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Before I get to the Fantasy 'Experts' League picks this week, I must take a few words and offer congratulations to one of the group's members.

Every once in a while, you get the chance to meet one of those special people, the kind of people who have that look in their eye — a look of greatness.

I did not think Mark Zona was one of those people. But just as when I thought Peyton Manning was overrated coming out of college, I was wrong; never mind the fact Zona's the Sammy Sosa of Fantasy Fishing — once the league gets cleaned up, he starts sucking.

Look over the fact he has yet to break 1000 points in a week, and that he benched Kevin VanDam in KVD's only victory of the year.

Forget all that. The only number that matters to Mr. Zona is the number one, as in, there can only be one Man of the Year.

Humble as always, I didn't hear Zona had been touted Man of the Year from the mouth of the beast himself, but from an outside source, looking to give credit where credit is due.

Upon further investigation, I learned he was voted to such a position in a poll on the Internet. But having never found said poll, I got Zona on his cell phone.

"It was really humbling to voted Man of the Year," Zona said. "The people have spoken."

Just as I asked him exactly who "the people" were, he said he was going through a tunnel; I was then hit by static that sounded strangely self- and spit-induced before losing him.

Additional attempts at contacting Zona have been unsuccessful.

So congratulations, Mark Zona, on your 2007-2008 MOY title.

Now on to the point of this column …

Fantasy Fishing

James Overstreet took the beating stick to everybody on Lake Amistad. To put the flogging into perspective, consider Overstreet's least productive player, Jeff Kriet, scored 199 points. Zona's most productive player, Derek Remitz, had 217.

Overstreet's 1200 points — which was 250 points ahead of second place Tommy Sanders — put him back into the lead. Here's the latest leaderboard:

Overall after four tournaments:
Overstreet: 4058
McKinnis: 3934
Zona: 3611
Sanders: 3517

Click here for a full breakdown of their scores

But now the picking gets a little tougher. The Elite anglers are moving away from the Florida/Texas swing they started in, and they're going to start dotting the country, starting in Georgia.

Earlier in the year, one of our experts could pick up an angler and know he'd be good for two or three tournaments. Now more than ever, the waiver wire should play a large roll and with a lot of turnover, it's going to be harder to keep the points under 50.

That said, only two owners made moves after Amistad: Zona (of course), and Overstreet. Here are the moves:

Drop: Terry Butcher
Add: Jason Quinn

Drop: James Niggemeyer
Add: Bryan Hudgins

Drop: Peter T
Add: John Crews

Drop: Ish Monroe
Add: Todd Auten

Drop: Dave Wolak
Add: Davy Hite

Click here to look at the full 10-man rosters for each owner.

Both Overstreet and Zona looked to go local or historic, with the tournament going from Georgia this week to South Carolina in two weeks. Hite, Auten, and Quinn are all from South Carolina, while Crews and Hudgins both have a great history on Clarks Hill.

Overstreet critiqued his team in the third person in the email announcing his roster.

"Wow…looks like Overstreet is really setting up nicely for Georgia and South Carolina," he said. "Somehow or another he has ended up with both of the previous winners on Clarks Hill, McClelland and Hite. Wow.

"Prepare for the continuing taste of dirt and dust, and the feel of grit in your teeth."

Here are everyone's final, five-man rosters for Clarks Hill:

Mike McClelland
Davy Hite
Kevin Short
Todd Auten
Bobby Lane

Mark Davis
Steve Kennedy
Michael Iaconelli
Gary Klein
Casey Ashley

Dean Rojas
Jason Quinn
Bryan Hudgins
John Crews
Byron Velvick

Aaron Martens
Jason Williamson
Jared Lintner
Cliff Pace
Clark Reehm