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LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Stepping into the Las Vegas convention center can be a bit of an overwhelming paradise if you're into fishing. It's 350,000 square feet of product from the most basic item to the items you couldn't have began to dream up (otherwise you might be here trying to sell it).

With that much product, chaos and salesmen, there has to be a focus, and for 50 years the focus of ICAST has been the new products. Who has the most innovative lure or accessory? What items will sell and become mainstream? What items were better left an idea?

ESPNOutdoors.com is running the floor to find the latest inventions meant to help you catch more fish (or be more comfortable doing it). Check back for frequent updates on our new product blog to get a first look at what's coming to the market.

The Lord of Bee Lure

Quick description: Truly a revolutionary design unlike any lure on the market. True natural action. Live colors, good for casting and trolling. You will BEE thrilled by the results.

Company: American Premier Corp.

Suggested retail price: $2.09

Injured Minda

Quick description: First stationary, top-water bait! Action emulates a dying or injured fish in a virtually stationary position. It incorporates a hinged, two-piece body with a weighted bill and tail. Fishing line passes through the body and ties to tail.

Company: Minda Lures, Inc.

Suggested retail price: $19.95

Holy Mackerel!

Quick description: Soft trolling lure with replaceable tails durable hard head with patent-pending replaceable soft tail design. Realistic look, lifelike action, over-sized eyes, & bubbler nose. From the makers of the famously successful Dancin' Dolphin.

Company: Tactical Tackle

Suggested retail price: $99.00

Pro Holographic Panther Martin Frogs

Quick description: A great new 3-pack showing our newest & best frogs. Featuring skirted elastic legs for super strike and strike durability and irresistable lifelike leg action. 3 colors in 2 sizes.

Company: Harrison Hoge, Inc.

Suggested retail price: $20.00 per 3-pack

Southern Stroke Fighting Chairs

Quick description: The ultimate in quality and design can be found in Southern Stroke Fighting Chairs. Designed and manufactured in Australia, they need to be seen to appreciated.

Company: Wizard Tackle

Suggested retail price: $16,500

Sailfish Wine Bottle Holder

Quick description: Holds a standard 750ml bottle of wine. Keeps the cork wet for better aging. Also available in marlin, bass, trout, deer, bear, horse, and duck.

Company: River's Edge Products

Suggested retail price: $19.95

Multi-flex Rod Holders

Quick description: These are flexible, swiveling rod holders that adjust to virtually any position. Permanent and portable holders give the angler two mounting options. When mounted, the rod pivots downward, a jigging motion can be applied by tapping the rod.

Company: Nature Vision Inc.

Suggested retail price: $14.99

RaptorFin Trolling Motor Accessory

Quick description: Maximizes trolling motor performance! Vertical fin drastically improves steering control & boat stability. Virtually eliminates cavitation alowing you to run shallower & avoid underwater hazards. Fits most trolling motors-offered in black & white.

Company: Raptor Fishing Technologies, Inc.

Suggested retail price: $124.50

ODC 420 Lightweight Combo

Quick description: Pontoon style float tube sits you high out of the water and gets around effortlessly. Includes pair of lightweight fins and double-action hand pump.

Company: Creek Company

Suggested retail price: $229.99

Old Guide Secret Drift Rig

Quick description: These 36-inch, 2 hook spinners are hand-tied with only the best components. Proven blade and bead patters with painted and metallic finishes.

Company: Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle

Suggested retail price: $2.09

Vicious Panfish

Quick description: A combination of strength, abrasion resistance and low stretch for any type of panfish. From specks in the Gulf to crappie in the Mississippi Delta or perch in the frozen north, this line is designed for anglers wanting to detect more strikes for those fish small enough to have a finicky bite. Available in 2-pound, 4-pound, 6-pound and 8-pound test.

Company: Vicious Fishing

Website: vicious-fishing.com

Suggested retail price: N/A

H3 Titanium ULTRA

Quick description: The H3 Titanium ULTRA features, our new technologically advanced Carbide tip is electronically fused into place and there is no insert to knock out during the wear and tear of fishing.

Company: American Rodsmiths

Suggested retail price: N/A

Lady Rodsmiths Pink Ladies Special

Quick description: The Pink Lady features a 38 million modulus Graphite Blank, Direct Contact reel seat with built in hook keeper, and Tapered Portuguese cork handles, to fit a ladies hand.

Company: American Rodsmiths

Suggested retail price: N/A

Coffee Tubes

Quick description: Tube baits scented with real coffee bean granules and coffee bean oil. The natural organic scent is attractive to fish, causing them to hold on to the lure longer. The tubes are also salt impregnated.

Company: Strike King Lure Company

Website: strikeking.com
Suggested retail price: N/A

G-Loomis SwimBait Rods

Quick description: A 7-foot, 6-inch rod designed specifically for casting big baits all day. The rods are lightweight, yet powerful. They come in four models, a medium action model for a light-line finesse approach and a medium-heavy model for versatility and a heavy-action and extra-heavy for power fishing.

Company: G-Loomis

Website: gloomis.com
Suggested retail price: $235 to $250

Shaky Head Jig/Football Shaky Head Jig

Quick description: Our "SmartBite" Technology differentiates between light wind and an actual bite. A high-output LED, or small speaker for sound alerts users of a bite, and resets automatically. The "Cast Clip" fastener stays secure for casting and reeling in fish.

Company: Strike King Lure Company

Website: strikeking.com
Suggested retail price: $4


Quick description: Literally different from head-to-tail, the Vibra-Trap has a unique divot on its nose called the SpoonBill Diving Plane™ to create a hydrodynamic effect that increases water collection and displacement on the diving plane of the lure. This produces intensive low frequency sound that closely simulates the sonic qualities of live bait. The Pot Belly™ Design also helps with movement and sound.
Company: Rat-L-Trap
Website: rat-l-trap.com
Suggested retail price: $9.95

Glacier Glove Fighting/Stripping

Quick description: New 50+ UPF Fighting Glove with extended finger length to protect against cuts. Lightweight and breathable synthetic leather PU palm for sure grip.

Company: Glacier Glove

Website: glacierglove.com

Suggested retail price: $24.95

Poletap Bite Detector

Quick description: Our "SmartBite" Technology differentiates between light wind and an actual bite. A high-output LED, or small speaker for sound alerts users of a bite, and resets automatically. The "Cast Clip" fastener stays secure for casting and reeling in fish.

Company: Tackobox, LLC

Suggested retail price: $8.95