Marketing numbers and demographics

Fishing is big business and a major American institution. More people fish (approximately 60 million) than play golf (24 million) and tennis (17.3 million) combined. America's 30 million bass anglers are the basis of a $60 billion industry.

Approximately one in every five Americans hangs out the "gone fishing" sign every year. Bass is the fish most frequently sought. According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service statistics, 43 percent of freshwater anglers fish for black bass, 34 percent fish for panfish, 30 percent for catfish/bullhead, 30 percent for trout and 28 percent for crappie.

One in every 150 U.S. households includes a B.A.S.S. member. One in every 400 Americans is a B.A.S.S. member. Bass anglers are found in every state — even Alaska; the only state that has no black bass. B.A.S.S. has approximately 600,000 members and more than 4 million BASSMASTER Magazine readers. B.A.S.S. TIMES, B.A.S.S., Inc.'s monthly newspaper, has a circulation of more than 75,000 with a readership of more than 245,000.

A BASSMASTER subscriber survey indicates that the weekend bass angler is about 42 years old, is married and has a household income of approximately $60,000 annually. He owns an average of more than 14 rods and reels, a bass boat, motor and trailer, four tackleboxes and spends an average of $2,300 a year on his hobby, which he enjoys an average of 97 days a year. His dream? To fish the BASSMASTER Tournament Trail and win the BASS Masters Classic.

About 50% regularly travel out-of-state to fish. Almost 93% take vacations where fishing is available.

Approximately 50,000 of the almost 600,000 B.A.S.S. members belong to over 2,700 BASSMASTER CASTINGKIDS presented by Zebco the Take Pride In America anti-litter campaigns, water improvement projects, money-raising projects for charities and state and federal lobbying efforts for better fishing-related legislation.

Bass fishing techniques and tactics were tightly guarded secrets until B.A.S.S. held it's first tournament in 1968. The subsequent sharing of information through BASSMASTER, B.A.S.S. TIMES and The BASSMASTERS television series on TNN has enabled today's weekend angler to enjoy the sport with more information than ever before.