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The ESPYs are an event right after Page 2's heart. Hey, we're all about sports and entertainment, too.

Wayne Gretzky, Janet Jones
Wayne Gretzky -- with wife, Janet Jones -- knows sexy.
In fact, we couldn't get enough of the 2002 ESPY Awards on Wednesday night, so we decided to hand out even more ESPYs backstage. Page 2's Eric Neel and Kevin Jackson asked the celebrities at the Kodak Theater to vote for who should win Page 2's ESPYs in the following four categories: Sexiest Athlete, Sexiest Celebrity, Coolest Athlete and Coolest Celebrity. We also asked the celebs to pick their personal career highlight and their career "mulligan."

Here's a look at the first award:

Who gets the ESPY for Sexiest Athlete?

Snoop Dogg: Serena Williams is doin' the whole thing. I just seen her live in person, and she is the whole thing. Serena, Serena, have ya seen her?

Samuel L. Jackson: I met (Olympic pole vaulter) Stacey Dragila last year. She is amazingly sexy.

Lisa Leslie: Lennox Lewis. I just think he is very handsome and for him to be a boxer, he keeps his skin so nice. And that hair also.

Heidi Klum: There are a lot of sexy athletes, but I'd have to say Michael Johnson. He's got those long legs, and he's really nice, too. I was just with him at a sports award show, and he sat next to me, and he's a very sexy man. Plus, he runs very fast, too.

Gary Payton: Woohooo! I'd have to say the female tennis player ... No, not Venus or Serena, but the Williams sisters are up there. I think Serena's very sexy. But I'm talking about Anna Kournikova. She's definitely waay up there.

Hugh Hefner: That's hard to say right now. It used to be Oscar De la Hoya, but I don't know if it is anymore.

Penny Marshall: I like Derek Jeter, and I like Rick Fox. They're both darn cute.

Marshall Faulk: I'm a Serena Williams fan. I'm all for her. She's lookin' nice tonight. Wow.

Kobe Bryant: I don't know, that's a tough one. There's a lot of sexy people out there. That's a tough call. You should probably ask someone who's single.

Derek Fisher: Serena comes to mind. Jennifer Capriati. Lisa Leslie. Those are three that come to mind.

Jennifer Capriati: Apolo Anton Ohno. I think maybe it was that goatee.

Dennis Franz: I know Derek Jeter gets a lot of attention. I guess for a lot of qualities that I would admire I would single him out.

Wayne Gretzky: They are all sexy in their own way. Jennifer Capriati, the Williams sisters, Annika Sorenstam, when they are playing well and they are in that vibe, they are all sexy in their own way.

Ving Rhames: I like the volleyball girl, Gabrielle Reece.

Evander Holyfield: I would say those Williams girls. Both of them.

Eddie George: Anna Kournikova.

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