LIVE! from the duck blind

During the course of duck hunting history, there has been only one time when a duck hunt was shown live on a major television network.

That took place in 1956 during a nine-minute segment on Dave Garroway's "Wide, Wide World."

Most hardcore duck hunters have seen at least one image from that legendary day in the form of a photo that is simply known as the "Claypool's picture."

The Duck Trek will be visiting Claypool's in a couple of days, but before that we are going to revisit the concept of a live duck hunt airing on a major network's Web site.

At 11 a.m. ET on Thursday, Dec. 4, everyone stuck to their desk and within arms reach of a computer can join the ESPN Outdoors crew on a scheduled stop of the Duck Trek. They will be joining them through five streaming cameras located in and around a blind in Mississippi.

The live hunt will begin at mid-morning and last until a limit is put in the blind or the sun sets. Viewers will be able to see and hear every call and every shot. They will also be able to read live blogs sent from the hunters during that hunt to better relay the action shown through the five cameras.

"This is really ground-breaking stuff,'' said Steve Bowman, executive editor of ESPNOutdoors.com. "Live hunts aren't easy, but we've been able to pull this one off, by utilizing the help of some very good friends in the Mississippi Flyway."

The blind is owned by David Melton of Dundee, Miss. Melton has gone through the expense of outfitting this blind with streaming cameras and is in the process of building a Web site, >duckhuntinglive.com.

The site will basically show the duck blind 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing viewers to peek in on hunters or watch ducks flying and feeding all around it.
Melton wants young people and kids from urban environments to be able to see what duck hunting is really like.

The idea stuck with the ESPNOutdoors.com's Duck Trek, and we will be introducing the live duck hunt concept Thursday during this hunt. Once the hunt is over, Melton's site will be showing other hunters and the blind live every day through February.