Page 2's Top 20 Sports Movies of All-Time

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No. 8: Caddyshack (121 points)

Year released: 1980.

Cast: Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Ted Knight, Rodney Dangerfield, Michael O'Keefe.

What we like: The laid-back, pseudo-Zen cool of it all; Chase and Murray are in top form; perhaps the funniest sports movie ever made, and 22 years later, it still ranks as definitely the most "quotable" sports film. So, it's got that going for it, which is nice.

What we're willing to overlook: The gopher isn't real. It's a robot-gopher. You knew that, right? We're not ruining this for you, are we?

The "Animal House" of sports movies. Bill Murray's speech about the Dalai Lama elicits a chuckle even after you seen it a few hundred times. -- Page 2 editor Jay Lovinger

Still funny after all these years. Chase's Zen golfing schtick is hilarious and still, somehow, rings true. You know there's some local golfing great just like him out there somewhere. -- Page 2 columnist Jeff Merron

Confession: I didn't see it until about 10 years after it came out. Murray's Dali Lama sequence is one of the three or four funniest sports movie sequences of all-time. If it's improvised, and I think it is, it's No. 1. -- Page 2 columnist Eric Neel

Walk on any given golf course in America on any given weekend, and you'll still overhear hackers cracking jokes about "being the ball" and coming out of nowhere for a "Cinderella story." Who doesn't dream of playing a round with Murray or Chase?-- Page 2 editor Kevin Jackson

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