Red Hartebeest

Alcelaphus buselaphus caama

Common Name
Cape Hartebeest

Wt. 330-364 lb (150-165 kg); Shoulder Ht. 47"-53" (120-135 cm); Length 79"-93" (200-235 cm). The red hartebeest has a long face and high forehead. The horns are thick, heavily ringed and grow slightly out and back, then up and forward, terminating with a sharp bend backwards. The hartebeest is red or reddish-brown with darker hair on the front of the legs, shoulders, face and back of neck. The upper hindquarters are much lighter. Its forehead is black extending into a dark facial blaze interrupted by a lighter band between the eyes. The female is smaller than the bull and has smaller horns.

The hartebeest is a grazer and able to survive for long periods without surface water available. It inhabits grasslands and dry savanna.


Namibia, southern Angola, Botswana, western Zimbabwe, and has been reintroduced in South Africa.

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