Fantasy 'Experts' League: Bluegrass Brawl

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Sunshine Showdown
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Pride of Georgia

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Well, it finally happened and as expected, Mark Zona, in the words of James Overstreet, is "flapping his big ol' gums."

Zona made a huge move in the Southern Challenge, and he's less than 100 points behind the leader, Overstreet.

Overall scores after six tournaments:

Overstreet: 6,681
McKinnis: 6,558
Zona: 6,608
Sanders: 5,858

(Click here for a breakdown of their scores.)

No other owner scored over 800 points and Zona had almost 1200. Before he even knew the score, he called me and let me know how he felt.

"It feels just like it felt that last two years," he said. "Except this time, I'm clean. I'm like a homerun hitter off steroids and I'm still hitting home runs."

Clean might be a relative term, but he does get his team in before the guys are done practicing — and he did make a big move this week. I had to remind him he's in second. He didn't really listen.

"My boat just landed on Happy Island," he added. "And I hate to even say it, but my team is poised to make a brutal run."

Speaking of brutal ... did somebody say Tommy Sanders?

He's 700 points behind third place. If nobody even entered a team this week, everybody took zeros and Sanders matched his best tournament of the year, he still wouldn't be leading. Yikes.

So with a hope and a prayer that Zona goes Hindenburg, here were the moves and rosters for Kentucky Lake:

Drop: Timmy Horton
Add:Matt Sphar

Drop: Glenn Delong
Add: Bryan Hudgins

Drop: Fred Roumbanis
Add: Mark Menendez

Drop: Davy Hite
Add: Grant Goldbeck

(Click here to look at the full 10-man rosters for each owner.)

Here are their rosters. Zona had this to say about his lineup this week: "That almost makes me nauseated, it's so good."

Edwin Evers
Grant Goldbeck
Mark Menendez
Jeff Kriet
Bobby Lane

Kevin VanDam
Kevin Wirth
Morizo Shimizu
Byron Velvick
Bryan Hudgins

Mark Davis
Steve Kennedy
Michael Iaconelli
Gary Klein
Casey Ashley

Todd Faircloth
Cliff Pace
Scott Campbell
Mike Wurm
Jimmy Mize