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Simply to dye for
Page 2 staff

It happened again this week. Another star athlete dyed his hair blond in an attempt to change his fortunes.

But can turning blond really yield greater success? Page 2 explores the results of some recent dye jobs for the rich and famous:

Mike Piazza
With a few hours to kill before Monday's game, Mike Piazza went to the Mario Tricoci salon in Chicago and figured he'd "liven things up a little bit" with a new hairdo.

Before: With the Mets wallowing near the NL East basement, Atlanta stole four bases on six tries against Piazza on Sunday.

After: Piazza didn't play Monday, but was 1-for-4 and had three Cubs steal on him Tuesday.

The Material Girl changes her hair about as often as Piazza homers. In 1999, Maddy briefly experimented with jet-black hair for her "geisha" look, but she quickly returned to her Blonde Ambition.

Before: After winning only one Grammy in her career, Madonna won three as a brunette in '99.

After: Since going blonde again, she has had her second child, married director Guy Ritchie, released a double-platinum album in "Music" and launched a world tour.

Tiger Woods
El Tigre briefly dyed his hair blond before the 2000 season started, but quickly reverted back to his natural look for competition.

Before: The world's most dominant golfer had won the last three majors.

After: The world's most dominant golfer won the 2001 Masters, but looked human as his major streak was snapped at the U.S. Open.

Manny Ramirez
During his days in Cleveland, Ramirez tried to go blond, but his hair ended up more Ronald McDonald orange.

Before: Ramirez was an RBI-machine for the Tribe, driving in more than 100 runs for five times.

After: Despite the embarrassing mis-dye, Manny remained as productive as ever.

Jacques Villeneuve
The Formula One driver suddenly dyed his hair blond midway through the 1997 season.

Before: Villeneuve was Williams' top driver in his second F1 season, but trailed Ferrari's Michael Schumacher in the overall standings.

After: Villeneuve won the F1 title in the last race of 1997, but hasn't won a race since and switched to upstart British American Racing team in 1999.

Angelina Jolie
Following her Oscar-winning performance in "Girl Interrupted," Jolie turned bleach blonde and got uncomfortably close with her brother at awards shows.

Before: "Gone in 60 Seconds" was -- except about 59 seconds faster.

After: Back in black, Jolie leaped to the top of box-office charts with 2001 action flick "Tomb Raider."

Charles Nagy
Midway through the 1998 season, the Cleveland Indians right-hander followed the trend of major-leaguers who dyed their hair blond.

Before: Nagy was coming off the best two seasons of his career, winning a combined 32 games in '96 and '97.

After: Nagy finished '98 with a 17-11 record and 5.22 ERA, his highest in five seasons.

Bruce Willis
The action hero went blond as part of his many disguises in the 1997 remake of "The Jackal."

Before: Willis was in the midst of a box-office slump that included "The Fifth Element," "Last Man Standing," and "Twelve Monkeys."

After: "The Jackal" was laughable at the box office and hardly lived up to the original classic, "Day of the Jackal."

Dennis Rodman
During his last-chance stint with the Mavericks in 2000, the chameleon-haired Rodman resorted to the same "Demolition Man" blond look he had the first time he dyed his hair back in 1993 with the Spurs.

Before: The Worm had quickly worn out his welcome with the Lakers the previous season.

After: He wore out his welcome just as fast in Dallas, but he did get to spend some quality time at Mark Cuban's house.

Halle Berry
David Justice's ex has played a blonde in a couple of movies, most recently in 2000's "X Men."

Before: Berry was coming off a Golden Globe-winning performance in HBO's "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge."

After: "X Men" was a surprise hit, but Berry returned to the screen as a brunette in 2001's "Swordfish." Of course, no one was looking at her hair in that film.

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