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One more note.

If we have this right today, VanDam's winning tournament is going to look pretty similar to Boyd Duckett's in 2007.

Big day, bad day, big day.

Here's the side by side:


It would be easy to assume that KVD has this sewed up. But once again, we have to remind you that the weights on the BASSTrakk are just estimates, and there could be a wild swing in weights.

There most certainly was on Day One.

We'd like to think our system was pretty close. But we would also like to think that Kriet and Faircloth had some last-minute magic as well.

You never know until the fish hit the scales, which will be in about an hour or so.

But at this time, we see the top five as being:

KVD 49-0
Russ Lane 45-7
Jeff Kriet 42-9
Faircloth 40-14
Iaconelli 35-12

Again, those are unofficial. If they wind up exactly in the order with those weights I owe each of you a cold Bud Light.

I appreciate all of you checking in and watching this blog.

I hope you stayed tuned all week while we broke down how this event played out and hopefully revealed all the little secrets some of these anglers held back.


The dragon may have just spewed the biggest ball of fire. We noticed that someone mentioned KVD sealing the deal earlier.

They were right on. He's boated a 4 1/2-pounder and kicked out a 1-8. That puts him around 49 pounds.


It remains quiet in the top 5, but there has been quite a bit of catching going on down the standings.

At 2:48 p.m., we showed you the hourly catch rates.

It took about 15 minutes to type that, send it and then publish it. At the time we had two fish for the 2:30 to 3:30 hour.

Since that was published there were 18 more keepers caught in that period. Those 20 only weighed around 29 pounds total and they were scattered around all the anglers.

But the day before there were only 11 caught that hour with double the anglers.

Maybe the last hour will pick up even more for these final 25.


Lane just caught one that was about two pounds and tossed it back. As we mentioned earlier, it's going to be hard for him to upgrade because his bag is so solid right now.


This is the time of day when everyone is wondering — what is really in those livewells?

Is he sandbagging? Big-eyeing?

Is someone trying to draw this out because they want drama?

Not hardly. Go to your next tournament, or remember any one you have ever been in. But go to the next one and ask the anglers as they line up "what do
you have?"

Almost all of them will be wrong. Some of them will guess too heavy, some of them will guess too light. And they've actually held that fish in their hands and been intimate with it.

You can look at a fish and get close. But it's hard to guess with great regularity what every one fish could weigh. As anglers we do that one fish at a time.

We catch a 1-13 and in our minds we have a 2-pounder. Because we go in increments of 1, then 1 1/2, then 2, then 2 1/2. We don't say I caught a 1 pound, 13 ouncer.

Add that five times and you say "that's 10 pounds." Take away that extra 3 ounces five times and it's actually 9 pounds, 1 ounce.

That's why this whole thing is so compelling. All of those weights are guesses and if they are just 3 ounces shy on every fish they are off by a pound.

When you start adding 3-pound plus fish to the mix it can be more like 8 ounces. Multiply that by five and you have a disparity of 2 1/2 pounds.

A shift by 2 1/2 either way on the top three or four anglers and all of the sudden things get real exciting.

But that's why we have weigh-ins.


After running south all the way to the dam, Lane is now back to the same area where he started his rally, and he is jumping from mat to mat. Larry Towell, our photographer following Lane, said it "looks like he's officially hit the panic button."

It will be interesting to see how long he stays and flips or if he retreats back to Beeswax where he caught his first 14 pounds today.


Fisherman are always fond of looking at sonar tables to find the peak times. Here is the fish catch interval report according to BASSTrakk for the entire field today.

7:00 - 7:30: 5 fish caught, 11 pounds, 4 ounces
7:30 - 8:30: 30, 41-12
8:30 - 9:30: 25, 47-13
9:30 - 10:30: 16, 30-7
10:30 - 11:30: 16, 34-13
11:30 - 12:30: 17, 36-12
12:30 - 1:30: 11, 18-13
1:30 - 2:30: 2, 2-8

Here is what the final two hours looked like yesterday with 51 anglers:

1:30 - 2:30: 11, 20-3
2:30 - 3:15: 14, 25-13


To the comments below:

The wind appears to be blowing less than 10 miles per hour from where we sit. Just enough to put a good ripple on the water and move some things around, while not playing fits with boat control.

As for KVD sandbagging. He's not the cat punching in the numbers. That comes from the Marshal that is sitting nearby, but not in his hip pocket. As we mentioned earlier he could be wrong.

He could be big-eyeing the fish or underestimating them. So these numbers are not dead on.

I'm glad they weren't yesterday for certain, since I promised everyone a Bud Light if they were.


Kriet just added a little bump to his total. He's now at 10-8, just 4-6 off KVD's total.

That makes that 5-pound fish, if it shows up, a real game-changer.


I'm not trying to dash anyone's hopes, but this has basically boiled down to five anglers. Really just four, but I don't trust Iaconelli. That dude can get freaky at times and really change things up.

According to our numbers VanDam has the lead by a pound over Lane, 5 pounds over Kriet, 7 pounds over Faircloth and 11 pounds over Ike.

Ike still only has four. The rest have a limit.

— Lane has a very solid sack of fish and needs a 4- to 5-pounder to give him the edge. That's very possible.

— Kriet may have more than what we think. But it can't be that much more. So he still needs a 5-pound or better keeper. He's lamented all week that the big fish hasn't show up for him. But he predicted early in the week Joe Namath-style that he would "jack" a big fish before the week was out.

If he catches one, you couldn't write a better script.

— Faircloth's limit is scattered with 1- to 2-pound class fish. A couple of 3-pounders with one in the 5-pound range and he has a beautiful script.

— Then there's Ike. He has one to give and one dink. Two 5-pounders and he's in the mix or three 3-pound and slightly better fish and he's right there.

All of those things are what these guys are dreaming about right now.

But here's their nightmare:

KVD's limit is three 4-pound class fish and two dinks. He catches a 2-pounder and you add a pound to their needs. Make more than one 2, or a single 3 and he starts edging out in front.

With 1 hour and 30 minutes remaining, any and all of that could take place.


Overstreet reports that he just talked with Kriet.

Kriet thinks he may have more weight than he originally thought.

He added, "I'm doing this thing in baby steps. I'm fixing to jack me a big fish and win this thing. I'm loving this wind."

The wind is blowing parallel to his bank, with the sun things are warming up. The water temp has moved to 50 or more, that's 7 degrees warmer than on Wednesday's practice day.

Kriet is throwing a lipless crankbait, don't know what brand, but one is red and another is chrome.

He's working the outside edge of the grass, then moves up and goes back through with the bait in the middle of the grass.



Jeff Freeman's 6-pounder is still there, even though I haven't heard back if it was actually a giant.

What has changed, though, is his overall total. He now is credited with 14-8, dropping him to seventh place behind Brent Chapman and above Matt Herren.

Either way, Freeman is showing out.

As I typed that, the confirmation came in that he indeed has a 6-pound class fish.

That tells us there are definitely that class of fish in the area that Kriet, VanDam and Faircloth are in.

Lots of things could still happen.


James Overstreet just sent in a bunch of great shots from on the water. Check them out on the photo galleries page.


Larry Towell reports that the bite has really slowed for Russ Lane. It's been two hours since he caught his last keeper.

Evidently, that's some pretty boring viewing. Lane is starting to lose his entourage. Evidently, a lot of those guys who were watching have no idea how close Lane is to winning this event.


In almost every Classic since Dr. South in 1984, there has been a Federation Nation angler who has showed up to this event and made a party out of it.

This year that is Jeff Freeman. BASSTrakk just recorded him as catching a 6-pounder, which gives him about 18-7 for the day and puts him in fifth place right behind Faircloth.

We're verifying that catch, and we have our fingers crossed that it holds to that.

Go Freeman Go.

An interesting part of that catch is that Freeman is in Beeswax, in between VanDam and Kriet. He's fishing his own water and from what I understand dragging a drop shot.

Marty Stone told us yesterday that he thinks Kriet and Faircloth might be picking off fish that were moving into VanDam's area. Or it could be vice-versa.

Freeman in the middle may have just picked off a giant from all those guys.


Anglers are due back at either 4 p.m., or 4:15 p.m. ET.

That means there is just a couple of hours left for the heroics to begin.

KVD is in the best position, because he can almost see the ramp. Same for Faircloth and Kriet. Lane, though, will have to manage the clock.


The fishing is definitely picking up for Faircloth and Kriet.

Faircloth has finished his limit. He now has close to 7 pounds. And Kriet is culling. He's moved up to 9-8.

They are both behind, but catching and culling makes it easier.

Kriet said, "It's OK to take baby steps right?"

Any step is good right now. Kriet and Faircloth are both missing the big fish of the top four.

One five by Kriet and a couple fours from Faircloth and this becomes a four-horse deal. For the most part, everyone else would have to have some unreal heroics.

Iaconelli has three, but even two 5 pounders wouldn't get him but within a couple of pounds of VanDam. Of course that's still possible. Something we would talk about for years if it happened.


Kriet has finished his limit according to BASSTrakk. He has about 9 pounds, with three of those in the 1- to 1 1/2-pound range.

He's about five pounds behind VanDam. But the catching may be picking up in his and Faircloth's area. Faircloth just added a peanut to his well and has almost 6 pounds, which puts him about 9 pounds behind.

Both have to start adding those better fish to the mix if this thing is going to get super interesting.



Russ Lane is back at the mat where he caught his 6 pounder and is working it over. We'll let you know if something happens.


Reports are coming in about moves being made around the creek.

Kriet left his bank and took his entourage with him. While he was gone, Faircloth, who had left, returned to the creek. He still has two fish and needs to finish his limit. He thinks he has 4 pounds, BASSTrakk has him at almost 3. (see blog below on estimates)

Iaconelli has left the creek. And Kriet didn't stay gone long. Now he's back.

According to reports the wind has picked up. That could create some interesting things, especially on the lake where Russ Lane and a few others are plying about looking for big fish.


It bears reminding that these weights are guesses made by Marshals, who are either in the boat or nearby and keying in that information.

They never hit them perfectly but they do get fairly close. The way it is now, it's too close to really call between Russ Lane and VanDam. It could be within ounces or several pounds.

I've never met a soul who could accurately guess weights of fish. The only way to know for certain is to weigh them. Ever since Jim Bitter let one jump out of his hands in 1989, there's no way these guys aren't going to get that sucker in the well as quickly as possible, so that is out of the question.

Not to mention the time they would lose doing it.

The point is we know we have a close race going on right now. How close will only be revealed when they hit the scales.

Those two are going back and forth and we still have Faircloth, Kriet, Chapman, Herren and Ike who are just one or two really good bites away from adding to the drama.

Chapman is the only one of those with a limit. Two big fish by any one of those or even all of them and Katy bar the door.


While Lane is still running from grass mat to grass mat with a jig. We've learned he actually caught the 6-pounder on a spinnerbait, ticked across the top of the grass.

Then we get a message that KVD just landed a 10-pounder. Our hearts stopped a moment. Then the punchline: He caught a 10-pound catfish.

It took him several minutes to land it and then several more to get it unhooked and back in the water. I'm sure he didn't want to lose his Red-Eye Shad to a whiskered monster.


While VanDam just keeps milking his area, Russ Lane is running and gunning from grass mat to grass mat on down the lake.

Word is he is swimming a jig and either punching or dragging a soft-plastic craw.

I'm sure he feels pretty good. One more big bite could really change things.

While he's doing that, VanDam is sticking to his Red-Eye Shad in his area focusing on a couple of key spots.

In 2007, he fished here and almost won. But the lake underwent a significant drop in water levels that year. It may be dropping now, but a slow fall could actually help what he's doing.

While they are battling, one of our Federation Nation guys is starting to catch a few. He's not far from KVD, but he's caught two keepers recently, one a 3-pounder on a drop-shot.

We have him with a limit totaling 13-7 and 31-12 overall, good for eighth place.


Someone mentioned Jack Wade below and who may have fished Norris Lake.

I know these guys pretty well, but I can't answer who has been there. I haven't for any tourneys.

I will say that Jack Wade was one of the nicest guys on the tour. Big dude that looked like Grizzley Adams and if I remember right he lead after Day One in 1999 in New Orleans.

I miss Jack.


KVD is turning up his own brand of heat.

He's just caught a 4-pounder and as retaken the lead.

He has 15-0 for the day and 46-15 overall, which edges him past Russ Lane.

Right now KVD has three 4-pounders and a couple in the 1 1/2-pound range.

That leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Lane has a 6, two 4s, two in the 3-pound range.

That will be harder to improve but there's still room to add to it.


Russ Lane has added a 3-pounder to his mix, bringing to 19-12 and 45-7 overall.

That's almost 2 pounds over VanDam. Robbins just reported that while they were watching Jeff Freeman (3 fish, 9-11 and 28-0 overall) they could hear wild cheering from VanDam's armada.

There hasn't been any upgrades on his weight, but he is still catching fish.

It is starting to look like we're getting into that battle of who has the biggest fish will win. At the moment, that's Lane and he keeps turning up the pressure.

Kriet and Faircloth are still stuck on two and three fish respectively.


Here are the latest unofficial numbers from the water.

Shaw Grigsby is the only boater without BASSTrakk enabled.


Lane is working a bank down the lake, staying hugged to shore, which leads us to believe that he's thumping grass beds.

Niggemeyer is near there, but is fishing what appears to be a hump a few hundred yards away.

All that information comes from the trakk. As soon as we get some verification on that, we'll let you know.

VanDam is staying in his area of Beeswax. According to our reporters it looks like a "circus" under the bridge near where he is fishing.


Russ Lane came into this tournament as relaxed as he's ever entered a tournament, despite being a home-lake favorite.

The last time that happened, in 2007, he didn't do so hot, barely making the cut and finishing 24th.

Everyone talks about Lane as knowing this lake better than anyone, but he said that's not really the case. With maps and GPS and the fact that BASS was here three years ago, Lane said there was nothing he knew that most the guys in this field didn't know.

But here we are midway through the last day and while everyone else is sitting in Beeswax sharing fish, he leaves with a nice limit, sits on a new spot and catches a 6-pounder. Everyone may know the lake as well Lane in terms of a map, but not in terms of confidence in certain spots, which may be showing up today and may decide the Classic.


BASSTrakk has updated. VanDam finally has a limit of about 11-12, giving him 43-11 but still behind Russ Lane by almost a pound.

Russ Lane, Bobby Lane, VanDam, Martin-Wells and Crochet are the only anglers with limits at the moment.


Pam-Martin Wells has finished out her third straight limit. Today's bag weighs 6 pounds, 2 ounces.

We mentioned it in last night's story, but it bears repeating. In a tournament where Denny Brauer didn't catch a bass and Skeet Reese caught three, Martin-Wells will probably finish with six limits worth of bass.

She was one of 17 to have limits on both the first two days , and she's one of 6 to fill out her limit thus far today.


Russ Lane may have made that adjustment we were talking about earlier.

BASSTrakk just reported a 6-pounder, which brings his total up from 15 pounds to 18-12. That gives him 44-7 overall and the unofficial lead at the moment.

Lane keeps that up and we're not sure Beeswax Creek can hold up for the others.


We didn't get to talk to Jason Quinn this morning. But we've just learned that he is dealing with food poisoning. He was up all night hugging the porcelain.

He's still out there today, casting away and probably feeling pretty terrible at the moment.

We still have him as the only angler with a zero. If he catches one, he may have won the biggest victory of all of the final anglers.


Kriet just added a 1-8 to his total, giving him 6-8, possibly more.

That is three in the well and edges him closer to KVD by less that 4 pounds.

Two 2-pound keepers and they are neck and neck.

KVD has 42-3, Kriet is sitting on 38-9, Russ Lane is between them at 40-7 and Faircloth is fourth with 34-10.

Faircloth still has only two keepers.

Iaconelli is in fifth place with three fish for 6-pounds and 32-12 overall.


All of our anglers on the final day have scored a catch, except Jason Quinn and he's out of service.

Matt Herren who was out of sight a few minutes ago, now has three for about 8-9 and moved up to sixth place with 31-15. He's still way behind, but there's plenty of time for him to be a hero on my fantasy team.

Biffle is still stuck on one. Niggemeyer has one and Swindle has three for about 3 pounds and a 20-9 standing.

We'll have a quick look at the 25 shortly.


You want to get a good idea of how much these guys respect each other?

Todd Faircloth and Brent Chapman have been sharing water in Beeswax Creek all week. Chapman has been having a good morning. He has a limit. Meanwhile Faircloth only has two.

According to Robbins, Chapman just idled over to Faircloth and handed him a bait, assumedly the one or one like he's been using.

Faircloth is tying that bait on.

Chapman is a great guy, always has been. But he may be ready to see some with a shot at slaying the dragon succeed.


Kriet may have made the right decision or adjustment with his baits.

Robbins reports that moments after Chris Lane, our angler reporter on the water, commented that "Kriet doesn't look like he had the tenacity he had earlier," Kriet hooks up with a good fish.

Lane and Robbins estimated the fish to be about 4 pounds. That gives him two and BASSTrakk gives him about 5 pounds total.

Overall he's sitting at 37-1, about 5 pounds behind KVD.

But that may be the fish of the tournament. If Kriet wins this, remember back to that moment when he almost left and didn't.

You have to think that at this moment, he feels 10 foot tall and bullet proof and ready to slay the dragon.


If you haven't seen our analysis from Chris Lane (today and Friday) and Marty Stone (Saturday) on BASSCam, you should.

It's a rare look into the mind of an Elite Series angler, breaking down the decision of some of their peers. They are sitting in Beeswax with a good view of all the lead dogs: VanDam, Kriet, Faircloth and Iaconelli.

It's about as close as you can get to being inside KVD's head on the final day of a Classic. Plus you get to hear Marty Stone say things like "KVD lives in Jeff Kriet's head rent free."


Kriet's dragons may have started to affect him. Robbins reports that Kriet sat down in his boat for more than 10 minutes doing nothing but working on tackle.

He got up appeared to make a move like he was leaving the stretch of bank he has been camping on for the last two days and then thought better of it.

He's still there. But those actions alone make you feel like he is definitely talking to himself.

In 22 straight Classics I've watched, the majority of those have been won by someone who made an adjustment on the final day. That hasn't proven to be true yet, but a lot of these anglers are aware of that fact.

Kriet may be ready to make that or decided to go down swinging on the dance floor he's been on every day this week.


After the initial flurry of early morning catches, things have slowed some.

We still are split on whether or not KVD has his limit. Too many conflicting reports. But BASSTrakk has him with four, so we're going with that for now.

The only other limits are from:

Russ Lane, who has been verified to have almost 15 pounds.

Brent Chapman, who has been fishing within sight of KVD and his armada all morning. He has 10-8 and 31-10 overall.

Of the 25 anglers, all have fish but five. They are Herren, Niggemeyer, Pace and Swindle.

The first three are so far off the grid that their icon shows up black on the tracker, which means they are out of our sight.

They could have fish in the well, but until they get back in service we won't know.


Want to see the latest images from the action on the water? See shots from the Day Three launch and on the water with KVD on the
photo galleries page


When you sit down and look at this race from a historical standpoint it gets a little more interesting.

For the last two days, it's been primarily a three-horse race between KVD, Kriet and Faircloth.

The latter two have some interesting history with KVD.

We can remember back just two seasons ago when Faircloth and KVD battled it out for the Toyota Tundra AOY. KVD won that.

Faircloth, who is very reserved and quiet, has been living with that ever since. It's something that continually haunts him.

You have to look back a few years to remember the Grand Lake event where Kriet and KVD battled on that one. KVD won that, and like Faircloth it has haunted him.

Both of those anglers have dreamed of an opportunity for redemption. KVD is their dragon, and like so many anglers out here, they must slay that dragon to get any rest at all.

You can't stay active on the Elite Series and in the Classic if you aren't up for that task.

KVD is KVD. He's the dragon that spits the most fire, but you can bet these two are laying everything on the line today to get that redemption.

It may not work out, but as Kriet and Faircloth fight their demons today we are almost assured of seeing some excellent fishing and competition.

They may or may not get the job done, but their hearts and souls are into this day like no other.


Russ Lane is not only making a move on the leaderboard, but on the water as well.

Lane has spent a good portion of every day in Beeswax Creek, but he's left now and headed down the lake. We currently have him around the Dogwood Point area.

Purely a guess, since I don't know that area, but I would think he's looking for one of those Boyd Duckett-style 6-pounders in a grass bed down there.

Everyone else is staying pretty close to home.

Meanwhile, Kriet and Ike are just about 75 yards from each other. According to Robbins, Ike just caught one.

Again, we have to wonder the impact that might have on Kriet.

Ike's fish has yet to show on the BASSTrakk.


Few flippers made this final day. But there are those who believe that the flipping bite could still turn on.

The sun is shining and it appears that the conditions are lining up for something like that to happen.

The water temp is at 49.4 this morning and creeping up toward 50.

That said, and even though VanDam has made a strong statement this morning, there is plenty of time for guys like Biffle to eek out five big ones and really shake things up.

As the day progresses it will be interesting to watch how Russ Lane, Herren and Biffle might start making a move. Lane has obviously started down that path with the heaviest sack of the day so far.


Russ Lane has finished his limit. We have them weighing in around 14-12.

That limit includes a 4, and a couple of 3-pounders and puts him a few pounds shy of VanDam's estimated total.

Right now we have (unofficially):

1. KVD 42-3
2. Russ Lane 40-7
3. Faircloth 34-10
4. Kriet 34-10
5. Iaconelli 34-1
6. Takahiro 28-11
7. Chapman 27-10
8. Biffle 26-1
9. Bobby Lane 25-5
10. Cliff Crochet 25-2


Hammer below asks why someone would intrude on KVD in the middle of the biggest event of the year.

I don't have an answer for that. I can only guess that they either don't care or they don't believe they are having an impact.

I know it's hard for me to be on the water and not have a rod in my hand. And I can't assume right away that they are bass fishing.

While you and I wouldn't do that, we still have to remember that the lake belongs to everyone in Alabama and we are just borrowing it. Those folks have the right to be out there doing whatever is legal.

It may not sit well with some of us, but that's the way it is. We can only hope they won't have an impact.

For some anglers that would get way under their skin and have more of a mental impact than anything else. But this is KVD.

There is actually a chance, by doing that he turns it up a notch, if there is a notch left in him to turn up.


KVD just finished his limit, catching two pretty quick. His fourth fish registered as a 4-pounder. His fifth fish was reported by Robbins. He should have about 12 pounds, once that fifth fish registers. Maybe more, maybe less.

Either way, it's obvious KVD came to play this morning and isn't letting the spectators and those who may be fishing around him bother him.

His limit gives him an almost 10-pound margin on Faircloth.

We will have an update soon on weights and standings.


Of the final 25 anglers in the field, only Biffle, Herren, Omori, Quinn and Pace are fishing on the main lake or main river.

All the others are tucked back into creek arms spreading out on both sides.

James Niggemeyer is so far off the lake that his track looks like he's on the highway. In reality he is way up a small creek in the upper lake that doesn't show up on the map until you zoom way in. On our map, the name doesn't even show up.


While there is a good portion of the anglers packed into Beeswax Creek, the rest of the anglers are spread from one end of Lay Lake to the other.

Cliff Pace is on the lower end near the dam, and Tommy Biffle is all the way at the dam on the upper end.

Most of the anglers are from Beeswax and up, but Jason Quinn seems to have the lower lake between Beeswax and Cliff Pace to himself.


Catches so far this morning shape up like this.

Cliff Crochet has four (5-2)
KVD has three (6-4)
Chapman has three (6-8)
Bobby Lane has three (3-12)
Faircloth has two (2-12)
Iaconelli has two (3-0)
Pam Martin-Wells has three (2-8)
Kriet has one (2-0)
Russ Lane has one (2-0)
Biffle has one (1-8)
Omori has one (1-6)
McCaghren has one (1-1)

The rest have yet to catch a keeper.

And by the time this gets published on the site, I'm sure it will have changed.


Want to watch some great matchups from past Bassmaster Classics? Check out video clips from 1989, 2004 and 2005 and 2007, 2008 and 2009.


Comment from below mentions that KVD has a limit. Truth is, he has three. We expect him to get a limit soon.

The guy running the camera in his boat has verified three keepers. Our BASSTrakk Marshal has those three weighing about 6-4, but the cameraman thinks it could be closer to 7 pounds.

According to Robbins, there are three locals who decided to share the area with KVD this morning. They are fishing within 150 yards of him.

We have to remember it is everyone's lake. We hope it doesn't impact the event.


It doesn't take long for a 4-pounder to change the landscape in a fishing tournament.

Currently we have KVD in the lead with 35-15.

Faircloth has two for 2-12 and is in second with 34-10.

Kriet has a 2-pounder and 34-1 overall.

There is quite a bit of catching going on through the rest of the field, or for half the field anyway.

Cliff Crochet is wacking them again. He has four that total 5-02 and brings him up to 25-02.

Bobby Lane has three for 3-13 and 24-02. The rest of the gang has one or two.


I typed too soon about no catches from other parts of Lay Lake. Not long after the last blog entry, Bobby Lane and Cliff Crochet boated a flurry of fish and they each have three small keepers.

Crochet, a Classic rookie, caught the most fish Saturday and has an area all to himself in the back of a creek. He may not have a shot to win, but he has been able to put together a great showing in his first Classic.

Takahiro Omori also posted his first keeper with a 1-pound, 6-ounce bass. He and Matt Herren are the anglers fishing way up the river. Yesterday, Herren had a great day while Tak struggled. Getting on the board early will do wonders for final day confidence. Herren on the other hand, has been off the grid and we don't know what he has done thus far.

Pam Martin-Wells is also on the board with one small keeper that weighs 1 pound, 4 ounces. She had the first limit yesterday and is on her way to another good bag. Those PMW fans should check out a great story on her from yesterday.


Our roving reporter, Pete Robbins is swapping back and forth between KVD and Kriet.

He just pulled up to KVD and the crowd was going crazy. He thought maybe there is another big fish heading to the boat. After all he's already up with a 4-pound fish.

Robbins wasn't wrong. KVD had another big fish on. This one, though, was a pickerel.

Interesting what a crowd of Alabama fishing fans will go crazy about.


All that yelling from the Iaconelli camp apparently was over a 1-pound, 12-ounce keeper. As we've talked about BASSTrakk weights are unofficial, but it's not surprising to me that when Ike yells, he catches a 2-pounder and when KVD's crowd yells, he just caught a 4-pounder.

Interestingly, the only fish catch information we are hearing about is coming from Beeswax. Russ Lane, Brent Chapman, Ike, KVD and Faircloth are all on the board from that area.


Pete Robbins just reported that all the screaming and hollering that was taking place around VanDam centered on a 5-pounder.

We can't verify that at the moment, but KVD might be starting out strong.


Right after take-off, everyone went their own way. Even with the crowded conditions, it was not a crazy take-off. Kevin VanDam went to the back of Beeswax as he has all week, Brent Chapman is back in the same general area and Kriet went the other way.

Interestingly, most spectator boats are on VanDam, even though Kriet is leading. Less than 10 boats are following Kriet.

Pete Robbins, who is on Jeff Kriet, heard cheering from Ike's armada. It looks like he caught one, but that's unverified information at this moment. Who knows? That crazy sucker might have done some break dancing on the back of his boat.

VanDam each morning has been taking off, going through the crowd and fishing under the bridge at Beeswax Creek. There are about 50 boats following him today sitting under the bridge and on the other side, which is where Chapman is fishing. That means Chapman has to deal with as many spectators as KVD.

This just in, Kriet lost a fish halfway to the boat and it he said it was a good one.

Shortly after, there was a lot of screaming from the VanDam area, so he probably caught a fish. With Iaconelli screaming a few minutes before and then KVD, we have to wonder if that is playing into Kriet's head, especially after losing a good fish.


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