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Case No. 3, Kobe Bryant

Page 2 staff

After we opened another case for The Berman Files, Page 2 readers flooded us with more than 6,200 suggestions for a nickname for Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant
Help find a good nickname for Kobe Bryant.
Each week on Page 2, we'll pinpoint an athlete in desperate need of a moniker. We'll then take the best suggestions from our readers and run a poll to officially crown the best nickname. ESPN's Chris Berman himself will occasionally pick out the nickname that he likes best.

Below are the best of our readers' suggestions for Bryant. Don't forget to vote in the poll at left. Then on Friday we'll announce the top choice for Bryant's new nickname.

Non-Berman nicknames
8 is Enough
Eight is enough -- because when you have Kobe, what else do you need?
Dennis Crowley
Glendale, Calif.

Kind of a mix of showtime and his name, for his high-flying style and game.
Matt Gennaro
Sparta, N.J.

K.B. -- (Kay-bee) -- like the toy store. 'Cause man, that kid sure can play ...
Avi S.
Great Neck, N.Y.

KB8, it's the most common nickname for Kobe I've heard.
Andre Robinson
Lawrence, Kans.

Kobe Defiant Bryant
Kobe "Defiant" Bryant because he defies air.
Bill Vogel
Stevens Point, Wis.

The Golden Child
Because he is a Laker (gold) and he is a very young player.
Brett Schnakenberg
Kansas City, Mo

King Kobe
Because he is going to be the King of the NBA in a very short time. Because Shaq has the power game and the power name (Diesel, Big Daddy) and Kobe should get the more elegant name, reflecting his role as the finesse member of his team. Because what else do you call a guy who speaks as many languages as he does and who is on his way to conquering what was once a territory ruled only by Jordan?
Jason Hill
Jersey City, N.J.

Kobe the Kid
I am from Kobe's high school. Kobe had brought so much to the game of basketball. He came right out of high school, to the pros, and people were criticizing him for his decision. Kobe new himself and obviously made the correct choice. Kobe should receive the name "The Kid" because that is how everyone looks at this young superstar. He might be young, but he has matured so much and has proven himself over the past couple seasons that he is "The Kid" right out of high school to do it all!
Greg Milstein
Lower Merion, Pa.

Heir Apparent
Because he's gonna carry the torch Jordan passed...and carry the league.
Scott Pitts
Laurel, Miss.

Kobe The Cobra Bryant
This nickname fits Kobe because he attacks the hole with the tenacity and grace of a King Cobra.
Mark DaGraca

Kobe Beef Bryant
Because he (like the cow he's named from) is overpriced and never does any unnecessary work ...
Curtis Farmer
Portland, Ore.

Italian Stallion
It turns an old stereotype on its ear, and it has a certain ring... just like Kobe has a certain ring after the Finals are over.
Jason Lake
Vancouver, British Columbia

Kobe All That You Can Be Bryant
Because he's on a mission to win; he's an army of one.
Ghia Jacobs
Berkeley Heights, N.J.

Kobe Stake through your heart Bryant
Because just when you think you have a shot, he buries one that just kills your hopes.
Josh August
Cherry Hill, N.J.

Kobe Anita Bryant
Kobe "Anita" Bryant -- because he's the new spokesperson for something round and orange.

Ko-Be Like Mike Bryant
Because he thinks he's the next Jordan. Think again, Kobe.
John Cashill

Kobe Bear Bryant
Three Reasons:
1) He's as good as what he does as famous coach Bear Bryant was.
2) He's an animal out there on the court.
3) "Bear" rhymes with "Air", the moniker of Mr. Jordan.
Thad Cox
Ripton, Vt.

Kobe Bryant College
Kobe Bryant College. He takes players to school. ...
Lynnfield, Mass.

Kobe Bryant Gumbel
Because he's bringing you a newsflash, Lakers are unstoppable.
Denis M. Thomas
Jackson, Mich.

Kobe Jolly Green Bryant
Ho Ho Ho, his "giant" game makes other players green with envy.
North Carolina

Kobi Wan Kenobi Bryant
Because, like a Jedi knight, the force is with him.
Keith Caudle
Orlando, Fla.

Kobe In the Lane Bryant
Because he has a plus size game every game.
Steve Dinkel
Zeeland, Mich.

Kobe "Or not Kobe" Bryant
Kobe "Or Not Kobe" Bryant, that is the question. He suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. He IS the Shakespeare of the NBA. The one, the only, the greatest.
Chuck Radford
Louisville, Ky.

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