Best Montana camping is in … Wyoming?

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Where you can find Montana's best camping? In Wyoming.


The May cover story of Sunset, a California-based magazine about life in the West, detailed some of the top campgrounds in the West, including six Montana locations. But a map accompanying the article shows five of those six "Montana" sites are actually in Wyoming — three of them in Yellowstone National Park.

Dale Conour, Sunset's deputy editor, said the listing was a mistake and that the Menlo Park, Calif.-based magazine was sending letters to subscribers notifying them of the error. He also said a story planned for the July issue would correctly report Yellowstone's location.

"It'll be clear from that story that we do, in fact, know where the grand park of Yellowstone is located," Conour said. "I'm hoping that will quiet the mob."

About 90 percent of the park is in Wyoming; the park's northern tier is in Montana, with a western sliver falling in Idaho.

"Montana, Idaho and Wyoming — we all claim the park," Betsy Baumgart, Montana's travel director, said while laughing at the magazine's gaffe.