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re: Alaskans feel their more highly valued gems aren't their salmon, but their mines (Aug. 29)

Larry Towell (Manila, Ark.): It is hard for me to believe that our friends to the north in Alaska have picked mining over salmon. Apparently the mining companies have skewed the thinking of many people on this issue. With a little prodding you clearly produced numbers showing the salmon having a better effect on the future of Alaska. I would think the same would be true, even if the numbers leaned more toward mining. I am no brain scientist, but somebody better get the word out in Alaska, and maybe they need to start by taking a longer look at the legalization of marijuana.

re: Massachusetts airport works to avoid a very different image of flying deer (April 14)

Gary Cranshaw (Fall River, Mass.): Read your blog about the deer at the New Bedford Airport. Thought you might want to know that the "alternative methods" being sought were brought about in large measure by your friendly PETA reps. I thought the origional story only mentioned hunting the deer. Only after being contacted by PETA did the AA say anything about "friendly" methods. What a lovely org; they would rather have the very real chance of people being injured or killed than killing the poor, defenseless deer. Love your stuff!!! GaryC

re: Open wide: Provide a cutline for this bird vs. bass shot (Nov. 1)

Texas: Omelets and worms for breakfast and free transportation, too. This new diner is going to be awesome.

Weston Eckert (Hammonton, N.J.): "Mommy, is that you?"

Sam Turner (Onsted, Mich.): If you're into catch and release, could you do it over the water??? Please.

Alan (Crawfordsville, Ind.): I'm a hundred miles away, son, ready to strike!

Matt Eastman (Wenatchee, Wash.): Barbless claws would have paid for themselves by now.

Carl Andrade (Cranston, R.I.): Now let's see that pike get me … umm, wait a minute here!

Michael (Cumming, Ga.): The new lure for 2008

Shuqualak, Miss.: It looks a lot better from here

152nd Street Baits (Miami, Fla.): Drop me right there. He needs one more keeper to make the cut!

Dale Z. (Kennesaw, Ga.): That's what I call fly fishin'!

Steve Coppes (Republic, Ohio): Hey, this isn't the way to the ocean! Should have never hitched a ride.

Commizzar (Chesapeake, Va.): Stay the HECK out of my LIVEWELL!!!

Casey (New York): Do these feathers make my bass look big?

Hanover, Pa.: Can I get some water on this flight?

Brandon (North Little Rock, Ark.): Now remember, after this, I am to teach you how to swim underwater.

Billy (Lehi, Utah): Done nesting? Great, I'll take you to mine so you may MEAT my family.

Landon (Morris, Okla.): Hauling bass.

Spring, Texas: Share a lunker? I think not!

John (Indiana): Are you sure there are all the worms I can eat back at your nest?

Staff Sgt. Pomilla (Balad, Iraq): The true meaning of flyfishing.

Chuck (Illinois): Alas, his foot fetish would prove to be the bass' undoing.

Robin (Newburgh, Ind.): Thanks for the lift!

Rick Davidson (Ashland, Ky.): Damn nest fisherman!

Madison, Wis.: As seen here; largemouth bass can jump 40 to 50 feet … as this guy catches himself a hawk.

Michael Boyle (Montgomery, Ala.): Excuse me, sir, are you sure you're a dentist?

Tyler (Ames, Iowa): At least they usually throw you back when they catch you on an Eagle Claw. Hawk claws, not so much.

Silverstone: Your loss, my gain! Try again fishermen. Have a great day.

Mark (Arizona): My big mouth always gets me in trouble!

Jay Roberts (Macon, Ga.): The latest military stealth bomber.

J. Gargis (Mishawaka, Ind.): First class all the way. What time do we get to the Classic?

Walter Oppelt (Frankfort, Ind.): This is the last time I'm giving you a ride down by the dam.

Bob (Lititz, Pa.): Bass makes tremendous jump! Tries to swallow bird!

Daniel Mackey (Corbin, Ky.): What do you me, do I have any tartar sauce?

Marty Gum (Lake Ozark, Mo.): I knew I could jump this high! Now how do I get him ALL in my mouth.

Forrest (Gurnee, Ill.): Never seen this lure before.

Jake (Omaha, Neb.): Bet that bird was using the new Berkley Gulp. Bass just won't let go.

Bart (Papillion, Neb.): Bass gets arrested for trying to take down illegal game.

Randy Fike (Sturgeon Bay, Wis.): Wow, that's one hungry bass!

Randy Thompson (Lincoln, Neb.): Bird to bass: Saved ya. That was KVD in that boat back there.

KS (Arkansas): KVD Ain't got nothing on me!

Dennis Malloy (Sherwood, Ore.): Bass says, "Now I got him right where I want him"

John Kruse (Wenatchee, Wash.): So this is what they mean when they talk about take out dinner.

Tommy Toth (Aspen, Colo.): As soon as get this talon out of my eye, you're in trouble!

Lakewood, Colo.: Are these eagle claw hooks!

Chris Hoover (King George, Va.): Catch and release? Hell, I'm gonna get this thing mounted!

North Vernon, Ind.: Ohhhh, it's getting late I hope I make weigh-in.

Stephen (Brandon, Miss.): I knew I should have stayed deep.

Mike S. (St. Louis): Right over there's fine. Just drop me off near the House of Shad.

Josh Milner (Opelika, Ala.): That's the biggest cricket I ever saw.

Alan (Sherwood, Ark.): I just flew in from Florida; boy are my fins tired.

Kevin (Vermont): Topwater bite

Neil Belanger (Shrewsbury, Mass.): "Are you my mother?"

Adam Jones: Once again, the largemouth's eyes were too big for its mouth.

Dave (Menomonee Falls, Wis.): What gives? Even birds catch bigger fish than I do.

Ticonderoga, N.Y.: Yeah right … when bass can fly!

Mark (Norwalk, Ohio): That's quit a buzz(ard) bait!

Russ (North Merrick, N.Y.): New flyfishing technique.

Steve (Winnie, Texas): My wife's always telling me to keep my mouth shut! I should'a listened.

re: Here's to hoping ridiculous bass-tournament politics aren't duplicated (Aug. 24)

Eric (Nortonville, Ky.): You were way off base with your comments regarding the state and the fishing tournament in California. How could state officials allow the tournament to continue, as you insinuated that they should have done, when it was an illegal event? All of the blame for that fiasco rests squarely on the shoulders of the tournament director.

re: Maasai Journey apparently too much for some academics to handle (Aug. 15)

Jake (Commerce, Texas): I read your letter to the editor re: Maasai Journey and I think perhaps a more concise point needed to be made. Ms. Claiborne completely misses the mark in her protests. Zoos are a vehicle for both conservation and education. I have been to many zoos and have seen many keepers deliver educational lectures concerning their charges. If the Seattle zoo has decided to educate the public about Maasai culture, who better to do the educating than an actual Maasai? As an academic, Ms. Claiborne must certainly be aware of the value inherent in receiving information straight from the horse's mouth (oops, let me rephrase; I'd hate to equate the Maasai to animals). I mean to say, Ms. Claiborne must certainly be aware of the value inherent in receiving information directly from an original source. Would she prefer that some kid from Iowa that's taken three or four classes in African culture educate folks about the Maasai Journey?

re: Write a caption for a fisherman who has gone over to the dark side and now adores sea lions (April 11)

Nathan (Sterling, Colo.): The seal caught him … hook, line and sinker.

Austin Hill (Louisville, Miss.): Finally, some intimacy.

Sean (Wahoo, Neb.): You'll eat what I regurgitate and THAT'S FINAL!

John Geiger (Marietta, Ga.): Hard to believe, but what you are seeing is true! A circus sea loin actually balanced a man on his nose to the delight of young circus-goers Thursday at the Bronx Zoo. At the end of the act, the sea lion, named Spunky, regurgitated a single sardine for the red-faced primate.

James (Chattanooga, Tenn.): The things some people will do for a wet kiss.

Jeff (Schenectady, N.Y.): The more I drink, the cuter she gets!

Alex (Columbus, Ohio): Wow, Grant has been striking out at the bars a lot lately, but I didn't think it would come to this.

Springfield, Mo.: Sea lion shares his lunch with a new friend.

Bud De Santis (Spring Lake, N.J.): Yo seal! Give me back that salmon.

re: If this is the new face of PETA, we're down with that (March 8)

Mark Willis: Why are you even wasting anybody's time reporting on these morons from PETA? You are only giving them what they want, which is publicity. You shouldn't be indulging these idiots by talking about them.

in response to Trey Edwards' entry re: Hogzilla

Bill Coursey (Brooks, Ga.): Trey Edwards … you are commenting on something (for which) you have no facts. Your knowledge of wild hogs & domestic hogs apparently is very little. You need all the facts before you speak. As a leader of this community for 15 years, and one of your coaches in baseball, you need to go to the right source for your info. Everyone I know in Brooks has thanked me for shooting this WILD HOG, because of the threat to this community. (The fame has been great.)

re: Making a case against wolves … and anything regarding dancing with them (Feb. 8)

Missoula, Mont.: I can guarantee you that Mr. Marbut does not speak for all Montanans, nor for all Montana sportsmen. Many of us feel that wolves are an important cog in our ecosystems, and that they add a further element of wildness to a place already renown for its wild spaces. The fact that Mr. Marbut equates wolves with coffee, baseball and public transit is a pretty clear indication, in my mind, how twisted his thinking is on the subject.

re: When is a pest more than a pest? When it's a coyote (Jan. 17)

Devo (Rockwall, Texas): Have you ever shot a coyote? Would you want to?

re: Super swine answer to Hogzilla shot in northeast Georgia (Jan. 6)

Trey Edwards (Brooks, Ga.): This pig was a domestic animal. It has been a pet for over 10 years and just recently began to wonder the countryside. It caused no harm to anyone and as a representative of our community we are very disapointed that he killed the pig. It should not count for anything. This animal would come up to you and let you pet it. Bill Coursey … wanted fame, and y'all are giving it to him.

re: the moose-in-the-swing-set caption request (Jan. 4)

  • Here are your captions for the moose shot:

    Aaron A.: When did they put this contraption on the the other side of the bushes?

    Chester, Va.: Remember when Boris said, "I must get moose and squirrel"? Well, Boris is halfway there.

    Terry Condon (Horseheads, N.Y.): Can't a moose end it all without being interrupted by The Man?

    Alan (Sherwood, Ark.): I wish Santa would pick up his reindeer.

    Greg (Wibaux, Mont.): I knew I should have read the directions.

    Bill (Jena, La.): This catch and release moose hunting is not go to catch on!

    Pat (Martinsburg, W.Va.): Last time: This is not a necklace!

    Jason (Madison, Wis.): I'm gone for five minutes, and you get yourself in this mess?

    Mike Devies (Alliance, Ohio): I knew I shouldn't have had that last bunch of fermented berries.

    Jim Harrison (College Station, Texas): Doris, the grandbaby got caught in the swing set again!!

    Craig Huxta (Monument, Colo.): Moose on a noose

    Bill (Chicopee, Mass.): This is not as fun as it was when I was younger.