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Being ... Emmitt Smith
Page 2 staff

It figures to be a long year in Dallas. The Cowboys have a rookie at QB, and Emmitt Smith is the only Triplet left. So, how does Emmitt feel now that Troy, Michael, Deion and all his old pals are gone? Page 2 finds out:

"After watching our first two exhibition games, I can understand why Jerry is trying to disguise himself."

"Remember when Barry was busted for carrying that gun at the airport? Man, those were the good ol' days."

"When I can't sleep at night, I just count all the old All-Pros we haven't replaced."

"Jerry said we'd win 10 with Banks. We should be good for at least 12 without him."

"If it were Quincy Jones, at least we'd have some good music in the huddle."

"If Lindros can come back, maybe Troy will change his mind, too. Hope I'm alive to see it."

"Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys -- at least not this year."

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