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Re-cast 'Harry Potter'
Page 2 staff

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The Harry Potter movie opens Friday -- and if that's news to you then you clearly (a.) don't have kids, (b.) haven't watched TV in the last month, and (c.) don't pick up a lot of magazines or newspapers.

However, Page 2 does realize that not everyone has been swept up in the Potter phenomenom. So, as usual, we're here to help.

We're going to explain the Potter saga in terms that all of our readers can understand -- in other words, sports terms. But to do that, we'll need some help from you.

We're putting together a special version of Page 2's Casting Call -- although we're reversing our usual Casting Call procedure. In other words, we'll show you the actor from the Potter movie and describe his or her personality, and then we'll ask you to match that character with an appropriate figure from the sports world.

Check out our descriptions of the seven main characters from the Potter flick (hey, we do read things other than Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine) and send in your choices for their sports counterpart. On Friday, we'll run the best choices for each character, along with a poll to cast the film with an entire cast of athletic celebs.

Harry Potter
He's the hero, of course. A sweet kid, self-effacing but not passive, an intense competitor. Still not really hip to girls, though a number of the girls -- usually younger ones -- are crazy about him. Very empathetic, very loyal. His real parents were wizards -- they were killed by the evil Lord Voldemort trying to protect Harry,
Greg Maddux
who was only a year old -- but his "foster parents," the Dursleys, are ordinary humans ("muggles") who are just horrible to him.

Page 2's suggestion: Greg Maddux
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Ron Weasley
Comes from a huge family of poor wizards and witches -- most of whom have gone to Hogwarts. He's the youngest of many brothers (there's a sister who is younger than he is), some of whom are constantly getting into trouble for pulling wild pranks at Hogwarts and outside school, and one of whom is the most corporate little do-right in the book. Ron, who is Harry's best pal, is
Boris Becker
constantly being picked on by Draco Malfoy and his pals.

Page 2's suggestions: Boris Becker, Eli Manning
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Draco Malfoy
A student at Hogwarts, whose father is rumored to have been in cahoots with Lord Voldemort, until
Jon Gruden
Voldemort lost his powers when he was unable to kill the 1-year-old Harry Potter. He has two bodyguard-type buddies -- both thick-headed -- who do his dirty work. Sneaky, mean and a bully.

Page 2's suggestion: Jon Gruden
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Hermione Granger
The third wheel in the Harry Potter-Ron Weasley-Hermione Granger triad -- third wheel because (a.) she's a girl; (b.) she studies all the time; and (c.) she has a tendency to be a stickler for following the letter of the rules, though, of course, when push comes to shove,
Julie Foudy
she always right there. She is also the daughter of muggles, which makes her a prime target for Draco Malfoy and his doctrine of wizardly purity.

Page 2's suggestions: Julie Foudy, Tara Lipinski
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Albus Dumbledore
The headmaster of Hogwarts, and the most powerful good wizard alive. Seems a bit eccentric, at times (like Phil the Zenmaster), but
Phil Jackson
always knows what's going on, and able to manipulate complex situations without anyone involved realizing he is doing so -- until it is too late.

Page 2's suggestion: Phil Jackson
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Big, simple, dangerously strong and very friendly to Harry and his friends. Loves dangerous animals, always trying to save them. Totally loyal to Dumbledore, who has always looked after him, and saw to it that he had a job as Hogwarts caretaker (and, in later episodes, a teacher) even though
Ricky Williams
he was expelled from Hogwarts when he was a student.

Page 2's suggestions: Ricky Williams, Tony Siragusa, David Tua
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Prof. Snape
Nasty to Harry and his friends -- prone to punishing them severely for minor infractions (or made-up ones) of the Hogwarts code -- very
Jeff Van Gundy
Van Gundy
friendly to Harry's enemies, including Draco Malfoy. An expert in the Dark Arts.

Page 2's suggestion: Jeff Van Gundy
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