Holding out for a hero
Page 2 staff

Who's your sports hero?

The answer likely depends on how old you are, where you live and who you consider the "good guys" to be. There's also probably a little bit in there about your values and beliefs.

Page 2 posed the question to its readers and columnists as we began Heroes and Villains Week on Monday. We were buried with more than 3,500 letters, citing heroes from Arthur Ashe and Cal Ripken Jr. to Hulk Hogan and Tara Lipinski.

As for our columnists ... well, they chose a pretty diverse group, too, including a cartoon character, a group of people that most fans hate and some usual suspects. Here are their choices:

Allen Iverson

By Ralph Wiley
A barely 6-foot guy? Becoming Herculean in the NBA? Is that possible? Yes it is.

  Joe Montana

By Brian Murphy
I hate to go all Don Cheadle on you here, but to 49ers fans everywhere, he is "Joe." He is the Original Joe.

Charlie Brown

By Jim Caple
Here's to a guy who loves sports so much he takes the mound during a snowstorm because it's time for spring training.

  Reggie Miller

By Jason Whitlock
Hoosiers love shooters. I'm a Hoosier. Reggie was meant to be a Pacer from his first 22-footer.

Magic Johnson

By Eric Neel
Five titles, three MVPs, 12 All-Star games, one irrepressible smile and plenty of Magic.

  Roberto Clemente

By Tim Keown
I was 8 when he died in a plane crash. At 38, I realize that I definitely picked the right hero.

The Zebras

By Patrick Hruby
You might hate 'em, but they're the only thing standing between real sports and professional wrestling.

  Gary Barnett

By Dan Shanoff
You want a miracle-worker? Try turning around the most inept college football program in the country.



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