Tune in, drop out
By Jim Caple
Page 2 columnist

A look back at the past week for the fan who just can't believe all the stuff going on in modern sports ...

Friday Saturday
A staggering 54 climbers reached the summit of Mount Everest in one afternoon for Sir Edmund Hillary Bobblehead Day. ... During an interview on the Jim Rhome's "The Last Word," Ozzie Canseco (pictured) claimed he also will write a scathing tell-all book titled, "Brother Dearest.'' ... With jockey Victor Espinoza board, Carl Yastrzemski (pictured) captured the second leg of the Triple Crown, winning the Preakness by two lengths. ...

Sunday Monday
Anna Kournikova (pictured) dropped out of the June issue of Penthouse, citing an upper-respiratory problem. Tiger Woods (pictured) won the Deustche Bank-SAP Open by beating Colin Montgomerie in a playoff, then wowed sponsors by feeding the entire gallery on two loaves of bread and four fish. ... Saying he is tired of losing money, Rangers owner Tom Hicks announced he will slash costs, beginning with the layoff of three of the six women who peel A-Rod's grapes. ... The Kings beat the Lakers in Game 2 after nullifying Shaquille O'Neal by making him listen to "Shaq Diesel." ...

Tuesday Wednesday
A New York Post gossip columnist reported that a prominent Mets player is not necessarily gay, but "he is very neat, thin and loves Judy Garland.'' ... Major League Baseball announced that in addition to voting for the All-Star starting lineups, fans will be able to vote on the Internet for two reserves, plus U.S. president in Florida elections. ... The Minnesota state legislature passed a funding bill for a new Twins stadium with the proviso that the new park won't be built until it can be named Bud Selig Memorial Stadium. ... Barry Bonds (pictured) hit his 583rd career home run, tying Mark McGwire on the all-time list and leaving him behind only Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson and Roy Hobbs. ... Kobe Bryant left practice early after he vomited several times. Doctors blamed his illness on either food poisoning or "watching 'Attack of the Clones.' " ...

Thursday Imagine this ...
Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane's attempt to trade Travis Lee to Cincinnati was stymied when the Phillies protested that Lee does not play for the Athletics. ... On the eve of his return from the disabled list, Ken Griffey Jr. (pictured) again complained that he is unappreciated, saying that Liza didn't invite him to her wedding. ... If you thought Curt Schilling was going too far when he asked the D'backs to close the roof at the BOB, you ain't seen nothing yet. Caple says changes are planned at such venerable arenas as Yankee Stadium and Lambeau Field to further aid the home squad.

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