Fantasy Draft, Part Deux

*Note: The latest change in roster came the night before the beginning of the Sunshine Showdown. James Overstreet, who didn't draft Jeff Freeman but picked him up afterward, arrived in Florida to find Freeman wasn't even fishing. That's a lot of early action for a guy that's not even on tour.

Round One went to Mark Zona, a.k.a. Mr. Woodcock, a.k.a. Mark Zona, the ESPN Outdoors 2006 and 2007 Fantasy Fishing Champion of the World.

In fact, Zona (who is quick to remind all he's the ESPN Outdoors 2006 and '07 Fantasy Fishing Champion of the World and said he won't respond to any other name) added, "Not only did I win that, but I earned that."

His Classic team of John Murray, Jared Lintner, Mike McClelland, Michael Iaconelli, Dave Wolak and Jeff Kriet easily outperformed Tommy "Fantasy Pants" Sanders, James "Thundersticks" Overstreet and Jerry "Possum Ridge Strangler" McKinnis' five-man teams in the Bassmaster Classic, which gave "Z" first pick in the new draft.

This time around, they'll be playing almost by the same Fantasy Fishing rules all Bassmaster.com users follow — but of course there's a bit of a twist: Each team owner can lock in the value of 10 anglers (instead of the usual five), but no two teams can have the same angler.

Much like Fantasy Football, there can be trades and anglers can be dropped onto and plucked from the waiver wire, but before a tournament starts, the owners will have to announce which five anglers they'll be playing that week ... and the value of those five can't exceed 50 points.

With those parameters in place, the four owners and yours truly were back in the Bassmaster Studio for another draft and another chance to, as MZE'06'07FFCW put it, "Clean up the league."

Unfortunately, MZE'06'07FFCW was so busy focusing on cleaning up the league, he ignored the 50-point rule and basically, with the exception of Bryan Hudgins and James Niggemeyer (sorry Hudgins and Niggemeyer), just picked who he thought were the best anglers.

A snake draft (meaning the fourth owner gets the fourth and fifth pick and the first owner gets pick one, nine and 10, and so on and so forth) in this order — Zona, Sanders, Overstreet and McKinnis — ended with these results:

Angler (value)
KVD (16.8)
Greg Hackney (16.4)
Dean Rojas (14.0)
Peter T (13.6)
Chris Lane (9.5)
Timmy Horton (12.8)
Gerald Swindle (15.3)
Preston Clark (6.8)
James Niggemeyer (5.9)
Bryan Hudgins (5.0)

Aaron Martens (16.3)
Terry Scroggins (13.3)
Jared Lintner (11.4)
Cliff Pace (9.5)
Clark Rheem (4.4)
Alton Jones (14.1)
Todd Faircloth (13.9)
Davy Hite (12.4)
Scott Campbell (7.0)
Stephen Browning (10.4)

Skeet Reese (16.6)
Edwin Evers (15.4)
Bobby Lane (4.4)
Jeff Kriet (11.7)
Scott Rook (13.9)
Dave Wolak (10.4)
Fred Roumbanis (7.9)
Mike McClelland (13.0)
Jeff Reynolds (10.7)
Marty Robinson (5.5)

Mark Davis (4.0)
Steve Kennedy (11.6)
Michael Iaconelli (15.5)
Gary Klein (13.5)
Boyd Duckett (8.5)
Casey Ashley (5.6)
Kelly Jordon (14.8)
Dustin Wilks (4.0)
John Murray (14.4)
Brent Chapman (14.7)

You can watch as much and see their thought process behind the picks on the video above, but as you watch, pay special attention to the rational behind these selectons: Gerald Swindle (Zona), James Niggemeyer (Zona), Davy Hite (Sanders) Jeff Reynolds (Overstreet), and Marty Robinson (Overstreet). None of these well-thought out picks made it to the first tournament. The only owner not to make a change before the first tournament: McKinnis.

So, before we even start, here are the transactions made:

Drop - Jeff Reynolds
Add - Kevin Short

Drop - Marty Robinson
Add - Jeff Freeman

*Drop - Jeff Freeman
Add - Ken Cook

Drop - Gerald Swindle
Add - Glenn Delong

Drop - James Niggemeyer
Add - Bernie Schultz

Drop - Davy Hite
Add - Todd Auten

And after all the dust settled and transactions made, here are the lineups for the Sunshine Showdown:

Kevin VanDam
Peter Thliveros
Bryan Hudgins
Glenn Delong
Bernie Schultz

Todd Auten
Terry Scroggins
Stephen Browning
Scott Campbell
Todd Faircloth

Edwin Evers
Scott Rook
Jeff Kriet
Ken Cook
Bobby Lane

Mark Davis
Steve Kennedy
Michael Iaconelli
Kelly Jordon
Dustin Wilks

Be sure and check back on the Fantasy Fishing home page for the latest video, drops, adds and lineup changes as the Elite Series continues.