Big East vs. Big 12
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Silver Anniversary

First round: Big East vs. Big 12
Big East Silver Anniversary Team Big 12 Silver Anniversary Team
G: Pearl Washington, Syr. (2-time All-American) G: T.J. Ford, Texas (led nation in assists as fresh., '03 All-American)
G: Ray Allen, UConn (19 ppg over 3 years; '96 All-American) G: Rolando Blackman, KSU (2-time All-American, 3-time Big 8 POY)
F: Chris Mullin, St. John's (20 ppg over 4 years; '85 All-American) F: Danny Manning, Kans. ('88 national player of year, led KU to title)
F: Derrick Coleman, Syr. (2-time All-American, '87 Final Four) F: Wayman Tisdale, Okla. (3-time All-American, OU all-time leading scorer)
C: Patrick Ewing, G-Town (3-time All-American, 3 Final Fours) C: Steve Stipanovich, Mizzou (4-year starter, '83 All-American)

Fran Frischilla's analysis

No. 3 seed: Big East
Coach: John Thompson

Offense: This team will have a dynamite inside-out attack with the ball going inside to Ewing and Coleman. Any attempts to double-team the low post will be met with lethal outside shooting from Mullin and Allen, two of the best ever. Washington will break some ankles as he gets to the lane at will. Do not zone this team.

Defense: The defense starts and ends with Ewing. His presence on the inside will help but this is, otherwise, an average defensive team. Thompson may have to play zone and there will be no full-court pressure with these guys.

Intangibles: Thompson will complain to the officials that Mullin and Allen are getting fouled all tournament. Rollie Massimino is recruited to help put in a matchup zone.

No. 6 seed: Big 12
Coach: Roy Williams

Offense: T.J Ford is the quickest player in the tournament and is perfect for Williams' high-octane pace. Rolando Blackman is the most underrated player in the tournament as he and Manning get great looks filling the lanes for T.J. In fact, Roy is pleasantly surprised at how well Stipanovich runs the floor. In the half-court, Tisdale gets his touches inside, as that lefty jump hook is deadly.

Defense: This should be a solid defensive team as Williams employs multiple looks like his mentor, Dean Smith.

Intangibles: Williams was torn between assisting Smith on the ACC team and coaching the Big 12. Norm Stewart and Eddie Sutton are selected as the assistants but slip up by continously referring to it as "the Big 8" team.


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