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Sunday June 6th, 2010
Airs at 8:30 am ET
Jose Travels to Guantanamo Bay Cuba to host a fishing tournament and to spend some time with the troops, fishing in the waters surrounding the GITMO naval base. We look back at the Cuban and American history of this base that was founded in the 1930s.

About The Spanish Fly

Some the greatest adventures in sportfishing are highlighted each week on ESPN2's longest-running outdoor program, "The Spanish Fly." Host Jose Wejebe is only too happy to share his journeys, whether on his home waters of the Florida Keys, or off in some exotic locale like Venezuela, Costa Rica or even Brazil.

But this is definitely not your standard fishing show. Captain Jose and "The Spanish Fly" bring a different feel to the craft. There is a rhythm and flow to the experience that is complimented, rather than compromised, by the production and editing style.

There is always the right blend of practical information, breathtaking scenery, underwater footage and, of course, heart-pounding action. But it is the unmistakable soundtrack of each episode that has created an enormous, loyal following and established "The Spanish Fly" with Jose Wejebe as the cornerstone of ESPN2's Outdoor programming.

Tune in, turn up the volume and enjoy The Spanish Fly.

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In this episode of Spanish Fly, Jose goes on the water with a family of fishtafarian artists. Fishing the shallow wrecks west of Key West and beyond, Jose shows the family some sharks, goliath grouper and tuna action in the gulf of Mexico. Caleb and Jacob show the ancient japanese art form of fish printing known as "gyotaku".

Airs at 8:30 am ET
Jose continues his exciting day of fishing, this time further into the Gulf of Mexico fishing behind shrimp boats for tuna, bonito and cobia with an eccentric family of fishtafarian artists. Fishbone, Caleb, and Jacob unveil their one of a kind metal sculpture inspired by their fishing adventure with Jose.

Airs at 8:30 am ET
Jose travels to the Dominican Republic's easternmost point, Punta Cana, to fish with Capt. Ross Clark and his first mate Nick. Capt. Clark specializes in offshore blue marlin fishing, and Jose looks to end erase his "blue marlin, black cloud."

Airs at 8:30 am ET
Jose goes exploring Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Jose meets several locals who show him very usual fisheries. One is a man-made lagoon in the middle golf course construction at the luxury resort Capcana. The other is a remote area called the Laguna Bavaro, and Jose becomes one of the first ever to sportfish there.

Airs at 8:30 am ET
Jose takes long time friend Ken Davis fishing in Key West after he returned briefly from Iraq. Ken Davis is civilian contractor working in Iraq who has returned briefly to his home in the keys. Jose shoots to show Ken as much about the key west fishery as possible in the short time available.

Airs at 8:30 am ET
Jose makes a trip up to Cape Cod to fish with Capt. Terry Nugent and Jeff Brodeur. Schools of giant Bleufin Tuna are feeding at the surface, and Jose gets a taste of the run-and-gun frenzy the locals call "Tuna Fever."

Airs at 8:30 am ET
The Florida Everglades is a vast and complex system whose waters start at Lake Okeechobee and travels south and west through Everglades City and Chokoloskee ending up in the Gulf of Mexico. Rob Fordyce and Jose explore some of the hard to reach area in a micro-skiff utilizing new advances in marine electronics to help them find their way. Come along as they find new areas to fish for snook and redfish.

Airs at 8:30 am ET
The Florida Keys are one of the best places to sight fish for some of the elusive flats species such as tarpon, bonefish, and permit. Will Benson, a Florida Keys flats guide, takes Jose in search of these sought after species with a fly rod. The pinnacle of saltwater fly fishing is catching a permit with a fly rod. Learn about the life of a Florida Keys guide obsessed with catching these fish.

Airs at 11:30 am ET
The best Spanish Fly moments of the past and present as told by Jerry McKinnis, Mike McKinnis, and Jose, the original producers of the show. Learn about the history of the show, how it started, and where it has come to be from the people that created it.

Airs at 8:30 am ET
Artificial reefs happen sometimes by accident and sometimes on purpose. The sinking of the USS Hoyt Vandenberg was a project 13 years in the making, and now the centerpiece for this two part series. Tag along as Jose takes project manager Joe Weatherby on a fishing trip that will teach us all about the advantages of these artificial reefs as well as the intricacies involved in sinking a ship.

Airs at 8:30 am ET
In Part 2 we continue following the Vandenberg story with Joe Weatherby as the ship ends its career above the water, and begins its new life underwater. In this show we will explore the metamorphosis that takes place as the ship becomes a part of the undersea environment, providing shelter and food for a variety of species. Take a dive with us as we give you an up close view of the ship underwater.

Airs at 8:30 am ET
Jose Travels to Guantanamo Bay Cuba to host a fishing tournament and to spend some time with the troops, fishing in the waters surrounding the GITMO naval base. We look back at the Cuban and American history of this base that was founded in the 1930s.