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Well, we're nearly halfway through the Fantasy Experts season and the leaderboard is starting to solidify, with the leaders leading by even more and the losers losing accordingly. But nobody has put up jaw-dropping numbers.

Overall after five tournaments:
Overstreet: 5,064
McKinnis: 4,865
Zona: 4,483
Sanders: 4,359

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Maybe we should cut these guys some slack, right? Nothing like this has ever been done before. They drafted before they really knew what was going on, there was confusion with the rules, and with so many anglers and teams and values, it gets convoluted pretty quickly.

But then again, it is called the "Experts League." Experts should be able to adapt on the fly. Experts should know every angler's strengths and weaknesses, and know a value when they see one. Experts should be putting up jaw-dropping scores.

With all that in mind, I've decided to land somewhere in the middle. Here are, in my third in the nation Fantasy Fishing opinion, the good and bad moves from each owner thus far this season.

James Overstreet

Good: There's a lot to choose from, considering he has a 200-point lead, and a solid roster, but it's been Oversteet's work on with waiver wire that's given him the edge. He's made smart moves and looked two to three tournaments ahead as he drops and picks up anglers.

Bad: He hasn't hyped any of his teams harder than he hyped his Falcon team, which gave him a whopping 803 points. He also picked Skeet Reese with his first pick in the draft, but has yet to put him in the game. And while I'm on Overstreet's bad, I'd like to include this adorable photo.

Jerry McKinnis

Good: Taking Mark Davis with his first pick in the draft. I say again — if you don't have Mark Davis on your Fantasy Team, you are not interested in winning. You should have locked him in at 4 points when the season started, but he's still a steal at 5.5 points.

Bad: He hasn't made a single roster move all season. He on cruise control and Overstreet is pulling away. Also bad in regards to McKinnis was my prediction he'd win it all after Kissimmee.

Mark Zona

Good: My man is making an effort. He's made more moves than Bobby Fisher (although none of them have resembled the intelligence of Fisher's moves) and he keeps things fresh.

Bad: Just about everything else. I should also point out that during KVD's two best finishes this season — the win on Kissimmee and fourth on Clarks Hill — he was sitting on Zona's bench. Sorry KVD, but you're in the lineup this week.

Tommy Sanders

Good: He can certainly host one heck of a television show.

Bad: His entire team (with apologies to those on his team). Not to mention the anglers he left on the bench for the Amistad tournament. Oh, when he sent in his team for this week, he added the line: "God help me."

Looking at Lake Murray

Considering the proximity of Murray to the last stop on Clark's Hill, there wasn't a lot of changes in the rosters this week. The "local edge" will stay with a lot of the same anglers.

There was one move, but I think that's only because he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he didn't chop somebody from his roster:

Drop: Chris Lane
Add: Marty Robinson

Click here to look at the full 10-man rosters for each owner.

Here are everyone's final, five-man rosters for the Carolina Clash:

Mike McClelland
Scott Rook
Jeff Kriet
Todd Auten
Bobby Lane

Mark Davis
Steve Kennedy
Michael Iaconelli
Gary Klein
Casey Ashley

Kevin VanDam
Jason Quinn
Bryan Hudgins
Derek Remitz
Marty Robinson

Jared Lintner
Terry Scroggins
Todd Faircloth
Jason Williamson
Clark Reehm