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During its 36-year run, the Super Bowl hasn't just been the biggest game, it's been the hottest game. Page 2's Jeff Merron provides an up-close and personal look at some world-class athletes -- plus fans and a few advertisers -- engaged in world-class hijinks.



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TMQ finds himself wondering about a lot of things today -- among them, what the Football Gods were thinking when they gave us a Super Bowl between two teams that virtually never run (TMQ disapproves), and what Andy Reid was thinking, strategically, during Sunday's Eagles-Bucs fiasco (nothing, TMQ strongly suspects).

War on Raider Nation Quick & Quotable
You may be preparing for a mere football game, but San Diegans seem to be readying themselves for an invasion of Raiders' fans from the north, says Page 2's Jim Caple in his daily postcard from Super Bowl City.
Media day at the Super Bowl is a carnival of modern excess, as a crush of football neophytes ask really dumb questions. Page 2's Jeff Merron unearths the dumbest of all time while The Daily Quickie tells us the big question.

Philly sports fans are used to crushing disappointment ... it's in their DNA. But there are some apocalyptic disappointments that no amount of experience can prepare you for, like Sunday's soulless loss to the Bucs in the last game ever at the Vet. Brett Forrest, a long-time Philly resident, filed this pain-filled report.

As the Bucs and Raiders dream about starring on the NFL's biggest stage, Page 2 reflects on the 10 greatest performances in Super Bowl history. Check out our list and vote for the best ever.

10]  Raiders LB Rod Martin (Super Bowl XV)
Martin set the tone quickly in the Raiders' 27-10 victory over the Eagles by picking off Ron Jaworski's first pass to set up Oakland's first touchdown. He finished with a Super Bowl-record three interceptions.
9]  Rams QB Kurt Warner (Super Bowl XXXIV)
Warner followed up his regular-season MVP performance with the kind of day that would make even the staunchest atheist ask some questions. Warner's 414 yards passing set a Super Bowl record, and it was entirely necessary, as the Rams just barely squeezed past the Titans 23-16.
8]  Redskins RB John Riggins (Super Bowl XVII)
Plowing behind The Hogs, Riggins ripped through the Dolphins defense (the best in the NFL during the 1982 season) for 166 yards on 38 carries as the Redskins won their first Super Bowl and their first NFL title in 40 years with a 27-17 victory over Miami.
7]  49ers QB Joe Montana (Super Bowl XXIV)
Picking apart the Denver secondary with ease, Montana completed 22 of 29 passes for 297 yards and five TDs to win his third Super Bowl MVP award.

Super Bowl XXXVII Raiders Bucs 43½
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Like it or not, East Coast and Midwest fans, the Golden State is the center of the sports universe.

Eagle flags fly at half-mast today and the tears flow like Cheez Whiz as 2's Brian Murphy pays final homage to Veterans Stadium.

Even after the Bucs scored the greatest victory in team history, Keyshawn Johnson found a way to make it all about himself, says Page 2's Jason Whitlock.

With war looming, the Good Doctor says we should enjoy this year's Super Bowl, the last peacetime Big Game we may see for awhile.

Page 2's Charley Rosen finally breaks down Yao's game. Hey, over one million NBA fans can't be wrong.
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This king-sized Raider and "Barbershop" patron are both livin' large. It's Raider OL Lincoln Kennedy, left and actor Anthony Anderson. This match was suggested by Jeremiah Stadt in Jacksonville. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

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Jordan tour hits New Orleans.
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Boston on New Jersey's heels.
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Women's semifinals.
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