Fantasy 'Experts' League: Battle on the Border

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Lone Star Shootout
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It was really just a matter of time. He had the consensus best team after the original draft — and he's the only one the four owners that hasn't dropped or added anybody. All three of the others drafted for Florida, went up big, and now they're paying the price.

Jerry McKinnis — that's right — the Jerry McKinnis, formerly known for his show, "The Fishing Hole," and recently known as bottom dweller of Expert Fantasy League, just got nasty on everybody in the Lone Star Shootout.

He went from fourth (last) — 255 points behind the leader — to first — 163 points in front of second place. Here are the scores after Falcon:

Overall after three tournaments:
McKinnis: 3021
Overstreet: 2858
Zona: 2746
Sanders: 2567

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I'm not sure how anyone is going to find the guys to slow McKinnis down. He has the most ridiculous Fantasy Fishing steal of all time: Mark Davis. And two other top-5 ridiculously-priced anglers, Boyd Duckett (8.5) and Steve Kennedy (11.6).

[Editor's note: I'm not necessarily trying to call anybody out here, but if you don't have Mark Davis on your Fantasy fishing team, you aren't actually interested in winning.]

With his current team and where they are ranked in points, McKinnis can throw together any one of these sets of teams:

Mark Davis
Steve Kennedy
Michael Iaconelli
Gary Klein
Casey Ashley

Mark Davis
Casey Ashley
Boyd Duckett
Kelly Jordon
Steve Kennedy

On To Amistad

Changes are finally starting to come in and with change come controversy. About 30 minutes after I posted that there had been no changes yesterday, I received a call from Zona.

After about 10 minutes of talking about nothing in an accent no one could understand, he got to the point: drop Brian "The Snake" Clark and add Byron Velvick.

Simple enough, right? A couple hours after that, this email came in from Overstreet:

Begin email

In an effort to get back my lead, I'm making one change from Falcon.

ADD - Byron Velvick
Drop - Jay Fuller

Thundersticks roster looks like this:

Edwin Evers
Ish Monroe
Jeff Kriet
Bobby Lane
Byron Velvick

End email

Trouble began to brew. Zona emailed Overstreet, basically saying, "Too late bro," and Overstreet responded with much anger.

Here are a few of the highlights of the email titled "Mr. Commish":

"I feel at this time I have to file my first complaint of the Fantasy Bass season."

"I know there has been a history of questionable behavior in the past, and I had hoped that had passed…but apparently NOT. I'm sure there were hopes, that by adding me to the mix this year, I could help steer this thing to a more higher moral standard. We are only three tournaments deep into a long season, and already the heathens are once again trying to take over the prison."

"In my opinion, a roster change should not be allowed UNLESS all participants are notified. I got your updates, I read the current roster changes from the provided link. Obviously Zona received the email of my roster change or he wouldn't be sending me emails, crowing like a Key West rooster, drunk on rum and margaritas."

"If you will notice, my roster change was emailed to all the combatants that have an email addy. I feel this is the PROPER way to do this thing, or how do we all know who might be available. Hell! I don't even know who Zona dropped in the grease to pick up Velvick!"

"Frankly, I think if there is a grey area, I should get the benefit of the doubt, since I was on the road today, while Zona had nothing to do but sit around and ponder his current Fantasy Bass woes, and scratch his big ole donkey head."

The Commissioner's Ruling:

Begin email

This is your commissioner speaking,

When faced with the question from Mark Zona — who, coincidentally, would be most likely to abuse the system — about how the waiver wire process was going to work (he asked me this during the first tournament of the year), I went with the easiest solution (because I am lazy): The first person to ask, gets.

Now, it would be common courtesy to let everyone in the group know the changes, but Zona is neither common nor courteous. So as much as it pains me, I rule in favor of Mr. Woodcock.

Thanks for your time,


End email

And Overstreet's last gasp:

Begin email

'Bout what I figured…bunch of hayseeds. However, my plan has worked to perfection. Zona will suffer the consequences, and that suits me fine.

I'll let you know about my final team in the next few hours. AFTER I call a few fellas on the lake and get back from the ramp.


End email

So, after it was all said and done, here are the changes for all the teams:

Drop: Brian "The Snake" Clark
Add: Byron Velvick

Drop: Stephen Browning
Add: Jason Williamson

So for now, here are their teams going into to Lake Amistad, which people forget 24 months ago was touted as the best fishery in the nation by these guys. These should change quite a bit as the day goes on:

Mike McClelland
Kevin Short
Jeff Kriet
Fred Roumbanis
Bobby Lane

Alton Jones
Jason Williamson
Scott Campbell
Pete Ponds
Aaron Martens

Byron Velvick
James Niggemeyer
Derek Remitz
Dean Rojazz
Kevin VanDamanstein

Mark Davis
Steve Kennedy
Michael Iaconelli
Gary Klein
Casey Ashley

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