Junior Bassmasters

Parents & Junior Bassmasters,

It is always nice to hear from interested parents, grandparents and young anglers who are excited about the opportunity to pursue dreams and be a future Bassmaster! Junior Bassmaster chapters and competitions are growing at amazing rates all over the country.

The Junior Bassmaster® program is a great adventure and the friendly spirit of competition is a thrill to be a part of at any level, especially for youth. Junior Bassmaster® Chapters and tournaments are a part of the adult BASS® Federation Program. Adult clubs, who become sponsors for Junior Bassmaster® Chapters, act as mentors who foster and pass on the traditions associated with the sport of fishing and thrills of the outdoors. Interested youth can join as a Junior Bassmaster member at any age below 18, but competition for advancement on an international level is reserved for two age groups, which are 11-14 and 15-18. Once a junior member attains the age of 11, they can begin competing in the Junior Bassmaster® program for the opportunity to advance to the Junior Bassmaster World Championship™.

Similar to the adult BASS® Federation model, Junior Bassmaster® clubs and juniors members participate in local and state competitions, vying for the coveted honor of qualifying for the Junior Bassmaster World Championship™, held each year in conjunction with the Citgo Bassmaster Classic®, the greatest stage in professional bass fishing. As qualifiers for this prestigious event, Junior Bassmaster anglers will team up along side their heroes from the pages of Bassmaster® Magazine and The Bassmaster TV show, spending two days fishing on the water in one of the official Bassmaster Classic® tournament rigs. In professional sports today, this type of event is unparalleled! The dream of spending two days with a childhood idol and hero is something found only within the wholesomeness of fishing. Without doubt, the memories created will resonate with children, parents and professional anglers for a lifetime.

To get started simply go to:
1. http://www.espn.com/outdoors/Bassmaster/s/bass_fed_state_presidents.html
2. Locate the state BASS Federation of your permanent residence.
3. Contact the state youth director through the president.
4. These directors will investigate and verify a club near you.
5. Get in touch with your local club and sign-up.

If you would like an information packet on how to start a new Junior Bassmaster® Chapter, our website at www.bassmaster.com can provide this and additional news on the Junior Bassmaster program, including events and announcements. From the "Youth Tab" you will find downloadable information that can help you today and in the future.
If there is anything that I can do to assist you in the future, please don't hesitate to call or write. Good luck in fishing and all that you do.

A Friend in Fishing,

Stacy S. Twiggs
National Youth Manager
BASS/ESPN Productions
5845 Carmichael Road
Montgomery, AL 36117

"Helping People Catch More Fish"