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Editor's Note: The Wildlife Cameras will be moving off of ESPN as of Jan. 1, 2011, but you can continue watching at here at callingducks.com.

Welcome to the ESPN Outdoors Wildlife Camera

This page highlights the wildlife on a food plot we have planted specifically for our readers to enjoy while sitting at their computers.


Game camera photos

There's nothing like being on a deer stand to relieve the stress of the work week. Now smack dab in the middle of the work week, we're bringing the deer stand to you.

Just like on a hunt, we don't know when deer, turkeys and other wildlife will show up. But like sitting on your stand, morning and evenings are good choices for watching. Even with those peak times, we've seen deer and turkeys visit at all hours of the day and night.

Because the wildlife that appears on this camera is free-range and easily accessible, we can't reveal the location other than to say it's in the center of the country.


C'Mere Deer tutorials

We've taken approximately 3 acres, planted it with BioLogic Clover Plus and BioLogic Full Draw, added a couple of corn feeders, two video cameras with infra-red technology, three motion-sensitive game cameras and sweetened the whole plot with a variety of C'Mere Deer products.

We are providing a continuous stream 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can watch deer, turkey and other wildlife as they go about their day and night in the wild. (Last fall, we have a bear fatten up here almost nightly).

This project does require tweaks, especially after storms knock it out. We will keep you informed of activity through Twitter, so sign up for those because we'll tweet when there's activitiy.

And we are updating the game-camera galleries from this plot to give you an idea of the type of game using them on a regular basis.

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You might also notice yellow ribbons that we set out to honor the U.S. servicemen abroad. We heard from some overseas who said they appreciate receiving a slice of home on their computers.

"We're pretty excited to be able to bring the wildlife to those serving our country overseas," said ESPN Outdoors executive editor Steve Bowman. "The ribbons are just a little way to show we're thinking about them."