Turkey flies through Indiana library window

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A wild turkey shattered the calm — and a window — at the St. Joseph County Library when it crashed through, toppling books until a custodian captured the disoriented bird.

"I've heard of deer going through houses, but never turkeys going into a library," branch manager Judy Falzon said.

Falzon was preparing to open the library shortly before 9 a.m. Friday when the bird crashed in. She and custodian Irvin Cygirt watched as the animal hopped around, hit stacks of books and flew onto a cabinet.

Cygirt put on leather gloves, caught the bird, took it outside and released it.

"I picked it up and threw it in the air," Cygirt said. "It took off. I was glad to see that; I thought it was a goner."

Tim Cordell, a naturalist at nearby Potato Creek State Park, said the bird might have been looking for females and lost its way.

"Its radar must've been off to be in the city in the first place," Cygirt said.