Fantasy Draft, Part Deux: Citrus Slam

Archive: Sunshine Showdown

One installment of the 11 Elite Series tournaments is in the books and this panel of Fantasy Fishing "experts" isn't off to a great start.

Of the 20 anglers picked between them, only three were in the top 10 — Bobby Lane — 3rd(James Overstreet), Steve Kennedy — 6th (Jerry McKinnis), and Todd Faircloth — 8th (Tommy Sanders).

Notice the only owner not to have an angler finish in the top 10 is the one Mark Zona ESPN Outdoors 2006 and '07 Fantasy Fishing Champion of the World. You'd expect more from the champion of the world — or at least this commish would.

But then again, he is leading …

Here's where they stand after one week:

Sunshine Showdown Resutls:
Kevin VanDam 213
Peter Thliveros 119
Bryan Hudgins 232
Glenn Delong 197
Bernie Schultz 160
Total: 921


Edwin Evers 155
Scott Rook 191
Jeff Kriet 112
Ken Cook 144
Bobby Lane 290
Total: 892


Todd Auten 97
Terry Scroggins 151
Stephen Browning 207
Scott Campbell 166
Todd Faircloth 268
Total: 889

Mark Davis 251
Steve Kennedy 276
Michael Iaconelli 123
Kelly Jordon 68
Dustin Wilks 99
Total: 817

And as promised, MZE'06'07FFCW started dumping his team right away. Here are his moves since he took the lead:

Drop — Bernie Schultz
Add — Gerald Swindle

Drop — Preston Clark
Add — Derek Remitz

Drop — Ken Cook
Add — Preston Clark

Notice Overstreet pounced on Clark after he heard Zona put him on the wire:

"Wow, Zona might have picked a bad time to drop Preston Clark!" he said. "I am hearing some about quite a few fish on the beds in Toho, and we all know Preston almost won the Classic three years ago, sight fishing on Toho.

"I'm going to pick him up and drive a nail in Zona's foot by adding to my team this week. I will be dropping Ken Cook to make room for Preston Clark … and Zona will squeal like a hawg when Preston makes the cut!"

No other owners have reported any waiver wire action, so as of 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 12, here are the rosters:

C Lane

Clark Rheem
Terry Scroggins
Jared Lintner
Scott Campbell
Todd Faircloth

Scott Rook
Mike McClelland
Fred Roumbanis
Bobby Lane
Preston (the Zona killa) Clark

Mark Davis
Steve Kennedy
Michael Iaconelli
Gary Klein
Casey Ashley