Bass Fishing Home Page make their Classic Picks

Who will win the Classic according to the Bass Fishing Home Page?

In the Internet world chat boards are huge and there's no bigger in the bass-fishing chat world than the Bass Fishing Home Page.

These guys live and breathe bass so much they spend almost every waking hour discussing (some might say arguing) the finer points of everything that make up the sport. They have some interesting insight as well. ESPNOutdoors.com polled a sample of some of the mainstays of that site to get their take on who will win the Classic.

Connie Kilpatrick- Yantis, Texas, Screen name: "conniek"

"Aaron Martens - He is good at fishing finesse baits and to win the Classic, finesse fishing will be the ticket."

Gary Harlan, Tishomingo, Miss., Screen name "Gary Harlan"

"Tommy Biffle: Tommy has had a good year and I think a combination of his experience, mental, physical toughness and the fact that he has fished really good this year will carry him through. Tommy has had some success on Lay Lake. If he has figured out how to catch them when the current isn't running, the others better look out. I believe Tommy is willing to get three or four good bites a day. The way the weather is setting up the fishing should get better for him each day.
"Watch out for: Steve Kennedy, although he is the 'rookie' of the year, but this guy is no rookie and he's peaking at the right time.
"Outside pick: Boyd Duckett, he has a great deal of knowledge about the lake."

Kimberlee Striker, Cullman, Ala., Screen name "The Fishing Diva"

"Gerald Swindle: G-man has not won a BASS event and he is definitely hungry for it. He has experience on Lay Lake and if he can keep his head on straight, he can keep that Classic trophy at home in Alabama. He also knows how to catch those spotted bass!"

Jeff Hahn, Alliance, Ohio, Screen name "Jeff Hahn"

"Personally, I would love see Rick Clunn win number 5. But, as an absolute favorite I would have to select Aaron Martens. Not only is he "due," but he's a master at fishing for deep, finicky bass. Since the 2007 Classic is the first truly winter Classic, Martens would be a favorite even if he still lived in California. His move to Alabama a few years ago and his wealth of experience in finesse fishing for deep bass on the Coosa River chain makes him an overwhelming favorite, in my estimation. In short, the Classic conditions and location are both playing to his strengths. I expect to finally see Aaron Martens hoisting the Classic trophy over his head!

Dave Krantz, Albany, Ga., Screen name "Beartrap"

"Steve Kennedy, his Dad taught him how to catch inactive wintertime fish years ago on Lake Martin. He will have a limit of spots every day and just enough largemouth to win. My dark horse, Boyd Duckett, best fisherman you never heard of, knows how to catch a fish in Alabama.

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