Punta Gorda

The "Oh Boy Oberto Redfish Cup" first tournament of the year has been over, for let's see... about a week now.

Punta Gorda Florida was the host for our first venue of the year. What a job the local community of Punta Gorda and the Port Charlotte area does on promoting, participating and attending the tournament.

From the youngsters to adults, there were plenty of activities for all. It began with the inaugural "Net Gains" — a pretty cool event — where the local youngsters of the community get to come out and interact with the pros. They learn safety, conservation, knots, identification of different species of fish and last but not least just get to hang out with their favorite pro angler. They must have had at least a couple hundred kids attend! This is a concept created by the "Cup" and will occur at every venue.

Every day it seemed as if there were plenty of activities for all, from the "Dock Dogs" to the "whatever floats" boat race. That is one event you just have to be there to believe it! Anyway, congrats again to the local community for a job well done. Fan support was awesome and trust me, all the teams appreciated your presence!

Now as far as the tournament, I can't really say much. It really became a tough tournament for us, with us ending way down the list. They were not exactly the results that I had hoped for. We pre-fished extremely hard, but just could not find a consistent pattern of tournament-quality fish. We had one huge school of fish located, but had one problem. Every fish that we caught out of the school was over the slot limit. The average fish out of the school was 33 inches.

We then slammed the mangrove bushes, only to draw out smaller slot size fish. We caught several reds, just not the ones we needed.

On a positive note, we feel quite comfortable with the next three tournaments and will be working hard to finish these events higher in the standings.

Speaking on a positive note: for those of you that are reading this "blog" and are not yet a member of the "Redfish Nation", there is no better time to join than now! It keeps you in contact with the pros, by way of a great magazine that will be delivered to your door quarterly. Filled with many "how to" articles touching on tactics and techniques, revealed by the pros from years of experience. Also a gift pack which contains a visor, a DVD of the cups previous season, and much more will be sent to you. A very important factor: a portion of the proceeds will be donated to "Coastal Conservation" which ultimately is used to protect our natural resources, including redfish. Need I say more? Join Now!

Oh well, there is my sales pitch for the year.

Can't wait for Port Arthur, Texas. It should be a great tournament!

Capt. Mike Frenette is an Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup angler. For more information, visit his Web site, www.venicefishing.net or e-mail him at teaserboat@earthlink.net.