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No. 15: White Men Can't Jump (74 points)

Year released: 1992.

Cast: Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, Rosie Perez.

What we like: "The sun even shines on a dog's ass some days;" the constant trash talking (Oh, my momma's an astronaut?) is what really makes this tale of playground hoops shine; the best-of-five shooting scene near the beginning that introduces the Harrelson-Snipes dynamic is dynamite; Rosie Perez amuses us on "Jeopardy!" ("Foods that begin with Q") and annoys us throughout (but then again, that's the point of her character); Marques Johnson going to get his gun to shoot everyone on the court.

What we're willing to overlook: Things fall together in the "clean-it-up-quickly" ending a little too conveniently; everything after (what we thought was) the climactic scene of Woody dunking is thoroughly anti-climactic; the hustling is crude, not clever; in some key games, we never know the score (or even who's winning) until point game.

Great fun, with a surprising number of twists. We can't be sure if Woody and Wesley are really friends, or if they're scamming each other. Great hoops action. Funny trash talk. Thoroughly enjoyable. -- Page 2 columnist Bob Halloran

When it comes right down to it, I'd rather be able to talk like the guys on Venice Beach than be able to play hoops like they can. -- Page 2 editor Kevin Jackson

This is Ron Shelton's best run at what we (blacks and whites, men and women, friends and rivals) think of each other. Great use of L.A. -- Page 2 columnist Eric Neel

"We're goin' to Sizzler! We're goin' to Sizzler!" Don't we all want to go to Sizzler? -- Page 2 columnist Dan Shanoff

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