All about Bassmaster CastingKids

BASS formed in 1968 to promote and encourage fishing. Recognizing that youngsters are the future of this great sport, BASS took the lead of introducing and educating youth about the sport of fishing. In 1991, BASS developed the Bassmaster CastingKids program, which is similar to the NFL punt, pass and kick events. However, in CastingKids the challenge is to flip, pitch and cast with accuracy. Mastering these three techniques will give any angler the skills they need to present lures and catch bass.

The program has reached nearly 2 million youngsters since 1991, but following the 2009 season, CastingKids looks to introduce even greater numbers of youth through a strategic partnership with the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Foundation and the Adventure Trailblazer events. With CastingKids migrating from a competition-based focus to an education-focused program, it's now designed to teach the basics of fishing to much larger groups through existing events already being held at Scout Camps or similar facilities across the county.

These family-friendly, one-day events serve as an all-around introduction to the thrill of outdoor sports and the importance of conservation. The Trailblazer Adventure Day features a variety of activities, demonstrations and orientation sessions designed to show children and their parents what the outdoor lifestyle is all about. Activities include firearm safety, archery, trapping, fishing and much more. All activities are conducted under the supervision of experienced Trail Guides with an emphasis on safety. Local Field Directors, U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance representatives and BASS Federation Nation members attend events to ensure coordination between all participating organizations.

Bassmaster CastingKids remains the youngest level of Federation Nation youth programs, and partnership with the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance only builds upon many years of CastingKids success. BASS continues to encourage Federation Nation adult and Junior Bassmaster anglers to attend these events and teach children the fundamental elements of safety, lure selection and lure presentations to include flipping, pitching and casting. With ever-present threats challenging our rights to hunt and fish and our children's ability to enjoy the natural resources, partners uniting their programs will help protect our legacy in the outdoors.