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Part 2: News Quiz

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Hey, kids! The only summer sight more dreaded than your Aunt Oprah in a thong bikini is upon you -- the Back To School Advertisement.

Yes, pretty soon, instead of sleeping in a hammock in the backyard, you'll be sleeping at your desk in fifth-period current events. But are you ready? Find out whether you need to cram by taking Cap'n Jimmy's weekly quiz on the most important news from around the world.

1. In an inspiring stance of journalistic integrity, the Denver Post is refusing to call the Broncos' new stadium after the financial firm that bought its naming rights. Instead, the Post will call the stadium:
    A. Mile High Stadium
    B. Invesco-A-Company-Obviously-Charging-Its-Customers-Way-Too-Much-Money Field at Mile High.

2. What site has President Bush not visited this year?
    A. Milwaukee's Miller Park
    B. Denver's Coors Field
    C. The White House South Lawn Little League Field
    D. Greenpeace headquarters

3. Which of the following athletes visited the White House this year and which were mentioned during the Gold Club trial?
    A. Patrick Ewing
    B. Jason Williams
    C. Andruw Jones
    D. Ruth Riley
    E. Al Leiter
    F. Dennis Rodman
    G. Derek Jeter
    H. Terrell Davis

4. Which of the following sports books was on's Bottom 10 list of its worst selling titles?
    A. "Luge for Dummies," by Grant Hackl.
    B. "2000 NCAA Hockey Rules and Interpretations," compiled by Paul J. Duffy.
    C. "My Good Friend, Tommy Gioiosa," by Pete Rose.
    D. "Tuesdays With Maury Wills," by Mitch Albom.

5. In an obvious attempt to copy the success of so-called reality shows, the Miss America Pageant revealed it is changing its format. Which is not one of the changes:
    A. A trivia contest
    B. Backstage cameras
    C. Contestants serving as judges
    D. A "Survivor" segment in which Miss Georgia, Miss Mississippi, Miss California, Miss New Jersey and Miss Iowa visit the Gold Club

6. Last week, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Amy Van Dyken appeared in a Denver production of "The Vagina Monologues," a risky and demanding performance. Match these sports figures with the characters they portrayed in somewhat less challenging roles on TV and the silver screen:
1. Brett Favre a. Michael Jordan ("Space Jam")
2. Reggie Jackson b. Keith Hernandez ("Seinfeld")
3. Mark McGwire c. Corey Pavin ("Tin Cup")
4. Steve Lyons d. Brett Favre ("There's Something About Mary")
5. Keith Hernandez e. Reggie Jackson ("The Naked Gun")
6. Corey Pavin f. Mark McGwire ("Mad About You")
7. Michael Jordan g. Steve Lyons ("For Love of the Game")

ANSWERS: 1, A; 2, D; 3, A, C, F, and H were mentioned in the trial, B, D, E and G visited the White House; 4, B; 5, D; 6, 1-d, 2-e, 3-f, 4-g, 5-b, 6-c, 7-a.

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