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    About BASS Tech

    "BASS Tech" is not just a show name; it's a place to go. Similar to "American Chopper" or "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," BASS Tech is a spacious, warehouse-sized workshop.

    "BASS Tech" is the home of The Bass Rats, a group of bass-fishing experts that each week will eagerly embrace "BASS Tech" customers — their concerns, project questions and thirst for the latest in technological innovations.

    In each episode, a mail bag letter outlines a viewer's idea for our "Project of the Week." The Bass Rats will then work the project from start to finish over the course of the episode. Whether it is renovating an aluminum boat, making over a garage as a bass boat haven, or improving a pond, the Bass Rats always find a solution.

    Throughout "BASS Tech," the hosts will pause from the project and toss to tech-related features, such as:

    The BASS Factory: Visit factories to see how equipment and tackle is manufactured.

    What the Pros Know: Bassmaster anglers reveal some of their "personal" technology related tips.

    Gear Guide: How to keep the products you have like-new shape

    Now What?: Reviewing new products at industry trade shows before they get to the consumer market.

    Cast of Characters

    Gerald "G" Swindle: 2004 BASS Angler of the Year and member of our team. "G" knows his way up and down the kinds of rivers and lakes that the visitors to the "BASS Tech" shop are trying to conquer and has some interesting insights about how they, and everything else on earth, works. Before his angling days, his work history in carpentry makes him a very useful guy with interiors on boats and on any other project.

    Skeet Reese: One of the top anglers in the business, Skeet is the shop's electronics expert and is always ready, willing, and able to tinker with anything on the new and exciting threshold of fishing and technology merging together. His "electric" personality makes him a real "live wire" in the shop and out on the water.

    Marty Stone (a.k.a. "Stoney"): The level-headed, sensible one out of our crew, Stoney is always the first to point out if something is "too crazy" to try, and he's usually the first to get frustrated when the crew goes ahead and does it anyway. Stoney's a workhorse and he keeps the team on track, on time, and hopefully, under budget.

    Tim Ables: A jack of all trades, and a master of most of them as well, Ables is the go-to guy when a project needs to get done. Years of experience and know-how with his hands makes him the man with the plan, turning any outlandish idea into a feasible project. His positive attitude and gruff exterior gets things done around the shop and he's always "down for whatever" when a new exciting project rears its head.

    Chigger Brumbalow: What can we say about Chigger? No one's really sure what he does or why he's here, but we do know when he's here. We do know that according to him that "A clean shop is a happy shop" and when there's heavy lifting to be done, he grabs a broom and heads to the other side of the room. He's an agreeable sort, though, and we're not quite sure if he gets paid or not, so we'll keep him around.

    Kate Sullivan: Kate is the viewers link to the shop. She comes from years of news anchoring experience and asks the right questions to our crew to get across what they're doing, what they're trying to do, and most importantly … can it be done?! Kate also oversees the organization and logistics of the project and schedule and makes sure the boys know how much time they've got before the project needs to get out the door and on the water.

    Jason Quinn: Quinn is known for hardware — in his ears and in his boat and tow vehicle. Don't let the earrings fool you, Quinn knows his stuff on the water and he knows his stuff in the garage. Yep, he's the guy that shows up at the launch ramp with his truck bumping out some hip-hop tunes, but he's also the guy who can solve any problem when it comes to equipment. Look for Quinn to sift through G's wild ideas and come up with how to really get it done.

    Stephen Browning: Browning, or A5 as if he affectionately referred to by himself, is a steely eyed determined workhorse, and he used that determination to win ESPN's Reality show "The Wild Rules" in 2003. He's quick to joke around about any situation and is a great all-around guy to have to work on anything related to bass fishing. He's a level head with a penchant to get wild when the situation presents itself.