Fantasy 'Experts' League: Southern Challenge

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Overall scores after six tournaments:

Overstreet: 5,883
McKinnis: 5,787
Zona: 5,414
Sanders: 5,153

(Click here for a breakdown of their scores.)

When Tommy Sanders is explaining what happened this week on Wheeler in next Saturday's Bassmaster show on ESPN2, pay close attention to which lake he's referencing.

It's possible he might try and tell you Todd Faircloth won the tournament out of Blood River and Jared Lintner returned to top-12 form by camping out in Jonathon Creek for four days.

All good information ... but all about Kentucky Lake (the next stop), which is the lake Sanders' first set of picks came in for this week.

Sander's e-mail (Tuesday, 4:10 p.m.)

Is it cheaters or quitters who never prosper? I can't remember, but I'm considering both options.
drop me some: williamson, ponds
add me some: wurm, mize

The real deal:

"Let my system work for you!"

--End e-mail

Sander's next e-mail (Tuesday, 4:47 p.m.)

Subject: Emergency revision

Well, it turns out that the teams I gave you were for KY lake, not Wheeler.
Here's Wheeler, if it's not too late to change:

The earlier ones I sent, you can just paste into KY Lake, if my team even exists by then.

--End e-mail

Now granted, it was only a 37-minute mistake and he caught it himself ... But while I could have just let it go, as a man of average intelligence, it makes me feel better about myself to instead badmouth a guy who smoked me in a game of Trivial Pursuit on a flight from Little Rock to Las Vegas.

Not to mention the fact that he's in dead last (that's "dead" as in doesn't stand the slightest chance on winning), and while trying to still seem interested, he sends a team for the wrong lake.

I think we're starting to get to the root of his woes.

In Sanders' words: "When you can't even pick the right lake, you know you've got something magic going on."

On another note … I'm still pretty intrigued by this whole fantasy fishing game. I've played fantasy football for years and pretty much have that system down: I draft running backs, then wide receivers, then pick up a decent quarterback in the fifth round. Pretty easy.

But fantasy fishing is a much different beast indeed.

I talked to last year's winner and he said he kept the same team for 75 percent of the year. And it wasn't for lack of checking his team and the options.

Trust me, this guy was watching. (Maybe a little too close.)

You can see that kind of success with Jerry McKinnis in this league, who hasn't changed his team since Falcon — and sits in second place. But our leader, Overstreet, changes it up every week.

I can say I finished 80 billion in the world last year and am consistently hovering around the top 5 this year, after sort-of-following the advice of last year's champ.

(So remember to file that away now for February 2009.)

Anyway, back to Lake Wheeler and the Southern Challenge ... Here are the moves the experts made, including Zona's dumping half his team:

Drop: Marty Robinson
Add:Kevin Wirth

Drop: Jason Quinn
Add: Kotaro Kiriyama

Drop: John Crews
Add: Morizo Shimizu

Drop: Bryan Hudgins
Add: Glenn Delong

Drop: Jason Williamson
Add: Mike Wurm

Drop: Pete Ponds
Add: Jimmy Mize

(Click here to look at the full 10-man rosters for each owner.)

Here are everyone's final, five-man rosters for the Southern Challenge:

Mike McClelland

Scott Rook
Kevin Short

Fred Roumbanis

Bobby Lane

Mark Davis
Steve Kennedy
Michael Iaconelli
Gary Klein
Casey Ashley

Kevin VanDam
Timmy Horton
Morizo Shimizu
Derek Remitz
Glenn Delong

Aaron Martens
Jared Lintner
Cliff Pace
Clark Rheem
Jason Campbell

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