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Case No. 1, Tim Duncan

Page 2 staff

ESPN's Chris Berman has been giving nicknames to professional athletes for the past 22 years. But, as Berman's former broadcast partner Jerry "Rolls" Reuss once said, "Nicknames are a game everyone can play."

Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan is certainly the best NBA player who doesn't have a nickname.
With that in mind, Page 2 opened The Berman Files. Each week on Page 2, we'll pinpoint a new athlete in desperate need of a moniker. We'll then take the best suggestions from our readers and run a poll to officially crown the best nickname.

Our first case is Spurs star Tim Duncan. Sure, some folks were calling him "The First Mate" a few years back, but that nickname never really stuck.

Below are the best suggestions from more than 5,000 readers -- both in the Bermanesque style, playing off Duncan's name, and the more traditional format. After reviewing the nominations, vote in our poll at left for the nickname you think fits Duncan best. On Friday, we'll reveal the most popular choice.

True Bermanisms
Tim Duncan "Donuts"
Just a logical choice and maybe he can reap some endorsements as well.
Ken Anderson
Charlotte, N.C.

This has probably been suggested a million times, but in the tradition of Berman's other nicknames, let's keep it simple (and irrelevant to the player's personality or stature).
Ben Maynor
Durham, N.C.

Tim "You can't stop me from" Duncan (and other variations)
I know you're looking for something that will stick like "The Diesel" or "The Shaq Daddy," but if you're looking for something during the highlight reel it's all too obvious. Tim " I can't stop" Duncan, Tim " I won't stop" Duncan, Tim " you can't stop me from" Duncan.
Andy Spanburgh
Albany, N.Y.

Tim "Slam" Duncan
At the risk of oversimplification, Tim "Slam" Duncan.
KC Martel
Canoga Park, Calif.

Tim "Demon" Duncan
Teammates and teams will come and go, but his name sounds familiar to that of his alma mater's nickname. in a time when nobody is playing college ball for four years, Tim was a Demon Deacon until he graduated.
Brentwood, Tenn.

Tim "Don't Call me Sandy" Duncan
Because it's funny.
John Brogan

Tim Duncan "Hines"
Because his game is as sweet as chocolate layer cake.
Ross Mandel
New York

Tim Duncan "Yo-Yo"
It's OK to have the nickname after the last name, right? This reminds me of a toy I had "in my younger days" and all the tricks one could do with it.
Brad Theurer
Gaithersburg, Md.

Tiny Tim Duncan
It's rare that you find someone both as big and timid as Duncan, and this would address his huge size along with his mild ego.
Glen Russell
Concord, Calif.

Tim "The Toolman" Duncan
For his use of all tools offensive and defensive. Whether he's getting the block to start a fast-break, taking it to the rack to finish a broken play, or just stepping back and hitting the low angle bank shot, Tim Duncan is the man with all the tools to get the job done!
Justin Callahan
Boyne City, Mich.

Tim "When he ain't rebounding he's" Duncan
Ashley Harmon
Statesboro, Ga.

Tim "Cookies Are For" Duncan
Steven Koo
Somers, N.Y.

Tim Duncan "On You"
Gilbert Rivera
Los Angeles

Tim "Over and" Duncan
Because when he's on his game, it's over and done for you and your team.
Mike Basart
San Diego, Calif.

Non-Berman nicknames
Tim "Dunkin' " Duncan
Because he's a dunking machine!
Kevin Goddard
Allston, Mass.

The man is spurfect and can score at the spur of the moment.
Patrick Lovett
Milton, Mass.

T. Diddy
It's just catchy.
Remi Brown
Tulsa, Okla.

The Captain
If David Robinson is The Admiral then Duncan should be "The Captain" because he keeps the Spurs boat afloat and sailing the correct course.
Bill Gover
Laurinburg, N.C.

Texas Lexus
Tim "the Texas Lexus" Duncan - because he plays his position smoothly and seemingly effortless.
Kenny A. Brooks

The Teacher
Because he's got class!
Lisa Glicksman
Baldwin, N.Y.

Texas National Bank
"Texas National Bank" because his bank shot is money.
New York

Tim "The Gas Man" Duncan
Because he's going to take the diesel out of L.A.
Matt Garbo
Lyndhurst, N.J.

Tower of Power
Not only is Tim Duncan one-half of the twin towers, but he makes this team go with his powerful dunks and his old-school moves. If he doesn't play, the Spurs' engine does not rev strongly, but with Tim in the lineup, this is one powerful team.
Laurel Rodriguez
San Antonio, Texas

Dunk Man
It sounds like Duncan.
Kyle Christensen
Beaverton, Ore.

The Silent Assassin
That's the way he plays. You don't think he's doing much and then bam ... he's hit you with 20 points, 15 boards, and three or four blocked shots, not to mention the ones he alters just by being in the middle.
Raleigh, N.C.

Big Fundamentals
Although this is what Shaq nicknamed him, it is very fitting. TD can do it all and is fundamentally sound at doing it. He even uses the glass.
Laurel, Md.

The Big Chill
Quiet, calm, and cool composure but gets down and dirty when tampered with. This was also an ice storm that hit San Antonio two years ago when the Spurs took the NBA Title!
Gabriel Moreno
San Antonio, Texas

The Anchor
If David Robinson is The Admiral of the ship then Duncan must be the one to hold it down. Unspectatcular but solid, a good ship can't stay grounded without The Anchor.
Terry Brooks
Chattanooga, Tenn.

The Gentle Giant
He plays huge, but he doesn't say much or show much emotion.

Tim "Atlas" Duncan
Atlas carrying the world on his strong shoulders comes to my mind. And remember the old Charles Atlas ads.
Gaurav Gupte
Charlotte, N.C.

Tim plays near the rim and is a good guy, heroic character like Rin-Tin-Tin.
Mike Leahy
Nashville, Tenn.

The "Duncanator"
I like this because he goes out on the court and just plays. He does it very efficiently. Plus, "I'll be back" is something that can be said for him because he is so young and determined.
Peter Nieves
Storrs, Conn.

Chairman of the Backboard
He averages more bank shots that the rest of the league combined.
Pullman, Wash.

Dr. Duncan
He goes to work with steady hands. He disects defenses like the actors from ER do patients.
Ty Eriksen
Vancouver, Wash.

The Main Attraction
Since you have the Big Ticket in Kevin Garnett, I figure Duncan's a better player overall in the division and deserves a one-up type nickname.
Ryan Klopp
Saint Joseph, Mich.

The Big Quiet
Because he quietly tears his oppponents apart
Nick Stafford
Rice Lake, Wis.

The Joy of St. Croix
Hareendra Yalamanchili
Ashland, Ky.

Captain Courteous
I figure that since David Robinson is The Admiral and Captain is one rank below Admiral, why not Captain Courteous? David was there first and has been there longer, he deserves the Admiralship instead of Duncan.
Ryan Isley
Akron, Ohio

The Sheriff
Due to the fact that he's out west and keeping order in the paint.

The Cactus
Why: He already plays for the Spurs, which is a sharp object and he plays in the state of Texas, where there is plenty of cactus and the real reason being that he is the thorn in everyone's side!
Eric Burns
Flint, Mich.

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