Fantasy 'Experts' League: Lone Star Shootout

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For the first time in recent memory, the Fantasy Fishing expert league is rejoicing because Mark Zona (E'06'07FFCW — I'm not writing it out again) is not the top of the leaderboard.

In fact, he's nine points from scrapping the bottom of the barrel. There's no doubt he smells the cellar. He's knocking on the basement door. He's five and a half feet under. He's hanging by shackles and clapping along to a catchy tune sung by the Knights of the Round Table. He's … you get the idea.

Here's how they stand:

Overall after two tournaments:
Overstreet: 2,055
Sanders: 1,828
Zona: 1,809
McKinnis: 1,800

Click here to see a full breakdown of points.

And per usual, the Zona fire sale has commenced. Here are the moves made since the Elites finished up on the Kissimmee Chain:

Drop: Bryan Hudgins
Add: James Niggemeyer

Drop: Glenn Delong
Add: Brian Clark

(It should be noted that he was delicate in his email instructions detailing his adds and drops — and notice the friendly salutation to the pro bono commish. The entire email was as follows: "gone — hudgins & Delong. want niggemeyer, brian clark")

Then, of course, he went to set his team and needed yet another move:

Drop: Gerald Swindle
Add: Terry Butcher

With the series heading to Texas, others' made moves as well.

Drop: Kevin Short
Add: Ish Monroe

Drop: Ken Cook
Add: Jay Fuller

Drop: Todd Auten
Add: Pete Ponds

If you're just now joining us and you're a little confused, know that we changed up the Fantasy Fishing rules a little for the purposes of our game. Four of bass fishing's greatest minds drafted 10 anglers (watch above) and can use only those 10 anglers on their roster to fill the five-man fantasy rosters.

They still have to stay under the allotted 50 points you readers have to abide by in Fantasy Fishing game, but they can also use the waiver wire full of unclaimed anglers to drop and add to their 10-man arsenal.

Click here to see everyone's 10-man roster.

And so, after much thought and deliberation, here are the Fantasy Expert's five-man teams for Falcon Lake:

Edwin Evers
Ish Monroe
Jeff Kriet
Jay Fuller
Bobby Lane

A message from the leader: "Prepare to eat dust suckas!"

Todd Faircloth
Stephen Browning
Clark Rheem
Pete Ponds
Aaron Martens

Brian "the Snake" Clark
James Niggemeyer
Derek Remitz
Dean Rojazz
Kevin VanDamanstein

Mark Davis
Steve Kennedy
Michael Iaconelli
Gary Klein
Casey Ashley