Keeping Bass Alive

Anticipating the take-off! This scene repeats itself thousands of times on hundreds of lakes each year. 

The objective of these articles is very simple — maximize the survival of bass that are caught and released during tournaments. The target audience for this publication includes tournament anglers, organizers, hosts and sponsors, and bass boat owners, dealers and manufacturers. All of these groups have interests in, and responsibilities for, maximizing the survival of bass caught and released during tournaments.

Thirty years ago, B.A.S.S. introduced the catch-and-release concept to bass fishing. Through the examples of tournament anglers and the promotion of catch-and-release in Bassmaster Magazine, this conservation ethic has caught on worldwide. Today, the vast majority of fishermen release all or most of the bass they catch.

Now, B.A.S.S. is taking the issue of bass survival to the next level in hopes of helping other tournament organizers achieve maximum survival of fish weighed in during their events. The recommendations in this collection are practical and necessary if the sport of competitive fishing is to thrive.

This information provides answers to these questions: Why do bass die? What is stress? What causes stress? How can stress be reduced? It discusses least-stressful ways to handle bass. Livewell management is described in great detail, including state-of-the-art techniques for aeration, temperature control, and maintaining water quality. Weigh-in procedures and release strategies also are featured.

Keeping Bass Alive: Introduction

Table of contents

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