Available Spring 2011.


Cotton Cordell Super Spot

The original One Knocker is back! Cotton Cordell's Super Spot originally had a single, large weight that rattled when it became loose. However, this Spot's rattle is no accident. It's a 1-ounce lipless crankbait that floats, allowing anglers to burn it just over the top of vegetation or twitch it on top like a dying baitfish. The Super Spot's finish has also received an update thanks to a new, long-lasting topcoat. What makes this bait appealing to the angler is the fact that it's made right here in the USA.


Rebel Pop-R P70

The new P70 is the largest Pop-R in Rebel's lineup at a whopping 3 1/4 inches long. The Pop-R is one of the most copied topwater baits ever, thanks to its versatility. It can be chugged along with a low rod tip, or skittered with a fast retrieve and the rid tip help high. This plus-sized popper is available in four colors and is made in the USA.


Luck-E-Strike Cranks

Luck-E-Strike is best known for creating quality soft plastics. Rick Clunn is best known for his prowess with a crankbait. Together the two are introducing the RC Square line of crankbaits in a series of Rick Clunn signature baits. "Three years ago the technology did not exist to make this lure at the affordable price Luck-E-Strike is able to today,'' Clunn said. The RC Square will be available in 14 colors and three sizes (.5, a 1.0 and 1.5). The lures will all "run silent" and without rattles.

Gander Mountain X-Factor

Gander Mountain's new rods and reels incorporate many of the features found in high-end combos. The rods are crafted with exclusive Nano Graphite Technology for unmatched sensitivity and superior strength. Unique micro guide technology increases casting distance by eliminating line flutter. X-Factor reels are also loaded with everything anglers need, in an affordable package. A 7:1 gear ratio makes for blazing-fast retrieves, Performance Tuned 7+1 ball bearings provide super-smooth action and dual drags ensure trouble-free casting. Spinning and casting versions are available in both rods and reels.


Bomber 9A Crankbait

Back from the dead is Bomber's deepest diving hardbait, the 9A. The plus-sized lip on this bait helps it dive to 18 feet in just a few winds of the old reel. Or, for a less-strenuous day on the water, the 9A can be trolled easily. Each 9A is made in the USA and comes with Bomber's special topcoat which ensures that the finish stays pristine during the long haul.


Power Pro Ice

Power Pro's Ice is a new breed of microfilament line tailor-made for those who are serious about their ice fishing. It is made with knot strength, abrasion resistance and sensitivity in mind and is touted as a weapon of mass extraction.


Koppers Largemouth Bass

Koppers, known for its ultra-lifelike hard baits, now offers everyone's favorite gamefish as a baitfish. This bass lookalike is available in natural matte or metallic gloss finishes that shine in any conditions.


Promesh Performance Series

Promar's Promesh landing nets were designed with tournament bass anglers in mind. They're lightweight, incredibly durable, adjustable, easy on the fish and feature hook-resistant, rubber-coated, knotless mesh. This series is available in three sizes.


T-H Marine Atlas

The Atlas jackplate is T-H's latest signature hydraulic jackplate. It's available in a 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch setback, is pre-drilled to accept Power Poles, can hold the heaviest outboards (up to 300 horespower) and goes from top to bottom in eight seconds.


Davis Frog Locker

The Davis Frog Locker hook is an ultra-strong Mustad Ultra Point hook with a twist-lock spring. Five sizes are available, from 3/0 to 8/0. Like all Davis Bait Co. products, the Frog Locker is made in the USA from American materials.


Marcum Camera Panner

Marcum's latest underwater gizmo affords you a 360-degree view of the water below. The Remote Control Auto Camera Panner attaches to your camera and — with the touch of a button — rotates. It's also small enough to be carried in a large pocket or tacklebox when not in use.


Bert's Big Bass Buzzbaits

These buzzbaits are designed with input from big-bass chaser Pat Cullen of Valdosta, Ga. Cullen has amassed more than 1,100 bass heavier than 10 pounds, most all of them on buzzbaits. Capt. Bert Deener of Waycross, Ga., designs Cullen's baits and has a package that includes each of his four designs.


Castalia's Easy Net

Castalia's Easy Net may be the simplest net you've ever used. It deploys, folds and stows with one hand and in one motion. The netting itself is rubberized so hooks don't penetrate very easily and bass' slime coat is protected. Both fixed and telescoping models are available. If you fish solo, this net is for you.


Owner Twistlock Flipping hook

Putting flipping baits onto hooks just got a whole lot easier. Owner's new Twistlock Flipping hook utilizes a Centering Pin Spring that allows for fast, easy and secure attachment of your flipping bait of choice. The Twistlock Flipping Hook is also made with Owner's new Zo Wire, which is thinner and stronger than conventional hook wire. Sizes available are 3/0 to 5/0.


Owner Wacky Jig Head

This wacky rig jighead is designed with the ideal hook orientation for the easiest and most consistent hook sets. A "V" bend in the hook gap prevents the worm from inhibiting hook penetration. The wire weedguard allows the rig to slip through sparse grass. Four sizes are available, ranging from 1/32 to 3/16 ounce.


Kevin VanDam Big Bass Challenge

Fire up the Wii console and get ready to hit the lake with KVD in Kevin VanDam Big Bass Challenge. As you fish in a tournament-style setting, KVD is right alongside you offering his tips and advice for sacking the heaviest stringer possible.


Owner Baby Yuki Bug

Owner's Baby Yuki Bug (3.3 inches long) is a scaled-down version of the Yuki Bug flipping bait (4.3 inches long). At rest, the Baby Yuki Bug's larger appendage floats upward thanks to an internal air chamber. Six colors are available.


Owner Nervous Rex

Owner's Nervous Rex twitch bait is just that, nervous. When worked through the water, the lure darts from side to side, like a baitfish on alert. The ultrathin tail quivers with the slightest movement. Rig it on a jighead, on a swimbait head or weedless, thanks to the slot on top.


Owner Wounded Minnow

Owner's newest addition to its line of soft plastics is the Wounded Minnow. This highly versatile bait can be fished numerous ways, be it on a drop shot rig, jighead, swimbait head or weightless rig. Regardless of how it's rigged, the Wounded Minnow offers a tasty scent and seductive action.


Big Bite Baits Flying Squirrel

This Jeff Kriet-designed creature bait can be used as either a finesse or power lure. Two long, high-flotation "squirrel tails" give the lure added action so it can be used on a shaky head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, or even as a jig trailer.

www.bigbitebaits.com | 877-222-7429

P-Line Voltage

This tournament-grade line is treated with an ultraviolet light inhibitor to prevent deterioration from the sun.

www.p-line.com | 800-537-2394

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline

One of the most innovative lines currently on the market, Sufix 832 is a braid made using Dyneema fibers for small diameter; Gore fibers for abrasion resistance, less noise and vibration; and the company's R8 Precision Braiding for better strength, roundness and consistency. The line casts like a bullet and sinks exceptionally fast.


Bandit Lures Squarebill

The crankbait dives 4 to 12 feet and has a lip design enabling it to deflect easily off cover. And, unlike other crankbaits of the type, the Squarebill has an upsized body, making it suitable for year-round angling.

www.banditlures.com | 662-563-8450

Quantum Smoke PT

The Smoke has seven Performance Tuned bearings, a Micro ACS nine-position cast control system and is offered in two sizes, 100 and 150. The 100 model is available with 7.0:1 and 6.3:1 ratios, while the 150 is offered in 7.2:1, 6.6:1 and the crankbait-friendly 5.3:1 retrieve ratios.

www.quantumfishing.com | 800-444-5581

Quantum Smoke PT

Currently one of the most talked about rods on the market, the Smoke features micro guides, EVA split grip handles and HSX70 high-modulus graphite. The rods are lightweight, affordable and come in six baitcasting models.

www.quantumfishing.com | 800-444-5581

Stren Brute Strength

A new copolymer formula gives this line more strength and better flexibility. Brute Strength is supposedly twice as strong as the label indicates, comes in clear/blue fluorescent and low-vis green and is offered in 6- to 40-pound test.

www.stren.com | 866-447-8736

Optimum Micro and Junior Double Diamond Swimmers

These downsized swimbaits work perfectly with a weighted hook or on the back of a jig as a trailer. The large paddle tail creates lots of disturbance, making it great as a surface bait or fished subsurface.

www.optimumbaits.com | 951-676-6384

Snag Proof Bass Kicker Frog

What looks like a traditional hollow-body frog is actually a hollow-body frog with paddle-style plastic legs. The lure acts much like a buzzbait on the surface but comes through heavy cover with ease.

www.snagproof.com | 800-762-4773

Daiwa TD Zillion Type R

The newest Team Daiwa reel comes with a 7.2:1 retrieve (which picks up 32 inches of line per turn), 11 ball bearings and has a carbon-swept handle. The reel is available in a right- and left-hand retrieve.

www.daiwa.com | 562-802-9589

Gene Larew Salt Flick'r

This 6-inch stickworm has a solid head for easy rigging, in addition to a ribbed body and legs that create a lot of commotion in the water.


E21 Micro Guide Series

E21's latest offering capitalizes on the micro guide craze. However, along with the tiny guides, the new Carrot Stix have been simultaneously lightened and strengthened. The 14 Fuji Micro Guides distribute load 20% more effectively, resulting in higher sensitivity and less tangles when using braid. These Carrot Stix are 3/8 ounce lighter than previous models. The grip has also been reduced, allowing the angler more direct contact with the rod blank.


Damiki Hydra

One of the hottest sellers of 2010, the Hydra is now available in a 3-inch size that has the same action and floating tentacles as the popular 4-inch version.


Chompers Eraser Jig

This ballhead jig features a sticky-sharp Mustad light-wire hook, upturned eye and will work wonders for those plying deep, clear waters. What makes the jig different from any other on the market, however, is that the strands in the weedguard are color-coded to match the skirt color. The jig is available in four colors and two sizes, 5/16 and 7/16 ounce.

www.chompers.com | 417-634-1146

Davis Pro Max Swim Jig

Davis Swim Jigs are the choice of swim jig guru Bill Lowen. The Pro Max features dual free-floating rattles for maximum sound, a contoured head that is designed to "glide" through the water and a super stout Mustad Ultra Point hook. Like all Davis Bait Co. products, the Pro Max Swim Jig is made in the U.S.A. from American materials.


XCalibur Flash Drive

The company's XR Rattlebait USB flash drive is a nifty item for the computer savvy angler who always has fishing on the brain. It has 3.5 gigabytes of space that can come in handy for downloading images or other files you might need on the water.


Costa Del Mar Skimmer

Costa's new Skimmer frame gives anglers three pairs of shades in one. The Skimmer's lenses are fully interchangeable, affording anglers the ability to change to the best lens — gray, copper or amber — for the conditions. The frames are made of a nearly indestructible polycarbonate plastic with a rubber lining to keep them on your face. The Skimmer's light weight gives them a "forget they're on" fit.


River2Sea Dahlberg Diver Frog

River2Sea claims this is the first frog to both look and move like a real frog. This soft plastic frog is half topwater, half diving plug. Upon retrieve, the legs kick backward and the weedguard pushes the body underwater. Work it just under the surface or up to 30 inches deep. Available at dealers Oct. 21, 2010.


Molix SuperNato

The SuperNato is a subsurface lure that takes design cues from both a crankbait and a soft frog. This hybrid design gives anglers the diving bill and hard head of a crankbait while providing the body of a hollow body frog. The lip provides a wobbling action that keep the legs in motion and the bait just below the surface.


Culprit T-Rex

Available in a 5- or 6-inch model, the T-Rex dances and darts with the slightest twitch of the rod. It can be used weightless or with a shaky head, Texas rig, Carolina rig or as a drop shot lure.


Black Dog Baits Mr. Flippy

Designed as a flipping/pitching bait, this lure comes with a nose pocket that can be used for adding rattles. It also features a hook slit to prevent it from balling up on the hook set. Mr. Flippy is available in four colors.


Spro McRip 85

Designed by Bassmaster Elite Series pro Mike McClelland, the McRip 85 is a 3.35-inch deep diving rip bait that casts like a bullet and dives 8 to 10 feet. It's available in eight bass-tempting colors.


Berkley PowerBait Crazy Legs Lizard

This 6-inch lizard has grown another set of legs and a second tail for added action and water displacement. Adding to the Crazy Legs Lizard's appeal is the PowerBait formula it contains.


Trigger X Big Moe

What looks like the offspring of a lizard and a craw is actually a versatile soft bait. The large tail and flappers move lots of water, making it ideal for Texas and Carolina rigs. It also contains the company's proprietary pheromone and is phthalate-free.


Dobyns Randy McAbee cranking rod

Western pro and crankbait guru Randy McAbee had a hand in the design of this purpose-built crankin' stick. It's a 7-foot, 6-inch rod that is designed for launching big, deep diving crankbaits. It is designed with lots of tip and enough backbone to set the hook at the end of a long cast. The action is soft enough that it won't pull hooks free of a jumping bass.


Wiley X Lacey

Wiley X's newest women's eyewear offering, the Lacey, features the company's signature pink Cotton Candy-colored frame and is available with two lens options, which meet stringent ANSI Z87 safety specifications. Proceeds from each sale of these stylish sunglasses is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Aquateko InvisaSwivel

Designed for those situations where stealth is of paramount importance, the InvisaSwivel will not corrode or nick lines and is far more durable than a metal swivel for its weight. The swivels, made of fluorocarbon, are neutrally buoyant, safe for saltwater and freshwater and come in 12- to 55-pound-test ratings.

www.aquateko.com | 866-979-8858

Poor Boy's Lure Dye

Known for producing some dynamite soft baits, particularly the hand-poured goby, the company now offers a soft bait dye. The product is available in six colors, comes unscented and can be used to doctor up any soft bait.


Xcalibur Xr50 Real Craw

The Xr50 Real Craw is the latest addition to XCalibur's lineup of lipless crankbaits. The Real Craw not only looks and swims like a crawfish, but a multi-step process makes it feel like one, too. The texture of the finish gives off a muted or flat look, similar to the one sported by bass' favorite crustacean. Seven different craw patterns are available.


Pinnacle Vision Slyder

Anglers looking for a baitcaster capable of "finessing" for tough bites would do well to give the Slyder a try. The reel comes with a Finesse Wheel placed on the outside edge of the reel which allows anglers to take up slack by manipulating a knob. The reel, available with a 7:1 gear ratio, is a bargain at $69.99.


Luminox Sea, Air and Land Series

A stylish watch that stands up to the elements, the Sea, Air and Land Series of watches is made of a carbon-reinforced polymer and is water-resistant to 200 meters. There are 4 models available in the Swiss Made series — one Sea, one Air and two Land.


G.Loomis NRX

Combining high-density graphite with Nano Silica resin resulted in G.Loomis' lightest, strongest rod blanks ever and earned the company Overall Best of Show at this year's ICAST show.


Buckeye Junebug

Buckeye Lures — creators of the Spot Remover shaky jighead — has added a splash of color to its lineup. The Spot Remover, Spot Remover Pro, Spot Remover Magnum and Flick-It wacky jighead are all now available in junebug as well as black, brown and green pumpkin.


Accent Fishing Products River Special

A compact spinnerbait available in 1/4- to 1-ounce sizes, the River Special was created for those times when fish want a smaller offering. The lure is available in 12 colors and numerous blade configurations.

www.fishaccent.com | 636-519-4840


School is back in session! In this third installment of "The Professor" Wilson Frazier's SONAR/GPS series, Frazier takes you on the water for practical demonstrations of your electronics. Frazier's 30+ years with electronics make him one of the preeminent authorities on SONAR/GPS instruction. Frazier recommends you first "take" classes 101 and 201 for a solid foundation in electronics education before delving into 301.


Hobie Mirage Pro Angler

The company has long been a player in the bass market with the Hank Parker series, but the Mirage Pro Angler, which features the MirageDrive system and has room for up to eight rods, kicks it up a notch. The kayak can be used in water just inches deep and is as stable as any kayak you'll find.


CoolFoot Pad

As summer comes, so does rainfall. Keeping positive traction on your trolling motor is imperative to controlling your boat, which is made more difficult as it gets wet. If you live in colder climates, ice can be a problem in the winter months. CoolFoot pads are designed to give you complete control of your trolling motor in the most adverse conditions. They also provide a cushion, making long days on the water more comfortable. CoolFoot pads are available for Hot Foot pedals and the most popular trolling motors. A multitude of colors are available including several camo styles.


Costa Del Mar Driftwood/Silver Mirror 580

Costa Del Mar has added a new frame and new lens to its lineup. The new Silver Mirror lens excels in low-light situations as well as freshwater fishing. The 580 lens blocks out almost all yellow light, which is responsible for distortion and eye fatigue during long days on the water. The Driftwood frame is a stylish alternative to black or tortoise shell. Pictured is the Howler with Driftwood frame and silver mirror 580 lenses.


Jewel Swim Gem

Jewel's new Swim Gem swimbait head is ideal for bottom bouncing as well as steadily retrieving swimbaits. The top hook design allows the angler to fish swimbaits over vegetation and rocky bottom without fear of hang-ups. The wire keeper will keep the burliest swimbaits securely in place, while the arrow-shaped head distributes weight evenly for a natural swimming action. Three sizes (3/8, 1/2 and 5/8 ounce) and two finishes (shad and chrome) are available.


Kiss of Bass Soap

This may be the fishiest soap you've ever seen. Each bar is handmade of glycerin and prominently features everyone's favorite freshwater fish. Kiss of Bass soap is made in limited quantities in Wisconsin. Contact Stacey at 608-695-9280 or be@bedickens.com for more info.


BioEdge Attractant

There are several bass-related scents among the company's attractants, which are all natural and can be applied to everything from terminal tackle to soft baits. Available bass-related scents include night crawler, crayfish, frog, smelt, shiner, minnow and insect larva.

www.bioedgefishing.com | 800-783-7002

O'Keeffe's Life Out There

This non-greasy, fast-acting cream was created with outdoors people in mind. It aids in healing dry, cracked skin in addition to acting as a skin-conditioning agent, making it a must-have for people who spend time in the sun.

www.okeeffescompany.com | 800-275-2718

Davis Super Punch

Davis Bait Co. has developed a proprietary compound that is nearly as hard as tungsten and offers the same feel for half the cost. Three styles are available: a cylindrical Carolina rig weight, a standard worm weight and a punch-style flipping weight. Sizes range from 1/2 to 1 1/2 ounces.


Buckeye Goby Sled

Buckeye's Goby Sled is ideal for dragging goby-type lures around deep rockpiles. Available in three colors (black, brown and green pumpkin) and five weights, the Goby Sled can also be used in conjunction with finesse worms. The screw-lock head keeps all kinds of plastics in place upon hook set.


All Pro Rods Blaster

New from All Pro Rods is the Blaster, a 7-foot, 10-inch graphite crankin' stick that is made to handle the deepest diving crankbaits on the market. With its above-average length and two-piece design, the Blaster will give you more distance, meaning your bait will get deeper. The Blaster is also at home tossing small- to medium-size swimbaits.


Buck QuickFire

Need a knife that'll save you in a pinch? This assisted-opening knife can be opened with one hand, making it perfect for anglers who are always doing three things at once. It features a mid-lock design, is made of 420HC blade steel and comes with a stylish steel-reinforced handle.

www.buckknives.com | 800-326-2825

Sisson Designs Dangle Berry

This rig's free-sliding weight slides back to front on the hook and gives soft baits an erratic darting action. Also, because the weight is not fixed in place, it creates a shimmying and shaking action for soft baits as they fall through the water column.


Lucky2Creations Accu-Cull

The Accu-Cull culling system mounts easily to the underside of a boat's livewell, and anglers need only rotate the Accu-Cull's wheel up or down to match the weight of the fish last placed in the livewell. The device features an all-plastic construction, and the dials can withstand the rigors of bumpy boat rides.

www.accucull.com | 208-919-3254

Acli-Mate Mountain Sports Drink

Though originally designed to give mountain travelers an energy boost while preventing motion sickness in high altitudes, this all-natural, low-calorie powder — which is simply mixed with water — is great for providing anglers with an energy boost as well. It is available in grape and orange flavors.

www.acli-mate.com | 866-641-5361

Oakley Monster Dog

Oakley's Monster Dog glasses are tailor-made for anglers. The large, polished black frames are available with three lenses: shallow blue, deep blue and an amber VR28 lens, all of which are polarized. Each of the three colors block 100 percent of all UV rays and feature Oakley's proprietary XYZ Optics, a treatment that keeps the sight picture from distorting through the curvature of the lenses.


Powell Max Swim Jig Rod

New from Powell is a technique-specific rod designed by Elite Series pro Jared Lintner. The 7-foot, 2-inch rod features Fuji Alconite guides, a Fuji reel seat and a Japanese-style split grip. The Swim Jig rod is one of four new technique-specific rods from Powell — all of which contain MaxumFiber, Powell's proprietary material that decreases weight while increasing durability and sensitivity. The Swim Jig rod is designed to be used with braid and has line ratings printed on the blank. These rods are only available at Tackle Warehouse.

www.powellco.com | www.tacklewarehouse.com

Bass Minder Lunar Guide

The guide covers six months at a time and allows anglers to check out the best fishing times based on moon phases. It's waterproof, shows the moon phase for each day and gives anglers a reference point to track best feeding times based on their locations. There is also the Bass Minder Sticker — an easy-to-read chart that provides information about the best lures to use based on water conditions, temperature and depth. The sticker can be affixed to any hard surface.


Secret Lures MVP Finesse Jig

Available in 3/16- and 5/16-ounce sizes, these jigs come with a sticky-sharp Mustad sproat hook, have a flat-eyed design and feature a recessed line tie. The lure also has the signature Pivot Divot, a concave area on the bottom of the jig's head that allows it to rock in place when an angler places tension on the line.


Coleman SkinSmart

Now anglers can keep bugs away without worry of contaminating their lines or clothing. SkinSmart, a line of DEET-free repellents, keeps all types of nasty bugs at bay, but, unlike many other repellents, it will not harm your fishing line or discolor clothing. The product is available in several sizes, including the Go Ready spray pen, which fits easily in a pocket or tackle bag.

www.colemanrepellents.com | 800-558-6614

Kicker Hightail Ribbontail

We know you've seen every ribbontail worm under the sun, but this one is different. Like the entire Hightail lineup, it has small holes in the tail that trap air bubbles, allowing the tail to float up off the bottom. The lure will be a killer for bed fishing or used on a Texas or Carolina rig.


Columbia Tillie Creek

A lightweight, performance-oriented water sandal, the Tillie Creek has a very supportive, nonrestrictive heel lock and fit. The shoe also features a supportive, molded footbed for added comfort and performance.

www.columbia.com | 800-622-6953

Bassaholics B Mesmerized T-shirt

High-priced designer tees are all the rage of late, but many have designs bass anglers would never be caught wearing. Enter Bassaholics, a California-based company that makes apparel and headwear any bass angler would be proud to wear, including this B Mesmerized T-shirt, which shows a bass breaking the surface with a swimbait in its mouth.


Trigger X Aggression Tube

Infused with "biosalt" to aid in attracting bass, this soft bait has a ribbed body and a skirt that flares easily in the water. The four-inch tube, available in eight colors, is ideally suited for finesse applications.


Bradley Digital Smoker

Nothing says outdoors like cooking outdoors, and Bradley's new digital smokers take outdoor cooking to a whole new level of comfort and ease. Fully automatic and digitally controlled, smoking fresh fish and other meats has never been easier. The electric-powered unit feeds a new wood "Bisquette" (available in 11 varieties of 100 percent real wood) into the smoker every 20 minutes, and a water-filled drip bowl keeps the moisture level up. Bradley also makes a lightweight and portable propane smoker, made for taking on the road or on the water.


Vicious Ink

Tired of trying to color your braided line only to have the pen marker slide all over the place? Vicious Ink markers solve the problem by using a v-cut applicator, which keeps the line firmly in place and allows easy coloring. The markers are available in several colors, including green, orange and chartreuse.


Chums Buoy & Floating Retainers

Chums has created an insurance policy for your shades. The Chums Buoy is a red cushion that slips around your sunglasses retainer to float your shades if needed. They also act as a cushion when they're slung around your neck. Chums also makes Floating Retainers that float by themselves. The straps are full of foam that keep all but the heaviest glasses afloat. Four colors are available.


Ouzo Baits Rip Tail Minnow

Though a newcomer, the company has an impressive line of apparel and soft baits, including this shad-shaped worm. The Rip Tail Minnow has a round body and vertical, slit tail that allows it to swim upright just like a fish, or it can be crawled along the bottom like a worm.

www.ouzobaits.com | 863-696-2737

Julbo Race Nautic

These sunglasses have all the features an angler needs. On top of being polarized, they are photochromatic, which means they turn darker as the day gets brighter. They have vents on the side of each lens so there is no chance of them fogging up, and a coating on the lens repels water like Rain-X. They also come with a head strap that fits into the hole on each temple to keep them on your head during boat rides.


Ardent's New Look

The company has partnered with Outdoor Identities' Fishouflage brand to include Bassouflage and Walleyeflage patterns on the company's reels. The patterns will be available on the C400 baitcaster (shown), which has a Comfort Grip frame that features corrosion-resistant aluminum, and the F500, the first technique-specific reel in the fishing industry developed exclusively for flipping and pitching.


Mustang Survival Rescue Stick

Compact and lightweight, Mustang's Rescue Stick is a "throwable emergency inflatable." The device can be easily stowed in a boat, vehicle or backpack for convenient use and, when needed, can easily be thrown much further than a typical rope bag or life ring to the person in danger. The device inflates into a horseshoe shape upon contact with the water, keeping the person afloat until help arrives.


Case Plastics Swimbait Free Weight

The company's newest product makes it easy for anglers to change weights when fishing swimbaits. The sinker simply slides onto the hook and moves around freely beneath the lure as it is retrieved. It comes with rubber stoppers which can be placed in front or behind the sinker to ensure it does not impede the action of the lure.


Laser Lure Soft Bait & Jig

Combining a tube body with the company's lighted jighead makes for an interesting option to keep in your tacklebox. The jighead, which emits beams of light once it is in the water, weighs 1/2 ounce and is available with tubes in colors such black/blue, ayu and Tennessee shad.


YUM F2 plastics

YUM's newest addition to their soft plastics is a scent designed to entice ferocious strikes. F2, or "ferocity squared," has been tested to be 30 percent more effective than any other scent on the market. F2 is impregnated into the plastic so it won't wipe off or dry out when exposed to air. Six current YUM baits and two new ones will feature F2. "YUM F2: Attract, enrage, engage."


Omega 'Advanced Jig Fishing' DVD

Put the Advanced Jig Fishing DVD into your video player and you'll get to see how Bassmaster Elite Series anglers Derek Remitz, Grant Goldbeck and numerous others successfully fish the company's jigs. The two-hour long video is informative and entertaining, and it will make anyone who wants to be a better jig angler happy.


Cabela's SS-4 Shad

This Cabela's Fisherman Series SS-4 Shad features ultra-realistic colors and a tantalizing swimming action to drive fish crazy. Jointed sections are perfectly balanced to allow the bait to undulate. This 4 1/4-inch weighted, lipless bait will dive 1 to 3 feet on the retrieve or slowly sink when at rest. The SS-4 Shad is available in five fish attracting colors — muddy shiner, albino, olive flash, herring and Bombay & lime.


Owner Ribeye Swimbait

No, this is not just another hollow body swimbait. In fact, the lure is not hollow at all. Having a heavier body, the Ribeye is not prone to spinning or rolling, meaning it can be fished with or without a weighted hook. The lure has a ribbed body, wide paddle tail and works well as a wakebait or as a subsurface swimmer.


Rad Swimmer

The Rad Swimmer from Cabela's Fisherman Series offers anglers natural lifelike swimming action and a built-in rattle that lures big predators to strike. This jointed, hard-bodied swimbait is weighted to run 1 to 3 feet on the retrieve, or will sink slowly when at rest. Large eyes provide a visual striking point. The Rad Swimmer is available in five fish attracting colors — shiner, clear tiger, albino, olive flash and Bombay & lime — and two sizes — 4 inches and 6 inches.


Stanley's Ribbit Double-Take Hook

Believing that two hooks are better than one, the company created a double hook featuring a long shank, which works well with the Stanley Ribbit Frog and others as well. The Double-Take's added weight serves as a keel, helping frogs stay upright, and should enhance your catch rate. The hooks are available as weighted or unweighted and in colors such as red and watermelon green.


Costa Del Mar Bomba

These sunglasses, named for a part of Belize known for its rugged yet pristine landscape, have a nylon frame with integral hinges and are light as a feather. They come with either tortoise or black frame colors and are available with several lens options, including Costa's 580 glass lens technology.

www.costadelmar.com | 800-447-3700

Bagley Bass Wipes

These odor-eliminating disposable wipes mask scent and add attractant. So not only do they clean your hands, they help attract fish as well.

www.bagleybait.com | 888-422-4539

Cabela's Deep Rattling Flat Shad

This Cabela's Fisherman Series Deep Rattling Flat Shad's features a flat, oblong profile, a scale-textured finish, realistic 3-D eyes and a hand-tied Flash-N-Dash skirt — a combination sure to provoke big bass strikes. This 2 1/2-inch shad-imitator dives 12 to 16 feet and comes in a wide assortment of colors.


Reins Bubbling Shaker

Anglers familiar with Japanese finesse baits will need no introduction to this company, makers of some of the most popular soft baits in the Orient. Now, the company's products will be available in the U.S., and one soft bait we're excited about is the Bubbling Shaker, a ribbed shad-style offering that really excels on a drop shot. Offered in 4- to 5-inch sizes, the lure is available in a half dozen colors.


PRADCO Fishing Three-Pack

Here's your chance to own three tournament-winning lures and support a good cause while doing so. The three-pack, available for $9.99 through www.lurenet.com, supports the Future Fisherman Foundation, an organization that administers the Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs, Physh Ed and Boys & Girls Club's C.A.T.C.H. fishing programs. $1 from the sale of each three-pack goes to support FFF. Alton Jones used the Ozark Craw-colored Booyah A-Jig to win the 2008 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell in 2008; Terry Butcher used the Bomber Model 4A in Foxy Shad to win the 2008 Bassmaster Southern Open on Lake Texoma; and the bone/chartreuse-colored XCalibur Zell Pop was used by Chad Griffin to win the 2009 Bassmaster Elite Series event at Oneida Lake.


Lobina Lures Rico Suave

If the topwater bite has turned on in your area, this is one of the lures you need in your box. The slashing, spitting, darting action of the Rico Suave makes it a natural for all conditions. And because it's only 4 1/2 inches long, the lure is dynamite for schooling fish busting shad.

www.lobinalures.com | 800-498-9520

Stanley Sidewinder

This 5 1/2-inch, ribbed soft bait has a hollow tail, which can be used with a rattle or as an air pocket, allowing the lure to stand up while on the bottom. Whether fished on a Texas rig, Carolina rig or a shaky head, the Sidewinder has a slow-sinking fall rate, and it releases bubbles as the rings undulate in the water. The lure is available in 11 colors.


Black Dog Bait Shellcracker

This company made waves a few years back with a wooden shellcracker imitator that waked the surface just like an injured panfish. Now the company offers the same action in a plastic bait. The four-inch shellcracker dives to three feet on a straight retrieve, but it also excels as a twitch bait, darting erratically at the surface.


Venom Lures Vertical True Image Jig

Featuring a 40-strand weedguard and a multi-colored silicone skirt, this jig is designed to stand up while on the bottom. It has a stout Mustad Needle-point hook, is available with 3/0 to 6/0 hooks, in sizes up to 3/4, and in colors such as green pumpkin, black and blue and perfect craw.


Rapala Flat Rap

These hand-tuned and tank-tested jerkbaits feature a triangle-shaped lip and balsa wood construction allowing it to deflect easier off wood and rock. Upon pause, the Flat Rap rises slowly and seductively. Black nickel VMC hooks ensure positive hookups. The Flat Rap is now offered in a harder flashing Hot Tiger color (shown).


Northland Fire-Ball Jig

When the tournament season gives way to Old Man Winter, those bass anglers willing to brave the cold for bass often resort to using live bait to up their chances of success. And for those anglers, the Fire-Ball Jig is just the ticket. Having a bottom-heavy head design featuring a wide gap light-wire hook, the jighead is perfect for keeping leeches, minnows or nightcrawlers right on the bottom. It's available in 15 colors and in sizes ranging from 1/16 to 3/4 ounce.


Skinny Bear Drop Shot Worm

At first glance, this minnow-shaped worm looks like a long list of others just like it. But when placed in the water, the 4 1/4-inch soft bait dances like the late James Brown. In fact, it's impossible to keep the tail from moving, even when the lure sits still. It's so versatile, it can be used on a drop shot, split shot, darter head, shaky head or on a Texas and Carolina rig.

www.skinnybearbassjigs.com | 661-589-4564

Seaguar Tatsu

At roughly $25 per 100 yards, Tatsu fluorocarbon gives bass anglers the best attributes of fluorocarbon without any of the negatives usually associated with the line. Tatsu is supple but strong, in addition to having high knot strength and being very castable, even on spinning reels.

And because it spooled using Level Wind Technology, it lays flat on the spool and resists twisting. The line comes in 4- to 20-pound-test sizes and 200-yard spools.

www.seaguar.com | 212-867-7040

SpongeTech Wash & Wax Sponge

These sponges are great for keeping in your boat or truck. They come pre-loaded with enough soap for several washes, making them great items to keep handy for giving your boat a quick wash-down.


Oakley Square Whisker

One of only a handful of sunglasses that truly goes well with just about any shape of face, the Square Whisker is lightweight, stylish and comes with a nice selection of high-quality lenses.


MirrOlure MirrO Prop

The company might be best known for its saltwater lures, but don't be fooled, their hard baits catch freshwater fish just as readily. The newest member of the MirroLure family has twin counter-rotating props that create lots of noise on the surface, making it a dynamite baitfish imitator. The lure is 3 inches long and weighs 1/2 ounce — perfect for fall fish busting large shad. Maybe the lure's best feature is that every one of the 16 colors it is available in contains the silver luminescence finish. In other words, they look real.

www.mirrolure.com | 727-584-7691

Z-Man TriggerHook

One of the more interesting pieces of terminal tackle to come down the pike in a while, the TriggerHook makes rigging soft plastics a breeze. The hook fastens soft baits in place using a double-barbed point at the line tie end, while the business end of the hook is slid through the lure body then skin-hooked on top.
The hook, which comes with small rubber grommets to keep soft plastic baits in place, is offered in sizes 3/0 to 5/0 and in weighted and unweighted versions.

www.zmanfishing.com | 800-822-3398

Damiki DC Series Crankbaits

These crankbaits, available in sizes 100 and 200, cast like a bullet, have a realistic baitfish profile and are available in seven colors. The 200 series dives 6 to 7 feet and is a great fall bait for anglers chasing schools of baitfish.

www.damiki.com | 213-387-8836

Zoom Swimmin' Super Fluke

For those of us who thought Zoom could not improve on what is widely considered the best soft plastic jerkbait on the market, we were wrong. Very wrong.

Arriving at a store near you soon, the Swimmin' Super Fluke has a paddle tail akin to a hollow-body swimbait, but it swims upright without the aid of a weighted hook and has an action only the cousin of the original fluke could have. This is certainly one of those lures you'll want in your tacklebox — well-hidden from your buddies, of course. The lures will be available in a host of the company's most popular colors.


Falcon BuCoo Rods

The seven rods in this new series are some of the best values to be had. They provide bass anglers with the lengths and actions they are looking for but for a price that is easy to swallow: roughly $100. The rods are made using the company's own graphite blanks and are not only lightweight but sensitive as well. Additionally, each rod has no fore-grip and comes with an exposed blank Fuji reel seat, split handle grip and EVA foam grips.

www.falconrods.com | 918-251-0021

NetBait Big Thump

New from NetBait is a paddletail worm with a real paddle tail. The Big Thump is ideal for Texas rigging, flipping and pitching, Carolina rigging and even going weightless. Its tail thumps and pulsates when retrieved. Like all of NetBait's plastics, the Big Thump is loaded with pork fat, scent and lots of salt.


Creme Mad Dad Minnow

One of those lures that gets a whole lot better looking in the water, the Mad Dad Minnow gives anglers the action of a lipless rattler in a soft bait. It has bug eyes, an interchangeable hook system to allow for double, single or treble hooks and looks alive in the water. The lure is available in two sizes, 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 inch, and comes in nine colors.

www.cremelure.com | 800-445-8737

Mustad KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble Hook

If you want the treble that Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kevin VanDam uses to keep fish buttoned up, look no further. He designed these hooks, which have short shanks, to reduce tangling and have the holding power to prevent fish from bending them during a lengthy fight. They are available in No. 6 through 3/0 sizes and are sticky sharp.

www.mustad.no | 315-253-2793


One of the more innovative products the industry has seen in a while, Cablz provides anglers with a very simple but effective means of keeping their eyewear attached but out of the way. Made of a surgical-grade steel cable covered in rubber tubing, Cablz fasten easily to the arms of any size or shape of eyewear. But unlike other eyewear holders, Cablz stay up off the back of the neck when sunglasses are on the face.


Ardent F700 Denny Brauer Flip-N-Pitch reel

New from Ardent reels is a technique-specific flipping and pitching reel — the F700 — based on the popular F500. This reel is the result of flipping and pitching expert Denny Brauer tweaking the F500 to his demanding specifications. Improvements include more bearings (7+1), an anodized blue case and, most importantly, a flippin' switch that automatically engages the spool when pressure is taken off the button. This allows one-handed hook sets and quicker reaction times on hook sets. The drag is permanently locked at 22 pounds, and the narrow spool has a nipple in the center to anchor braided line, so you don't need backing. Like all of Ardent's products, the F700 is 100% made in the USA.


Wilson Frazier's Sonar & GPS DVD series

Known as "The Professor," Wilson Frazier has been the Elite Series pros' go-to guy for mounting, maintaining and reading electronics. He has more than 30 years of experience as a Lowrance technician. Wilson has now come out with a DVD series based on his seminars, SONAR/GPS, Class is in Session. Currently the first and second installments are available: 101 and 201. The first in the series covers SONAR/GPS basics while the second installment delves into more advanced SONAR and GPS operations.


DuraSafe Codeable Locks

One of the more innovative products the industry has seen in years, these locks allow you to use one key for all of your locks. Simply insert your vehicle key into any of the company's locks, and the combination is electronically stored in that lock, meaning you can have one key for everything from wheel locks and trailer locks to spare tire locks and pad locks, among others. The company's locks match up to nearly 90 percent of cars on the road today.


Lazer TroKar

These bass hooks were all the rage at ICAST 2009 in Orlando, and for good reason. Made using surgical sharpening technology, the TroKar is razor sharp but said to be much stronger than other hooks as well. They come in all the popular styles, such as Heavy Duty worm, Magworm, Extra Wide Gap, Swimbait and Drop Shot. But the Flippin' hook — a heavy duty straight shank with a plastic keeper on the shank to keep soft baits pegged — will likely be one of the most popular styles.


XCalibur Zell Pop XZ3

This new topwater chugger is based off of a carving Zell Rowland made then handed over to XCalibur to produce. Like the smaller, original Zell Pop, the XZ3 features an etched-scale finish, realistic gill plates, and a shad spot behind the eye as well as a feathered rear treble. This plus-size topwater spits, gurgles and chugs when given the slightest action.

www.lurenet.com | 803-754-7000

Abu Garcia Vendetta

One of the best looking rods at ICAST 2009, the Vendetta balances function, design and ergonomics to create a rod that is a pleasure to look at as well as fish. The rod, which looks like some $400-plus Japanese sticks, is inexpensive, lightweight and comes with no fore-grip and a split-grip handle. There are 22 models in the lineup: 12 spinning and 10 baitcasting.

www.purefishing.com | 803-754-7000

Tuscaroran Pro-Lures Rude Frog

One of the most realistic soft plastic frogs on the market, the Rude Frog supposedly solves one of the most vexing problems for fishermen: rolling. If the lure rolls upside down during the retrieve, all an angler needs to do is stop the lure, and it will turn upright. Also, the lure is made of a soft but durable soft plastic, enabling it to stand up to numerous fish.


Rapala Flat Rap

Though it might seem odd to see a jerkbait with flat sides, don't judge the Flat Rap before you fish it. The flat sides and triangular lip give this slow-rising balsa lure a dancing and darting action that is one-of-a kind. The lure is available in 3 1/8- and 4-inch sizes and a host of popular colors.

www.rapala.com | 952-933-0046

Sunline Super Fluorocarbon

Sunline's Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon is one of the most popular lines among Bassmaster Elite Series anglers; pros such as Tommy Biffle and Aaron Martens call it their top choice in fluorocarbons. The company's newest line should be no less popular. It's billed as supple, highly abrasion-resistant and strong — three of the most important qualities in a fluorocarbon. The line comes in sizes 8- to 20-pound-test sizes and on 200-yard spools.

www.sunlineamerica.com | 310-347-5077

Custom Lures Unlimited IKONIC series

With input from Mike Iaconelli, Custom Lures Unlimited has created the IKONIC Wrap, or "wooden trap." Each IKONIC Wrap is hand-crafted, hand-carved, hand-painted and hand-assembled. They are wooden lures that are naturally buoyant and are designed to swim between 6 inches and 2 feet depending on rod angle. They have a 3-D mouth, gills, eyes, and scales.


Strike King Rage Eeliminator

For 2010, the company expanded the hugely popular Rage Tail line with four new lures. One that's sure to be a favorite with bass anglers is the Rage Eeliminator, a soft plastic that can be used as a topwater lure or fished below the surface on a swimming jig, Carolina rig or Texas rig. When fished on the surface, the lure's tail swims erratically, giving it the appearance of a rat or frog. Under the surface, the Eeliminator subs as a great, compact creature bait. The lure comes in eight colors, including green pumpkin and white.

www.strikeking.com | 901-853-7606

Punisher's Castglo LED fishing light

Punisher's Castglo simplifies night fishing by illuminating the water, the bank and your line with one unit. The Castglo box houses 48 LEDs on the front and eight on the back. The back lights face toward the angler to provide ample lighting for tying knots and finding baits. The upper half of the 48 forward-facing lights can be toggled between green or black light, while the bottom half is all black. Black light is the best choice for fishing because it illuminates most fluorocarbon lines and is noninvasive to fish. The green lights are ideal for illuminating the bank. The Castglo box attaches to your boat via suction cups and a 1/4-inch plug that draws power from your batteries. LED lights last longer (10,000 hours) and draw less wattage than conventional cylindrical black lights.


Jewel Bait Co.'s Shakey Style Jigheads

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kevin Short raves about this little jighead, which combines the company's Spider Jig head with a pin extending from the eye to keep soft plastics pegged on the hook. Though there are hundreds of jigheads currently on the market, and many of them also have pins or screw locks, what sets this one apart is the shape of the jighead, says Short. He says it comes through cover, even rock or wood, like a breeze; and he even uses it to fish small creature baits, such as the Zoom Baby Brush Hog. The jighead is available in 1/8- and 3/16-ounce sizes.


Two Way Boat Alarms

Two Way Boat Alarms brings the same technology of a car alarm to your boat. Using a key fob, you can "lock" your boat and its contents up with the push of a button. Locking the boat arms the vibration sensors installed in key areas, such as in rod lockers and tackle storage. When a sensor is tripped, a 125dB alarm blasts and the key fob lights up and vibrates in your pocket. The alarm can be set so only the fob goes off, allowing you to meet the offenders face to face.


A&M Baits' Halo Jig

A&M's Halo Jig offers a different approach to fishing rocks and grass. The flexible plastic "halo" affixed to the head deflects rocks when the line is tied behind the halo and is a weedguard for the weedguard when tied in front. A small, straight-shank hook is used as a keeper so plastics stay on until you want them off. The jigs are customizable as you can match a jig weighing from 5/16- to 9/16-ounce with a hook from 3/0 to 5/0.


KVD Tour Reel

Designed by and named for bass fishing's biggest star, Kevin VanDam, this new reel features a large diameter spool, is available in the Burner 7.3:1 gear ratio and has 11 ball bearings. But since most anglers are not as proficient at casting as KVD, the reel's self-adjusting cast control — which makes overruns a thing of the past — may be its best attribute. The reel is available in three gear ratios: 5.4:1, 6.6:1 and 7.3:1.


J.J.'s Magic's
Dippin' Dye

"Permeate your bait" is what J.J. Polak says. His Dippin' Dye gets into (permeates) soft plastics for long-lasting scent and color that doesn't wash away like normal dipping dyes. Since J.J.'s infuses the bait rather than coats it, it won't affect the action of the bait. This unique dye is available in four colors, all of which have a potent garlic scent.


Elite Pro Series

From the folks who brought you the Tin Roller and The Blade comes the Elite Pro Series spinnerbait. The Elite Pro rounds out Hildebrandt's spinnerbait collection by giving this bait a UV coating on the head and blades that "pop" in stained water or low light conditions. The Elite Pro also features Hildebrandt's quick-change system that allows for fast swapping of the top blade. The bait is available in three sizes and eight colors.


Sebile's Onduspoon

New from Sebile is the Onduspoon. This spoon takes design cues from crankbaits and has internal beads for a rattling action when cast and worked horizontally. It also acts like a traditionally spoon for vertical jigging. The Onduspoon is available in two sizes, 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 inches, and four colors.


Tru-Life Mad Maxx

New from the leader in tungsten weights is the Mad Maxx, "the furious frog." Tru-Tungsten designed Maxx to excel where other frogs fall short. It has a pro-drain system to keep the frog from becoming waterlogged, hook grooves to keep the hooks flush to the body until a fish strikes and internal tungsten rattles to call fish up from under the thickest slop.


JymSu Bass Baits'
Flip/Swim Jig

New from JymSu is the Britt Myers Flip/Swim Jig. The Flip/Swim is a versatile jig that is equally at home punching matted vegetation as it is swimming around docks, stumps or other isolated cover. The jigs are hand-tied, available in several different sizes for flipping and swimming and come in the most popular bass-catching colors.


Sperry Top-Sider's ASV

All shoes shield your feet from the elements and provide some measure of support. The Sperry ASV goes one step further, however, in that the shoe dampens dramatically the persistent pounding of waves and engine vibration as well, a lifesaver for boaters. Made using a proprietary material as the midsole, the ASV absorbs and disperses shock with ease, all the while delivering stability and comfort. The shoe is also made of a quick-drying, antimicrobial fabric and has a Hydro Grip sole not prone to slipping.

www.sperrytopsider.com | 800-247-6575

Ardent's Reel Kleen

Never get around to cleaning your reels? Ardent has made it easy. Ardent's Reel Kleen reel cleaning kit has everything you need to keep your reel in top form: Reel Kleen degreaser, Reel Butter grease, Reel Butter oil, a multitool screwdriver for disassembly, a silicone-treated cloth, four synthetic swabs for precision application of Reel Butter, a cleaning brush and an Allen wrench. No more excuses for dirty reels.

www.ardentoutdoors.com | 660-395-9200

Omega Custom
Pro-Mega Jig

Designed specifically for fishing deep, rocky structure, and billed as the "perfect structure-fishing jig," this lure is a great choice for stroking a jig on a ledge. But this jig is no one-trick pony. Unlike the common football jig, which has a tendency to hang up around wood, the Pro-Mega Jig is also able to come through brush extremely well. Available in three sizes (3/8, 5/8 and 7/8 ounce), the jig is equipped with a Gamakatsu hook and available with silicone and living rubber skirts.

www.omegacustomtackle.com | 636-368-2405

Berkley's PowerBait
Hand Pour Curled
Tail Worm

New from Berkley is a hand-poured worm of the 5-inch variety. Bassmaster Classic champion Skeet Reese calls them "fish-catching machines." He has found the addition of a curled tail appeals to more aggressive bass, and the multilayer hand-poured colors make the bait stand out in the water. Add Berkley's exclusive PowerBait formula, and you've got one explosive worm that fish are said to hold on to 18 times longer. These worms are available in 12 color schemes to suit any fishery in America.

www.berkley-fishing.com | 877-777-3850

Deep South Rod Co.'s
Rod Collection

Deep South Rod Co. builds technique-specific rods from the ground up for a fine-tuned and accurate action. Deep South uses its own blanks for a unique and solid, slop-free feel. With input from nearly 30 pro staffers and guides, Deep South builds over 30 actions including a Lake Seminole Special, Lake Toho Special and a shiner rod to take on the plus-size bass shiners attract. Deep South offers a high-end lineup, the Deep South Series, and an affordable option in the Redneck Series. Both use high-modulus graphite and premium components.

www.deepsouthfishingrods.com | 352-638-6868

Lucky Craft's
Rick Clunn
Signature Series Kit

Now available at Bass Pro Shops locations across the country and online at www.basspro.com, the 2009 Limited Edition Rick Clunn Signature Series Kit includes six Lucky Craft RC series crankbaits in several exciting limited edition colors only available in this package. The kit includes an RC 1.5 in red craw; an RC 1.5 DRS in homer; an RC 1.5 DD in phantom green craw; an RC 2.5 in river red shad; an RC 2.5 Wake in copper green chartreuse shad; and an RC 3.5 in midnight shad. The kit also includes descriptive information about the baits, Clunn and his fishing techniques and strategies.


Zoom Bait Co.'s
Magnum Trick Worm

Combining Zoom's best selling Trick Worm and its new Magnum Finesse Worm into one, the new Magnum Trick Worm keeps the characteristics of the original Trick Worm but features a beefed up profile. Thicker than the original, this bigger version is designed for targeting big bass. Whether flipping and pitching, Texas rigging or Carolina rigging, the bait should be fished with a 5/0 or 6/0 hook. The worm is 7 inches long and available in 12 different colors.

www.zoombait.com | 706-548-1008

Northland Fishing
Tackle's Slurp Jig

Featuring a lifelike head designed to mimic one of the bass' favorite forage, a live minnow, the Slurp Jig has a Mustad Ultra Point hook and a unique "BarbWire" keeper that securely grips and holds soft plastics firmly in place. The bait can be rigged with a soft plastic jerkbait and fished in the upper half of the water column, or it is also great for swimming 4- and 5-inch grubs. The jig is available in four sizes and six color choices.

www.northlandtackle.com | 218-751-6723

Wiley X's Jake

New from Wiley X, the folks who protect our troops' eyes as well as Skeet Reese's, is the Jake. The Jake is the newest addition to Wiley X's Climate Control Series of sunglasses that feature a removable foam insert that "seals" the wearer's face out from wind, debris and sunlight. The effect is total protection as well as enhanced polarization. Fishermen will be interested in the Jake with bronze lens and gloss brown fade frame, or the new emerald mirror amber lens with gloss black frame, both of which are polarized.


Sea Ray Boat Shoes

If standing to fish all day leaves your feet aching, the sole problem might be your shoes. Instead of taking a seat, try the new Sea Ray boat shoes from Columbia. With a TechLite injection molded "footbed," the shoe combines contoured support with a cushioned design that disperses pressure across the bottom of the foot to enhance long-term comfort. The uppers feature breathable, quick drying leather and mess stitched directly to the midsole, and the outsole is a non-marking "Omni-Grip" rubber compound with traction control to prevent slipping on slick surfaces. Suggested retail is $80.

www.columbia.com | 800-547-8066

Yum's Money Craw

The soft plastic Money Craw combines the action of a swimbait with the enticing profile of a crawfish. Each bait is hand painted with crawfish spots and eyes, creating a realism not found in other soft plastic crawfish imitations. Available in three sizes and seven color schemes, the bait can be used in a variety of applications. Whether pitched on a Texas rig, swam on a jighead or fished as a trailer behind a jig, this natural-looking crawfish has great action in the water.

www.yum3x.com | 479-782-8971

Berkley's PowerBait Crazy Legs Chigger Craw

Improving on the soft bait Boyd Duckett used to win the 2007 Bassmaster Classic, Berkley has now added a pair of crazy legs to the lure. The legs greatly enhance the bait's action while swimming or on the drop. This new feature, along with the Chigger Craw pinchers and PowerBait's fish-attracting scent formula, makes it completely irresistible to bass. It can be fished alone or as a jig trailer, slow or fast, and the pinchers and crazy legs swim wildly back and forth.

www.berkley-fishing.com | 877-777-3850

Strike King's KVD Signature Series Sexy Shad

Available exclusively at the 2009 Bassmaster Classic, being held in Shreveport-Bossier City, La., Strike King will be offering a limited edition Kevin VanDam Signature Series Sexy Shad crankbait. The Series 5 Sexy Shad crankbait, which KVD helped design, has helped him win numerous Bassmaster Elite Series events as well as the 2008 Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year title.

The Limited Edition crank will come packaged in a re-sealable clamshell package complete with limited edition graphics that have personally been autographed by the four-time Angler of the Year himself.

With a limited number available for purchase, fans can buy them at several select on-site retailers during the Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo presented by Dick's Sporting Goods. You can find them by looking for the life-sized cutout of KVD. The expo will be held in the Shreveport Convention Center Feb. 20-22.

www.StrikeKing.com | 901-853-1455

Zoom Bait Co.'s Magnum Shakey Head

Like Zoom's original Shakey Head, the Magnum Shakey Head features a fat head and tapered tail. But unlike the 5-inch original, this new model comes in at 7 inches and is designed to be fished on heavier fluorocarbon with a large (1/4 ounce) jighead. According to Zoom, the ideal outfit for this bait is a 6-6 medium-heavy spinning rod and a 5:1 spinning reel. The bait is available in 11 different colors.

ZoomBait.com | 706-548-1008

Northland Fishing Tackle's Slurpies Rock-R-Minnow

The latest offering in soft plastic swimbaits, the Slurpies Rock-R-Minnow, boasts a lifelike baitfish profile and wobbling paddle tail that is said to produce a "rockin' and rollin'" swimming action that drives fish wild. The belly is slotted for easy weedless rigging, and the bait is meant to be thrown on heavy gear to target large fish. The baits, available in either a 4 1/2- or 5-inch size, are packaged with a custom weighted Gamakatsu swimbait hook and are offered in eight colors.

www.northlandtackle.com | 218-751-6723

Lowrance's High-Definition Systems

Available in either an 8- or 10-inch model, these high-performance GPS chartplotter and fishfinder combo units are the first products on the market to combine high-definition navigational capabilities and Lowrance's award-winning Broadband Sounder functionality into a single, easy-to-use system. Ideal for boaters designing a custom electronics package, the HDS system is a fully networkable and expandable electronics solution featuring Sirius satellite weather and radio options as well as other advanced capabilities. The system uses Lowrance's award-winning Broadband Sounder technology, said to find more targets with greater sensitivity and higher definition. The result is superior target separation in all cover, in thermoclines and in surface clutter. With Broadband Sounder technology, sonar displays show less noise and more targets with crystal-clear clarity.


Lucky Craft's Redemption

Debuted in July at the ICAST show in Las Vegas, the Redemption spinnerbait features tungsten components and a head finish quality equal to the company's hard baits. Two sizes — 1/4 ounce and 3/8 ounce — are currently available, with other sizes planned for release in 2009. A straight-wire (shallow water) version is currently available, and a bent-wire (deep water) version will be released next year. The spinnerbait, available in seven color choices, features a small Colorado blade on the front and a large willow blade on the back.


Zoom Bait Co.'s Magnum Super Fluke

A new spin on a Zoom classic, the 7-inch soft plastic Magnum Super Fluke is designed to catch bigger fish than the traditional 5-inch model. Whereas the 5-inch Super Fluke pairs nicely with medium spinning and casting gear with 10- to 14-pound test line and a 4/0 to 5/0 hook, the new, beefier Fluke needs to fished with medium-heavy tackle, 15- to 20-pound line and a 6/0 to 12/0 hook. The bait can be fished weightless, like the 5-inch Fluke is typically fished, or it can be fished down in the water column by using a weighted swimbait hook. The bait is available in nine different colors.

ZoomBait.com | 706-548-1008

P-Line's CX Premium & Floroclear

This line manufacturer has added color to two of its most popular fluorocarbon-coated lines. CX Premium, which combines copolymer and fluorocarbon technologies for a low-memory, long-casting line, is now available in Hi-Vis Fluorescent Green. Floroclear, a fluorocarbon-coated copolymer with a special silicone treatment, is now available in Mist Green — a color that provides a more stealthy presentation in a variety of water conditions.

www.p-line.com | 800-537-2394

Action Lures' Action Minnow

Billed as a buzzbait, spinnerbait and crankbait all combined in the same lure, the Action Minnow is said to attract any kind of gamefish. The hard bait can be fished with a slow or fast retrieve, or it can be ripped like a jerkbait. The Action Minnow features an open-mouth design, the inside of the bait housing a patented centrifugal fan, making it a diving crankbait like no other. The lure is available in 14 different color choices.

www.actionlurescompany.com | 877-326-5873

Falcon Rods' Expert Series

Featuring the company's "CrossMatch" rod-building technology, which utilizes a weave of carbon fibers, all 15 rods in the series weigh less than 4 ounces. The rod series, which features Fuji components, offers rods for virtually any bass fishing application with 10 casting models and five spinning models — with sizes ranging from 6-6 to 7-10 and in a variety of actions.

www.falconrods.com | 918-251-0020

Live Eyewear's Quattro

The Quattro eyewear collection features Live Eyewear's impact- and scratch-resistant PolaréPC polycarbonate lens system. The polarized lenses offer UV protection, and the sunglasses are very lightweight and come with a lifetime warranty. The collection offers four different frame styles with various color options and multiple lens-color options, depending on application. All four Quattro styles retail for less than $50.

www.quattrosunwear.com | 800-834-2563

Ima Lures' Skimmer

Designed to tempt fish even when the topwater bite isn't particularly aggressive, the Skimmer is a slender, "walk the dog" style hard bait with a side-to-side surface action. When the bait is paused, it slowly drops down to a 70-degree angle resting position — when many of the strikes will come, says the manufacturer. A weighted tail makes casting long distances easier.

www.imalures.com | 951-676-6384

Gene Larew Lures' Biffle-O

A hybrid between a worm and a tube, the Biffle-O — named by Bassmaster Elite Series angler Tommy Biffle — is about as versatile a lure as can be thought-up. The 8-inch offering can be walked on the surface as a topwater, jerked below the surface like a jerkbait or fished via Texas or Carolina rig. Another great option, especially in areas where smallmouth are prevalent, is to place a tube jig inside the bait, which allows the tail to dance wildly as the lure is hopped over the bottom. However it's fished, the Biffle-O's tail will never stop quivering when in the water.

The bait comes in packages of eight and in 13 color choices.

www.genelarewlures.com | 918-949-6291

Shimano's Cumara Rods

Constructed from IM-10 graphite blanks, the new Cumara bass rod collection from Shimano features a mix of 15 casting and spinning rods. The rods, which are said to be incredibly sensitive and lightweight, yet still having enough backbone to wrestle big fish out of cover, are designed for bottom bouncing techniques.

The casting rods in the series range from 6 feet, 8 inches to 7 feet, 2 inches in size, featuring powers of medium to heavy and actions from fast to extra fast. The spinning rods in the series range from 6 feet, 8 inches to 7 feet, 6 inches in size, featuring powers of medium to medium heavy and actions from fast to extra fast.

Wrapped with Gudebrod thread, the rods feature Fuji SIC guides, shaped EVA foam grips and the company's patent-pending integrated hook keeper.

www.shimanofishing.com | 949-951-5003

FlickShake Worm & Wacky Jighead by Jackall

This Japanese lure company's newest bass bait, the FlickShake Worm, is a soft plastic worm with a curved tail that gives the lure a writhing, squirming action when rigged up with the company's new Wacky Jighead. The tungsten jighead features a 90-degree eye and is available in either 1/16 or 1/32 ounce. The worm is available in two sizes and eight color choices. www.jackall-lures.com | 562-493-0300

Reaction Innovations Bad Mother Flipping hook

Currently the most popular new hook on the Bassmaster Elite Series trail, the Bad Mother Flipping hook is about as well-thought-out as a hook can be.

Created for anglers who like to flip using bulky baits, the BMF has a straight shank for fewer missed fish, heavy wire to prevent hook failure and a welded eye to prevent braid and other superlines from sliding out.

What really makes the hook different from all others is that, even as a straight shank, anglers can easily fish large baits, such as tubes and creatures baits, since it has a much deeper bite than most straight shank hooks.

Another innovation available on the hook is the BMF Barb, a piece of plastic that can be threaded onto the shank of the hook and heated, preventing soft baits from sliding down the shank.

The hooks, made exclusively for Reaction Innovations by Gamakatsu, are available in 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 sizes.

For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.reactioninnovations.com.

Tru-Life Swimbaits

Tru-Life Swimbaits from Fish Harder Companies were developed by BASS Elite Series pro Ish Monroe and professional angler Matt Newman.

These baits offer anglers an adjustable weight system that allows the lure to swim from top to bottom. Without weight, Tru-Life Swimbaits will snake along the surface, creating an enticing wake as they travel back toward the boat. With all four weights inserted they'll fall 30 feet in about 30 seconds and create the same enticing action at the deepest depths.

Each lure is carefully balanced to maintain a true, vertical attitude at a slow or fast retrieve speed.

Tru-Life Swimbaits will be available in four colors — tilapia, shad, bluegill, trout — and two sizes — 7-inches and 8 1/2-inches. www.tru-tungsten.com

Rock Hard Platinum Swim Baits

Castaic Soft Bait's new line of "Rock Hard" Platinum Swim Baits offers original, realistic designs with versatility that runs top to bottom. The new line of lures comes in five fish-attracting colors, three sizes (4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch) and three different buoyancy ratings

The buoyancy ratings — floating, slow sinking and fast sinking — will enable anglers to choose the rate of fall that best suits their fishing conditions. Each product is hydrodynamically engineered for ultra real life-like action.

For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.castaicsoftbait.com.

Ardent XS1000 Baitcast Reel

Ardent announces the addition of the new XS1000 baitcast reel to the company's line-up of fishing reels and accessories, all of which are made in the U.S.A.

The XS1000 represents a redesign, upgrade and enhancement of the company's popular XS baitcaster, which was introduced in 2005. Many of the features that helped make Ardent's XS baitcaster successful have been refined, improved and incorporated into a redesign to create the XS1000, a lightweight, low-profile reel. Palm Ardent's XS1000 and be impressed with how its sleek, ergonomic styling fits into any size hand. The XS1000 is backlash-resistant, even when casting into the wind, and friction has been reduced so dramatically that users will cast farther — and with less effort — than ever before.

Ardent's Strike Saver™ Drag System delivers an ultra-smooth drag with total lock-down capability, while the quick-release mechanism on the reel's side cover provides easy access to a 6-pin centrifugal brake system. The XS1000 is easily disassembled — and reassembled — for regular maintenance. Its lightweight, one-piece machined aluminum spool holds 140 yards of 8-lb. line, 120 yards of 10-lb. line, or 100 yards of 12-lb. line. The XS1000 will also accept Ardent's new Reel Extra Ultra High Capacity Spool (optional) should heavier monofilament or braided lines be required by anglers.

Ten stainless steel ball bearings, a stainless steel clutch bearing and an all-purpose 6.3:1 helical gear ratio help keep Ardent's XS1000 working no matter how hard — or often — it's used.

Ardent's XS1000 and XS600 are the only magnesium-framed casting reels backed with a 3 year warranty. The Ardent XS1000's minimum advertised price is $249.99. For more information, visit www.ardentoutdoors.com.