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What's hot, what's not's Page 2 Hot/Not List for 2001
Category 2001 2000
Coors Field
whipping boy
Mike Hampton Darryl Kile
Shoe style Nike "Shox" Adidas "Kobe"
F.L. X C
Yankee bleacher "loathe-to-love" Mike Mussina David Cone
UNC alum Cuttino Mobley Antawn Jamison Vince Carter Vince Carter
College football formation Spread offense Pro-style
Heisman qualifier Graduate 7 years late Graduate on time
Owner we love Mark Cuban Faceless corporation
Hairstyle Gary Payton Tight 'fro Latrell Sprewell Cornrows
NFL tandem Culpepper-to-Moss Manning-to-Harrison
Golfer Phil Mickelson Phil Mickelson Sergio Garcia Sergio Garcia
Contract perk Office at the stadium Dot-com rights
Growth sport Billiards Pro bowling
Rocket Cuttino Mobley Cuttino Mobley Steve Francis Steve Francis
City that deserves more pro teams Las Vegas Charlotte
Series transportation Interstate Subway
Headgear Ski caps Visors
International hottie Svetlana Abrosimova Svetlana Abrosimova Anna Kournikova Anna Kournikova
Analysis Dumbing it down Obscure references
Pro hoops league ABA 2000 CBA
End-zone celebration Dunk over the crossbar Bob-n-Weave
20-20 hindsight Daunte Culpepper Edgerrin James
Officiating controversy "Cuban Whistle Crisis" Ground-cause fumble
Young slugger Carlos Delgado Carlos Delgado Vladimir Guerrero Vladimir Guerrero
I want to be like ... Shane Battier Vince Carter
Hip endorsement Golf clubs Breakfast cereal
Reason to be traded Weight clause violation Play close to family
Texas star A-Rod G-Dub
Athletic apparel Triple 5 Soul Sean-John
Endorser (male) Shaun King Shaun King Wally Sczerbiak Wally Sczerbiak
Endorser (female) Melissa Stark Serena Williams
Punk with fastball Nick Neighbourer AJ Burnett
Boxing star David Tua David Tua Laila Ali Laila Ali
Must-have jersey (NHL) Blue Jackets Wild
Must-have jersey (NFL) Culpepper Manning
Athlete demographic Out-of-retirement High schooler
Catch phrase "Bling, bling." "Final answer?"
Groupie Geri Halliwell Geri Halliwell Angie Harmon Angie Harmon
Record to beat NFL shutouts, season Wilt's 100
Poll system Fans vote online BCS
Coaches' worst nightmare Owners Physical attack
Women's sport College soccer Pro football
Scrappy underdog Mike Penberthy Mike Penberthy Kurt Warner Kurt Warner
Reclamation project Ray Lewis Jeff George
Coaching genius Andy Reid Mike Martz
"He's due" QB Rich Gannon Kurt Warner
Jock reputation Wild Bookish
Sports brat Ryan Leaf It's always Ryan Leaf
Facial hair Phil Jax-like "soul patch" Clean-shaven
Tennis diva Serena Williams Serena (three years running) Martina Hingis Martina Hingis
Baby name Antawn Edgerrin
College football program builder Randy Walker Frank Beamer
Nickname Sooner Hokie
Dysfunctional MLB team Dodgers Mets
Hip fan James Gandolfini James Gandolfini Ashley Judd Ashley Judd
NCAA violation Airline tickets Websites
Ballpark trend Increased prices Designer pretzels
How athletes communicate Web-enabled cell phones Personal web page
Athlete investments Diversified bling-bling Diversified stocks
Fan apathy NHL NBA
QB prototype Donovan McNabb Donovan McNabb Tim Couch Tim Couch
Place to be seen Reunion Arena Staples Center
Fool Daniel Snyder Jerry Jones
Budding MLB poster boy Eric Chavez Travis Lee
NASCAR hero Bobby Labonte Dale Earnhardt
Fashion statement Old-school NBA warm-ups Any kind of jersey
Two-sport star Drew Henson Drew Henson Todd Helton Todd Helton
Lame excuse "I thought it was the ball." "It's not about the money."
Former owners gig U.S. president Public speaker
Hip MLB team A's Reds
Junior Mike Dunleavy Mike Dunleavy Dale Earnhardt Dale Earnhardt
Brothers Giambi Kariya
Hip cameo role Oz Arli$$
Biggest whiner Randy Moss Paul O'Neill
Funnest party boy Shaq Derek Jeter
It's gettin' old Yankees Lakers
Work stoppage talk MLB NBA
Little League hero makes good Sean Burroughs Chris Drury
Hot wrist accessory Personalized rubber band "W.W.J.D." bracelet

2000 Sports Moments

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