We've got a tax to grind
By Jim Caple
Page 2 columnist

Today is Tax Day, the annual day of reckoning when fans rely most on all their practical experience from sports -- calculating quarterback ratings, determining ERAs and scoring fantasy leagues -- to file their income tax returns.

With all the recent changes in an already Byzantine tax code, filing your return correctly can be as challenging as figuring out the BCS rankings. This is especially true of athletes, who write off more money in tips than most of us earn all year.

Fortunately, Arthur Andersen is available to help, with a return specifically designed for the modern-day athlete. You can apply some of this to your own tax returns ... but remember: You almost certainly do not earn enough money to make this form applicable. And always be sure to keep a paper shredder next to your desk. You never know what nosy government agency might knock on the door next.

Tax form

Jim Caple is a senior writer for ESPN.com.



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