Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2001

The 2001 Yanks didn't win the World Series, but they did get us thinking about the most "clutch" teams in sports history. Check out our top 10 clutch squads, and then click here to offer your vote.
10] 1958 Baltimore Colts
Led by Johnny Unitas, the Colts came back to tie the NFL title game late, then beat the Giants 23-17 in OT in "The Greatest Game Ever Played."
9] 1994-95 Houston Rockets
"Clutch City" was born in Houston's repeat run.
8] 1968-69 Celtics
Boston beat the L.A. Lakers (with Wilt, West and Baylor) on the road in Game 7.

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    Happy Birthday, Page 2One year ago today, ESPN.com turned the page and launched the phenomenon known simply as Page 2. Over the past 365 days, we've laughed with -- and at -- the top personalities in the sports world. Who have we had the most fun with? That's for you to decide as we crown the first annual Page 2 MVP.

    Page 2's Chris McKendry, an avid Curt Schilling fan, watched Game 7 of the World Series with her husband, a Yankees fan from birth. She handled it the old-fashioned way -- she didn't tell him who she was rooting for. But that made her feel like she had cheated on him. Can this harmonious sports union be saved?

    Jeff Van GundyBrittany Murphy
    Wake up, folks. There's no need to look catatonic on Page 2's first anniversary. It's Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy, left, and Brittany Murphy, star of "Don't Say a Word." J.R. Ladson of Tewksbury, N.J. requested this duo. Browse our archives of past pairs or submit a future match.
    The 2001 World Series was so good, it's hard to put it into words. So, Page 2 cartoonist Kurt Snibbe decided to put it into pictures. Check out Snibbe's new cartoon reviewing all seven games.



    There's a new world order in baseball, and Yankee haters everywhere are rejoicing. There's also little doubt that the D-back rule this week's Page 2 Power Poll, but there's plenty of movement in the rest of the rankings. See where we ranked those magical Bears and dominating Lakers.

    Talk about a frightening experience. The Lakers looked down the bench last week and saw Rick Fox wearing a very scary mask. Page 2 asked its readers to explain exactly what was happening, and you filled our mailbag with plenty of good responses. Check out the best of the best.

    Tonight Raiders Broncos 45½
    Sunday Packers Bears 37½
    Sunday Eagles 5 Vikings 41½
    Sunday 49ers 3 Saints 45
    Saturday UCLA Oregon NL
    Saturday Oklahoma 17½ Texas A&M NL
    All Times ET -- Bold indicates home team

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