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Name the Devils' line

Page 2 staff

They've been called the "A-Line," the "Big Easy" and the "Tasmanian Devils." But so far nothing seems to have captured the spirit of the New Jersey Devils' high-scoring trio of Jason Arnott, Petr Sykora and Patrik Elias.

Petr Sykora
Three Devils, from left, Petr Sykora, Patrik Elias and Jason Arnott are looking for a nickname.
As a spinoff from The Berman Files, Page 2 asked readers to come up with something better. More than 1,600 of you responded with suggestions since Monday, and we're running a sampling below. We've narrowed them down and combined them with the old favorites to come up with the best 10 in the poll at left. So vote for your favorite and check back Wednesday when we'll declare a winner.

Oldies, but goodies
The A-Line
That's what they are, the number 1 line or A-Line. I am a diehard fan and I like that name. We know how flashy they are and so do they. They don't need a great nickname to be great.
Marc M
Hoboken, N.J.

The Line of Fire
I thought ESPN the magazine had it right. That's a fantastic name. And I salute your crusade to bring back the hockey line nickname. I only wish fewer coaches would juggle their lines every other shift.
Jason Lake
Vancouver, British Columbia

The Tasmanian Devils
They're wild, crazy and hard to stop. They play for the New Jersey Devils. Even the guys at NHL 2Night think it works. The name fits the line the best.
Jim Kary
Grand Island, Neb.

H-E-double hockey sticks and the devil
Hell's Angels
Justin Black
East Brunswick, N.J.

Three Diablos!
Or Tré Diablos
Jason Stephens

Tres Malos Diablos
The name rolls off the tongue. It stands for Three Bad Devils.

These boys are tough. They play well as a unit. Watching them makes me proud to be a hockey fan.
Brad McQuerry

The Devil's Henchmen
They just seem like they could be taking out people for the devil.
Spencer Hardisty
Vandalia, Mich.

The Hell On Wheels Line
First, Elias, Arnott and Sykora run through every opponent's best defensive line and teams try like hell to defend them, but they can't. Then, Elias and Sykora have great speed up and down the ice, hence the wheels. And this all fits in with the Devils-underworld-hell motif thing.
Sean Wallace
Silver Spring, Md.

The Demonic Plague
Play-on for the bubonic plague. Like the disease from the Middle Ages, teams can't seem to find a cure against this dreaded threesome.
Brentano Churchwell

The Blaze Brothers
The Blues Brothers from hell!
Roger Mussa
Pearl Rver, N.Y.

The Hot Line
They wear red, Devils are known to hang-out in a hot place, and they score so much ... they're definitely the hottest line in the league.

Plus it lends itself to announcers being able to make bad puns about how the line is "dialed in tonight", or "Robinson needs to call for some help from the Hot Line.", or "Pittsburgh hasn't had an answer to the Hot Line tonight."
Dan Weygand
Eagle Point, Ore.

Brimstone Bunch
Because it is easy to say.
Eric Correll
Hoboken, N.J.

Fire and Brimstone
Just sounds appropriate for a Devils' line
Scott Kessler
New York

The Hell Raisers
This is a line that is always raising hell on the opposing team. Teams just cant seem to find a way to stop them. They are one of the hardest lines to stop in the NHL.
Scott Dambrosio
Ravena, N.Y.

The Devil's Wrath
Just ask CuJo and Hedberg, I'm sure they'll agree.
Sanford, N.C.

Because these bubbas are devilish when it comes to scoring.
Kurt Nelson
Narragansett, R.I.

Satan's Little Helpers
As a play on Santa's Little Helpers. Plus, they help the Devils.
Steve J. Sutton
Jacksonville, Fla.

The Devils' Minions
Because they are the Devils, and because they bring great pain to their opponents.
Grant Bailie
Brandon, Fla.

Satan's fury!
Need I explain?
Toby Lane
Wichita Falls, Texas

Lucifer's Lamplighters
Plays off the fact that they're the Devils' high scorers.
Jim Lent
Syracuse, N.Y.

The Devils' Advocates
Plain and simple. Without these guys, the Devils would have no case.
T.J. Sharpnack
Cedar Falls, Iowa

The Pitchfork Posse
Think of what a Devil wields and go from there.
Blue Haught
Flagstaff, Ariz.

The Devil's Brigade
It sounds like a World War II squad.
Jeff Feipel
New Lenox, Ill.

Hell's Bells Line
With all apologies to AC/DC of course. But the Devil resides in Hell (aka East Rutherford, N.J.) and lately they've been ringing the bells of their opponents, ask Super Mario!
Atlantic Highlands, N.J.

Schemin' Demons
With their offensive firepower and creativity on a team named the Devils, the three have to be the "Schemin' Demons."
T.J. Mattimore
Larchmont, N.Y.

Satan's Snipers
Or Hades Hitmen, or Metastopheles' Marauders
Douglas Chagnon
Danvers, Mass.

'Sopranos' and the mob
The Sopranos
They're a dangerous, close-knit bunch of Jerseyans.
Kaye Shen
Edison, N.J.

The New Sopranos
This would be a great nickname because there from New Jersey, like the Sopranos, and there killing the competition.
Justin Renna
Island Park, N.Y.

The Stick Handling Sopranos
They are from New Jersey, too!
Dave Kowalewski

The Bada-Bing Line
Try and stop these guys -- fuhgedaboutit!
Kevin Wall
Syracuse, N.Y.

Da Wise Guys
Hey there in New Jersey and what's the most devilish thing in New Jersey?
Gene Mussel
Fox Point, Wis.

The Jersey Mob
With the popularity of the "Sopranos," what better name? Nothing is more popular right now, making the Devils a household hockey icon overnight. Besides, like the mob, when you come to Jersey and are unwanted, they bury you every time.
Paul Guzzo
Tampa, Fla.

Animal instincts
The Devil Dogs
Dave Resnick

The Cerebus Line
After the monsterous three-headed dog that guards the gate to hell. It seems to play off that whole New Jersey Devils thing.
Tim O'Neill

They are the top dogs, and they play for the Devils.
Joe Farfsing
Milford, Ohio

The Swamp Rats
Continental Airlines Arena is located in the middle of the most famous swamp in the Northeast, the not so aptly named Meadowlands.
Joe Tobin
Hoboken, N.J.

The Swamp Monsters
Because they are from the Jersey swamps and cause they act like monsters against other teams.
Greg H.
Glen Ridge, N.J.

Sea themes
The SeaDevils
Like Sykora-Elias-Arnott, plus Devils.
Dave Consiglio
Southfield Mich.

Sea of Terror
S-Sykora E-Elias A-Arnott ... and because they cause the opponents terror every time they have a shift on the ice
Brian Ness
Lanoka Harbor, N.J.

Rough Seas Line
You can't stop mother nature just as you can't stop this line, all you can do is take the abuse and weather the storm.
Mathew Riley

The Red Sea
Red -- its their team color

Sea -- Sykora, Elias, Arnott

Why? They just seem to keep coming in waves, it doesn't matter which forward from the line has the puck. They all skate, can shoot, and you gotta go through them if you want to get to the promised land. They part defenses like nobody's business.
Joseph Siggia

New Jersey geography, landmarks
Turnpike Tyrants
I am from southern New Jersey and am a diehard Flyers fan which naturally equals despising the Devils. Nothing was more painful than driving by the Meadowlands complex on the New Jersey Turnpike the day of the Stanley Cup celebration last year.
Orlando, Fla.

The Rutherford Rainmakers
Rutherford because Continental Airlines Arena is in East Rutherford, N.J., and Rainmakers because they shower opponents with points, and when it rains, it pours.
Peter Lau
Westfield, N.J.

The Turnpike Trio
They take the expressway to the goal
Joe Wilhelm
Jacksonville, Fla.

The Rutherford Red Hot Rockets
Pretty self-explanatory: They play in East Rutherford, N.J. Devils live in hell, where it's hot. They're all fast skaters.
Mike Canter
New Jersey

The Turnpike Titans
Their home overlooks the beautiful New Jersey Turnpike.
John Ryan
Spring Lake, N.J.

The Elias Sports Bureau
Patrick Elias and his line put up their own set of winning statistics against their hapless opponents.
Josh Bechtel
Union, N.J.

The Elias Hockey Bureau
Because these guys really rack up the stats.
Brien Martin
DeKalb, Ill.

The 'Am Too, Arnott, Am Too' Line

For arguments sake ...
Ray Wightman
Victoria, British Columbia

Czech Mates
1. Each one has at least one Czech mate

2. When they're out on the ice, there's plenty of forechecking.

3. If the opposing team doesn't watch they're every move, it'll be check mate!
Tom Peplowski
Ringwood, N.J.

Jason and the Argonauts
A little heady, but a cool name nonetheless.
JT Brown
Nyack, N.Y.

Jason and the Czecharnotts
As Jason led his argonauts past a fearsome dragons to claim the golden fleece. Just as Jason Arnott will lead his Czech linemates past fearsome goalies to claim Lord Stanley's Cup.
Patrick Hanson
Eden Prairie, Minn.

Arnie's Army
James Guyer
Sanford, N.C.

The PJ's
(Petr, Patrick, and Jason). Get it!! - OK, so it was a weak attempt.
Philip Corbett

The ASE Line
The "ace" line takes the last initials of each player. It's not spelled the same, but it sounds like "ace" and these guy sure are aces.
Mike McGeehan
Colmar, Pa.

The A-Team
Same thing as the A line, but sounds better. Or you can just call them "The Best Line in Hockey", which they are.
Matt Royack
Branchburg, N.J.

Earth, Wind and Fire
Because Arnott is as solid as a rock, Sykora skates like the wind and Elias has caught fire!
Jonny Ballgame

The Superfriends
Why? Because they're the polar opposite of that Legion of Doom line in Philly a few years back (Lindros, LeClair, etc.).
Mark Young

The Best Line Ever
The reasons are obvious.
New Brunswick, N.J.

The Untouchables
Because they are so good that nobody can stop them.
Seth Brody

New Jersey's realHitmen
"Sopranos"? XFL? They've got nothing on these three.
Jim Clemens
New York

Charlie's Devils
Because there are three of them, they are good, and I'm an idiot.
Tim Brenden
Cedar Falls, Iowa

EA Sports
The maker of the best hockey game combines with the initials of the best line in hockey.
Scott Bridgeman
Westfield, N.J.

The Bermuda Triangle
James Koroll
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Devils' Triangle
See, geometry can be used in everyday life. Plus, it's kind of spooky, much like what the Devil's are doing to Jagr and "Super Mario."
Thomas White, Jr.
Wheaton, Ill.

Tenacious Three
Because there is so much skill, grit, and aggressive tenacity from these players that when they combine to attack the offensive zone, it must evoke fear and trepidation from opponent defenses.
Scott Wyatt
Aliso Viejo, Calif.

The world's most famous power trio
Tom Doran
Westwood, N.J.

The Assembly Line
Because all they do is produce.
David Reynolds

They are the perfect winning combination!

Don't be fooled by my address, I'm a Devils fan to the core!
Michael LoRicco
Langhorne, Pa.

The Armageddon Line
Or the Apocalypse Line.
Joe C.
Brick, N.J.

The Firing Line
Reason: Devils like fire, and they're a hockey line. Simple and it sounds cool! Here comes the firing line down the ice. Imagine the posters and other products that could be sold. A poster with all three ready to shoot on an unsuspecting goalie ... beautiful.
Don White
Calgary, Alberta

The Firing Squad
It makes since, and this line is all about execution.
Michael Blue
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Rolling Thunder
Robinson rolls his lines, you hear the thunder in the distance and bang -- without warning, lightning strikes!

Great name for Mogilny, Gomez, Brylin line -- "The Siberian PipeLine."
Eric Maurer
Springfield, N.J.

The "Thrillogy of Terror"
Because of their terrific skills and the angle of the devil and terror. Put them both together and there you have it.
Bryant Gambrell
Harvey, Ill.

New Jersey Angels
Because they're good
Henry Huidekoper
Wilton, Conn.

Now the C3 part stands for "Czech-Czech-Canuck". And the PO would stand for "Potent Offense". Hence the nickname "C3PO."
Davison, Mich.

Kinda like the robot from Star Wars (R2D2) but take the Ar2 instead of "Arnott, are too argument" get it? Arnott-are too, and P2 for Patrick and Petr ... P2.
Scott Keith
DeWitt, Mich.

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